Does McDonald’s Serve Breakfast All Day In 2024?

One meal that many people prefer to enjoy at McDonald’s is their classic breakfast from their breakfast menu, which many people love. However, does McDonald’s serve all-day breakfast now? Let us take a look at the same in this blog. 

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McDonald’s used to serve breakfast all day back in 2015, until 2020. However, they have stopped the same ever since the pandemic hit. But, the good news is that the McCafe menu and beverages can be enjoyed all day long! 

In this article, you will learn about why McDonald’s stopped serving all-day breakfast in the first place and also if it will be coming back anytime. 

Does McDonald’s Still Serve All Day Breakfast? 

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All-day breakfast in general, I feel is a lovely and heartwarming concept. For people who wake up later than usual for breakfast timings, it used to be impossible to enjoy McDonald’s breakfast, until one fine day in 2015. 

The McDonald’s management brought forward the concept of an all-day breakfast and it really took people by storm! So, considering the demand that people still have for all-day breakfast at McDonald’s, has 2023 brought about any changes to the whole situation? 

No, sadly McDonald’s still does not serve all-day breakfast. McDonald’s did serve an all-day breakfast for 5 whole years, until 2020. Nevertheless, ever since the pandemic hit us, McDonald’s has not really revealed any plans of starting all-day breakfast again. 

Again, this may sound like a huge disappointment to many. It’s been a little while since the pandemic started and now, everyone probably expected the all-day breakfast concept.

This sadly means that we won’t be able to enjoy classics like hash browns, egg McMuffin, sausage and egg McMuffin, and also the McGriddles. We have covered all these recipes on our website, so do check them out as well.

However, McDonald’s, along with their vast breakfast menu also had a selection of beverages on their Drinks menu. These include options such as coffees, iced coffee, teas, frappes, and a lot more! All of these will still be available all day long! 

Why Did McDonald’s Stop Serving All-Day Breakfast? 

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We are all pretty certain about the fact that there was a huge demand for all-day breakfast at McDonald’s. This does mean that McDonald’s corporation was doing pretty well, even in terms of growth and finances, when all-day breakfast was still a thing. 

So, why would they abruptly stop something like this, despite its huge demand? This is something worth wondering about and most people would think it was because of Covid that they stopped, just because the two happen to coincide. However, that is not the only reason. 

As per McDonald’s, they stopped serving all-day breakfast as otherwise, it would take too long to serve the customers lunch and dinner meals. They came about to mention that one of the main reasons behind this whole ordeal was to improve efficiency in the kitchen. 

The All-Day breakfast was indeed complicating things quite a lot for the staff. This resulted in people having to wait for longer times to get their orders. Well, that is surely not something that you would expect from McDonald’s! 

So, considering all these factors, the management decided to simplify the whole thing and also retain efficiency in the kitchen. This is how eventually, they came to the conclusion that breakfast should be served only until a particular time, rather than all day. 

Is McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Coming Back In 2023?

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Lately, there have been a lot of rumors going around about McDonald’s all-day breakfast making a comeback this year. Now that the pandemic has settled, there are chances of the all-day breakfast returning, however, there has been no official announcement made by McDonald’s yet. 

But, we can wait a little while and see, as there have been a lot of expectations and anticipation about the same. Moreover, some McDonald’s franchises have already started serving all-day breakfast meals, however, in an unofficial capacity. 

Now that it has been a while since the Covid-19 pandemic came about, many people may even wonder if the whole concept of all-day breakfast will be coming back to McDonald’s in 2023. Well, that is indeed a very fair demand and expectation. 


Well, now that we have come to the end of this article, the conclusion is that it is better to enjoy McDonald’s breakfast at set times for now, until the all-day breakfast concept makes a comeback. 

Other than that, there are various other meals that you could enjoy at McDonald’s all day long, especially at the locations that are open 24 hours a day. You can click on this link to check if your nearest McDonald’s store is open all day. Until then, have a great meal at McDonald’s! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s serve an all-day breakfast? 

No, McDonald’s does not serve all-day breakfast anymore. 

When did McDonald’s stop serving all-day breakfast? 

McDonald’s stopped serving all-day breakfast back in March 2020, when the Covid pandemic had just hit us. 

Is McDonald’s bringing back all-day breakfast this year? 

Although McDonald’s has not made any official announcements about this yet, some McDonald’s outlets across the country have started serving all-day breakfast in a limited capacity. 

Why did McDonald’s stop serving all-day breakfast? 

McDonald’s stopped serving all-day breakfast as it was turning out to be quite difficult for the staff to manage everything. So, they decided to stick to particular hours for breakfast meals. 

Does McDonald’s serve McCafe beverages all day? 

Yes, McDonald’s does serve McCafe beverages all day. 

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