Does McDonald’s Take Google Pay In 2024? | How To Use It

Lately, technology has evolved a lot, and following that, modes of payment have become utterly effortless. One such standard payment method these days is Google Pay, of course. If you are a regular at McDonald’s, you may be wondering, does McDonald’s take Google Pay as a mode of payment? Let’s find out! 

Does McDonald's take google pay

Yes, McDonald’s does take Google Pay. McDonald’s has been accepting Google Pay for a long time, so paying with the same method at the chain is very easy. Google Pay has indeed revolutionized the online payment experience at McDonald’s.

This means it is easy to indulge at McDonald’s with their delicious menu items while having the convenience of cashless payment. But, if you haven’t ever used Google Pay as a mode of payment at McDonald’s, I am sure you might be riddled with quite a few questions about the whole process. 

Can You Use Google Pay At McDonald’s? 

Can you use google pay at McDonalds

You can use Google Pay as your preferred method at McDonald’s. McDonald’s has had Google Pay as a payment method since 2014! 

It may surprise many that McDonald’s has been offering Google Pay as a payment method for almost a decade now! Before the pandemic, cashless payments were not as big as today. 

But, one good thing we got over the past few years is that anywhere we go, including fast food chains like McDonald’s, there are no worries about carrying cash! So, although McDonald’s has had Google Pay for ages, most people have used it excessively for the past few years. 

Returning to McDonald’s, regardless of when the payment method was introduced, the great news is that you can quickly pay via Google Pay for any transaction, whether in person, online, or via drive-thru. Ensure you install the app on your phone with all the details entered for a more effortless transaction experience. 

How To Use Google Pay At McDonald’s? 

How to use google pay at McDonalds

Using Google Pay as a preferred payment method at McDonald’s is as easy as possible. Following a few simple steps, you can now do a secure transaction at McDonald’s every single time. The best part is you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying cash, change, or a bunch of cards! All you need is your mobile phone to go about the transaction! 

Here is how you can use Google Pay at McDonald’s: 

  1. Ensure you have the Google Pay application downloaded and set up on your phone with your bank account or card details. 
  2. Once you place the order, tell the server your preferred payment method is Google Pay. 
  3. They will show you the contactless reader to complete the payment. 
  4. Open the Google Pay app on your phone and hold your device near the contactless reader. 
  5. The contactless reader will get all the information from your Google Pay app regarding the payment amount. 
  6. Check if the amount is correct, then authorize the payment with a pin or face scan. 
  7. Once you see a blue tick, the transaction has been completed. 
  8. Show the server the blue tick, and get the receiver’s copy from them! 

How To Use Google Pay While Ordering Online From McDonald’s? 

How to pay while ordering online from mcdonalds

Using Google Pay as a payment method at McDonald’s is not restricted to payments made in person. Even if you want to order a meal online from McDonald’s, you can save the hassle of entering card details and more. Google Pay has all your information secured; it essentially takes just a single click to get through with the payment. 

Here is how to pay via Google Pay when you place an order online at McDonald’s. 

  1. Make sure you have Google Pay wholly set up with all your information. 
  2. Download the McDonald’s app on your phone or tablet. 
  3. Add options you would like to order to your cart and proceed with the order. 
  4. When you get to payment, choose Google Pay as the preferred payment method. 
  5. For further verification, enter your passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID. 
  6. Once the payment is confirmed, you will get a blue tick as confirmation. 
  7. After getting the warranty, you will automatically be redirected to the McDonald’s app with your confirmed order! 

So, the process is as easy as it could ever get! Even better here is that you can use Google Pay as a payment method while ordering online from apps other than the official McDonald’s app!

Yes, you read that right! You can also use Google Pay to pay for your meals while ordering McDonald’s food online via delivery platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and more! 

How To Use Google Pay At McDonald’s Drive-Through? 

How to use google pay at drive thru

Lastly, if you happen to be in a situation where you want to grab your McDonald’s food via drive-through, you can still use Google Pay to make fast and secure payments. Below are the steps you need to follow to pay via Google Pay at McDonald’s drive-through.

  1. Order your meal as usual, and when it comes to payment, tell the server your preferred method is Google Pay. 
  2. The server will present you with a contactless card reader like they would when ordering at the kiosk. 
  3. Scan the machine with your Google Pay app, redirecting you to authorize the payment. 
  4. Further, authorize the payment with fingerprint, pin code, or Face Identification. 
  5. You will get a blue tick as a confirmation when the price goes through. 
  6. Show the server the blue tick and get a receiver’s copy; then you are done! 

Is It Safe To Use Google Pay At McDonald’s? 

Is it safe to use google pay at mcdonalds

Yes, using Google Pay as your preferred payment method at McDonald’s for any transaction is entirely safe. Google Pay is a secure payment method with encryption that ensures your data remains secure. 

Using Google Pay at McDonald’s is safe, not just because Google Pay is a secure method of payment. This has much to do with McDonald’s Corporation’s confidence in their payment methods. When you use Google Pay at McDonald’s, your card or account information is not passed on to the restaurant. 

Instead, the payment is securely transmitted between your device and the point of sale at McDonald’s. Moreover, Google Pay also has extra authorization needed with every transaction. This, in turn, makes the transactions even more secure. 

Another great advantage of using Google Pay at McDonald’s is that the transaction is straightforward and will likely go through in minutes or seconds. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about remembering card details or even carrying cash while going to McDonald’s! 

Are There Any Additional Fees While Paying With Google Pay At McDonald’s?

Is there any additional fee that Google Pay charges at McDonalds

No, there is no additional charge or fee to be paid while paying with Google Pay at McDonald’s. McDonald’s Corporation does not charge customers a surplus while paying with Google Pay. 

McDonald’s Corporation and Google Pay are known for not charging any surplus amount from their customers. Some McDonald’s outlets do sometimes charge a surcharge for their transactions. 

However, most of these are restricted to certain credit card payments. All in all, you will never find a surcharge with Google Pay. So, this adds another advantage to the benefits of using Google Pay for payment at McDonald’s! 

Other Payment Methods To Use In McDonald’s

Sure, Google Pay is one of the best and most secure ways to pay at McDonald’s. However, if you do not have the same, there is no need to worry! McDonald’s accepts many other payment methods, which are as easy as Google Pay! 

If you do not have Google Pay, you can use Apple Pay to pay at McDonald’s quickly. Some McDonald’s outlets also take Ebt and Food Stamps as a mode of charge, but it is best to check with the outlet first to be sure. 

So, all in all, you wouldn’t have to worry about the hassle of carrying cash or cards around whenever enjoying a delicious meal at McDonald’s. 


McDonald’s accepts Google Pay as a secure payment method across the United States. You can very quickly pay using Google Pay at McDonald’s, regardless of whether you are ordering in person, via drive-through, at a self-checkout kiosk, or even online orders. 

Paying via Google Pay at McDonald’s is also pretty straightforward, with barely any complications, which is the cherry on top of the cake! Google Pay is also a very secure payment method and is a great way to save time and effort to order just about anything at McDonald’s.

So, is Google Pay your preferred method of payment? Let me know in the comments! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s accept Google Pay? 

Yes, McDonald’s accepts Google Pay as a payment method. 

Can you pay via Google Pay if ordering online from McDonald’s? 

Yes, you can pay via Google Pay if you order online from McDonald’s. 

Does McDonald’s accept Google Pay at their drive-through?

Yes, McDonald’s also accepts Google Pay at their drive-through. 

Is it safe to use Google Pay at McDonald’s? 

Yes, using Google Pay at McDonald’s is safe, regardless of how your food is ordered. 

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