Does McDonald’s Take PayPal In 2024? | Let’s Find Out

PayPal is one of the biggest payment platforms in the world. Many users are using PayPal as a payment method. So, the question arises – Does McDonald’s take PayPal or not? Well, let’s find out the answer. 

Does McDonald's Take PayPal

Yes, McDonald’s accepts PayPal as the payment method. Currently, PayPal payments are only available for mobile orders. You can’t use PayPal for in-store purchases or drive-thru purchases.

McDonald’s quickly embraces new technology to improve things for customers. They now let you pay for your meals using your smartphone, which is super convenient. The chain has multiple payment method options, making it easy for all customers to enjoy their food from McDonald’s

Do you want to know how to use PayPal at McDonald’s? Well, I will guide you step-by-step on that. Also, we will discuss some critical questions, such as whether it is safe to use a PayPal account or not and whether there are any additional fees if you use PayPal at McDonald’s. So, let’s get started.   

McDonald’s Does Accept PayPal But…..

McDonald’s Does Accept PayPal

Yes, McDonald’s does accept PayPal, but only through mobile orders and pay, as mentioned on the official McDonald’s website. You can’t use PayPal to pay at the counter or drive-thru. 

If you want to use PayPal, you will first have to download the McDonald’s app and add your PayPal details. Then, you can order the food from the app and pay via PayPal.  

How To Use PayPal At McDonald’s Mobile Order and Pay?

Here are the steps on how to use PayPal at McDonald’s mobile order and pay:

  1. Log on to McDonald’s app.
  2. Select the food items you want to order. 
  3. Select the checkout and choose PayPal as your payment method.
  4. Enter your PayPal information and confirm payment. 
  5. Your order will be delivered to your home. 

Can You Use PayPal At McDonald’s Store?

No, you cannot use PayPal at McDonald’s stores. PayPal is only accepted through the McDonald’s mobile order and pay app.

It means you can use PayPal for food ordered through the app, but you cannot pay for in-store purchases. 

However, many websites have mentioned you can use PayPal indirectly at the store. In that case, you must link your PayPal account with your Google Pay digital wallet to make purchases in-store. 

Once your PayPal is linked, go to the McDonald’s restaurant and purchase through Google Pay as a payment method. 

Can You Use PayPal Cards At McDonald’s?

Can You Use PayPal Cards At McDonald’s (1)

Yes, you can use PayPal cards at McDonald’s. PayPal cards are physical cards, just like any other debit or credit card. So, they work the same way as the traditional card does. 

If you run out of funds on your PayPal prepaid card, you can transfer the money from your PayPal account to your prepaid card. This way, you can use your prepaid card without any problem.  

Can You Use PayPal At McDonald’s While Ordering From Delivery Platforms?

You can use PayPal at McDonald’s while ordering from delivery platforms. To use PayPal on other delivery sites, you need to add account information, which you can easily use. 

You can use PayPal to order food on many popular delivery platforms such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, GrubHub, and Eats. Similarly, you can also order from McDonald’s using PayPal. Just follow the step-by-step guide on how to order online and get your order.  

Can You Use PayPal At McDonald’s Drive-Thru?

No, you cannot use PayPal at McDonald’s drive-thru. As PayPal is not a supported payment method at the drive-thru. 

Currently, you can only use PayPal for your McDonald’s app order. 

Is It Safe To Use PayPal At McDonald’s?

Is It Safe To Use PayPal At McDonald’s

Yes, it is entirely safe to use PayPal at McDonald’s. PayPal is a secure payment method that encrypts your account details.

When you pay with PayPal, your credit card or bank account information is never shared with McDonald’s. 

You need to take care of some things while using PayPal: never share your password with anyone. Also, be careful about clicking any unauthorized links in emails or text messages, as these could be phishing scams. 

Does PayPal Offer Any discounts at McDonald’s?

No, PayPal does not offer any discount at McDonald’s. You will not get deals on your order if you pay with PayPal.

However, you can still earn rewards, such as cashback or points, when you use PayPal for your purchases. You can also find current McDonald’s deals to get discounts on your orders.  

Are There Any Additional Fees While Paying From PayPal At McDonald’s?

Is There Any Additional Fees While Paying From PayPal At McDonald’s

No, there are no additional fees while paying from PayPal at McDonald’s. However, there can be exceptions like currency conversion fees or processing fees. 

If you are paying in a currency that is different from your PayPal account’s money, then you may be charged a conversion fee. Apart from that, no other charges are involved while paying for your McDonald’s order. 

Other Payment Options At McDonald’s

There are many other payment options at McDonald’s that you can try. We have covered all the payment methods used at McDonald’s and how to use them. 

So, if you want to know how to make payments for McDonald’s through Google Pay or how to make payments through Apple Pay, you can follow the step-by-step guide. 

Apart from that, there are many other methods, such as paying for McDonald’s orders through credit cards or American Express (Amex card); you can find all the details.  

There are many other payment methods, such as how to pay for McDonald’s through Venmo or Cash app and follow guidelines. There is another payment method, such as paying for McDonald’s orders through EBT/food stamps, which you can explore on our blog. 


The answer is yes for those who are curious to know whether McDonald’s accepts PayPal. McDonald’s does accept PayPal but only for mobile apps and pay orders. 

In this article, I have covered everything you need to know about using PayPal for payment at McDonald’s. From the simple process of setting up PayPal as a payment method to pay at McDonald’s, I have provided a detailed guide to help you make your transactions hassle-free.

This article will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for more such articles on McDonald’s and how to make payments using various methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s accept PayPal for payment?

Yes, McDonald’s does accept PayPal as a payment method through mobile pay and orders.

Can I use PayPal on the McDonald’s app?

Yes, absolutely! You can use PayPal as a payment method on the McDonald’s mobile app. 

Is PayPal payment available at all McDonald’s locations?

Yes, you can use the PayPal payment option for all McDonald’s locations across the USA.

Are there any fees for using PayPal at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s does not charge additional fees for using PayPal as a payment method.

Can I get a refund for my McDonald’s purchase if I paid with PayPal?

Yes, if you paid for your McDonald’s order with PayPal and are eligible for a refund, McDonald’s will process the refund back to your PayPal account. 

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