Does McDonald’s Use Real Eggs? Let’s Find Out

McDonald’s has served some of the best breakfast sandwiches, like their classic egg McMuffin for many years! Although this remains one of their best-selling breakfast items, people have had their fair share of doubts about the eggs. In this blog post, you’ll find the answer to the age-old question, ‘Does McDonald’s use real eggs?’! 

Does McDonalds use real eggs

Yes, McDonald’s makes delicious breakfast sandwiches with real eggs. McDonald’s takes pride in using Grade A quality eggs for making breakfast delicacies loaded with fluffy and delicious eggs. 

Over the years, McDonald’s has sadly faced much backlash with many food items. Since they serve fast food, people have had a lot of doubts about the type of food and if the meat and other ingredients used by them are even real. 

There have even been rumors of McDonald’s adding additives to their meat, which is invalid! One such doubt that many people had was about the quality of eggs and whether they were fresh. In this blog post, you will get all the information needed about the same! 

Yes, McDonald’s Uses Real Eggs! 

Yes mcdonalds uses real eggs

McDonald’s uses real, grade-A eggs to make breakfast sandwiches with eggs, as per their official website. They claim that the process always starts with a real egg for all their breakfast sandwiches with eggs. 

Although this is what is mentioned on the official website of McDonald’s, there have been a few instances that show a slightly different reality. As per CNBC, while the eggs used by McDonald’s are real, they are not necessarily fresh

As per the same source, McDonald’s has a whole process where they choose the eggs that would be perfect for egg McMuffins. These eggs are usually kept whole, packed into cartons, cooled, and shipped to the stores. 

These eggs are used whole for their egg McMuffin, where they serve a whole egg. However, they use a liquid egg mixture for their scrambled eggs and more. This mixture is made with all the eggs that are too big or too small for the egg McMuffin. 

They are cooled to prevent bacteria growth and then shipped to the stores for further use. But, although the eggs are made into a liquid mixture for everything other than the egg McMuffin, they are still technically real eggs. 

Does McDonald’s Use Freshly Cracked Eggs? 

As per the official website of McDonald’s, they use freshly cracked Grade A eggs to make their breakfast egg menu items. 

While McDonald’s uses freshly cracked eggs, it is just for their egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich since it uses a whole egg.

McDonald’s uses a liquid egg mixture instead of freshly cracked eggs for scrambled and folded eggs. Even on their website in the FAQ section, they have claimed to use freshly cracked eggs only for the egg McMuffin. 

How Does McDonald’s Prepare Their Eggs? 

How does mcdonalds prepare their eggs

Now, the whole question of whether or not McDonald’s uses real eggs has been solved. Something else that may have popped into your mind is how McDonald’s prepares their eggs. 

Well, they follow different methods to cook eggs based on the menu item they are making them for. Let us look at how each of these egg recipes is made by McDonald’s. 

Round Eggs

McDonald’s uses freshly cracked USDA Grade A eggs for their egg McMuffin. The eggs are cracked into an ‘egg ring,’ which gives them the iconic round shape that makes them fit perfectly into the muffins. 

Scrambled Eggs

McDonald’s uses a liquid egg mix instead of freshly cracked eggs for scrambled eggs. The liquid eggs are cooked fresh on their grill with real butter.

Folded Eggs

McDonald’s uses folded eggs for breakfast items like bacon, cheese, and egg McMuffin. Here, they also use liquid eggs in place of whole eggs. However, the process is a little different than that of scrambled eggs. 

For folded eggs, the eggs are pre-cooked and folded, after which they are flash-frozen by suppliers. Once in the kitchen, they are cooked further on the grill with real butter. 

Sausage Burrito Eggs

For these eggs, the process is the same as folded eggs. Eggs are pre-cooked and flash-frozen by the suppliers. However, one difference is that these eggs are cooked with sausage, tomatoes, green chilies, onions, and seasonings. 

Where Do McDonald’s Eggs Come From? 

where do mcdonalds eggs come from

McDonald’s has had egg suppliers for the longest time, from whom they have been sourcing their eggs for decades. On the east coast of the United States, all the eggs used at McDonald’s come from a poultry farm in Michigan. 

Herberk’s Poultry Ranch, located to the north of I-96, Ionia County, has been the official supplier of eggs for McDonald’s for a long time. So, whenever you’re having a McDonald’s egg sandwich on the east coast, you get a little taste of Michigan! 


McDonald’s uses real eggs to make all their egg-based breakfast delicacies. However, the process of making them all is quite different. While they use whole eggs for Egg McMuffins, they use a liquid egg mixture for the rest of the egg dishes. 

But, the liquid egg mixture is well-cooled and then packed to ensure no bacterial growth. So, although the eggs might not be freshly cracked in each instance, they are still very accurate! 

If you have more questions about McDonald’s food, refer to our articles on what cheese McDonald’s uses, what kind of mayo they use, and where their meat comes from for further reference! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s use real eggs?

As per their official website, McDonald’s uses real eggs for all their breakfast food items. 

Are all the eggs used by McDonald’s freshly cracked? 

No, only the eggs used to make the round eggs for egg McMuffin are freshly cracked. The rest are made with a liquid egg mix. 

Are all the eggs pre-cooked? 

No, only the eggs for folded eggs and sausage burrito eggs are pre-cooked. 

Does McDonald’s add preservatives to the liquid eggs? 

There is little mentioned on their official website about their liquid eggs. 

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