Does McDonald’s Sell Ice And Why You Should Buy It?

McDonald’s never fails to astound us; that’s why it has grown since 1940. But did you know the fact that along with delicious fast food, McDonald’s sells ice too? In this article, we will discuss, does McDonald’s sells ice. And if yes, then why should you buy it?

Does McDonald's Sell Ice And Why You Should Buy It

Yes, McDonald’s does sell ice. It is available at their stores if you ask the right staff member. The availability and price of ice bags may vary between locations, so it’s better to check with your local restaurant if you want to purchase ice from them.

In this post, we will discover about purchasing ice from McDonald’s. We’ll also discuss how to buy a bag of ice or what is the minimum amount of bag of ice you can buy. McDonald’s allows its customers only to buy a bag of ice. 

Various McDonald’s outlets have ice-producing machines for their beverages and other menu items. Other than this, they offer their customers an option to purchase bags of ice for personal use. So, if you want to know more about buying a bag of ice from McDonald’s, check out our detailed article! 

Yes, McDonald’s Sell Ice!

Yes, McDonald's sell ice!

Yes, you heard it right, McDonald’s sells ice! An 8-pound bag of cubed ice varies between $0.99 and $1.5 at most locations. Also, there are ice vending machines at the stores. To buy from there, you can ask the staff to help you out. 

If you need more than eight pounds of ice, you can opt for them at most McDonald’s locations, such as 10-pound or even 20-pound bags. Depending on the location, a bag of ice may cost around $1.49 for a 10-pound bag.

So, you can grab a bag of ice quickly from this fast-food chain for your party. But how to buy them? You will learn how to buy a bag of ice in the following section. But before proceeding, we’ll discuss whether McDonald’s sells crushed ice. So, let us know more about it. 

Does McDonald’s Sell Crushed Ice Or Ice Cubes?

Unfortunately, you won’t find any crushed ice at McDonald’s. You will get a bag of ice cubes, but not crushed ice pieces. So, you would have to go somewhere else if you need crushed ice for drinks or parties. 

However, McDonald’s uses ice vending machines, where you can get ice for your use. But, they provide ice in small cubes or nuggets rather than crushed ice. So, you must do it at home or look for other restaurants. 

If you need crushed ice for your drinks, consider other options, such as purchasing a bag from a grocery store or using an ice crusher or blender. But yes, look for the policies timely to see if there are any changes in the offerings with your local McDonald’s outlet regarding the types of ice they provide and if they will provide crushed ice shortly.

How To Buy A Bag Of Ice At McDonald’s?

How To Buy A Bag Of Ice At McDonald's

The best way to buy a bag of ice at McDonald’s is to ask the right staff member. The ice vending machines are kept near the store’s door for the customers’ ease of buying ice. All you need to do is to ask the staff member for guidance.  

However, a few policies and offerings may vary between the locations. So, checking with your specific store for accurate information is advisable. Per the policies, you can buy a bag of ice at McDonald’s. 

Inquire About Bagged Ice 

Depending on the locations, some McDonald’s outlets may sell larger quantities of bagged ice for personal use.

If you want to purchase bagged ice, ask your local McDonald’s manager directly and inquire about its availability and pricing. They will provide authentic information regarding the same, including the sizes of the bags available to them.

Can You Get Ice From McDonald’s Through The Drive-Thru?

Yes, you can buy a bag of ice from McDonald’s through the drive-thru from the comfort of your car. All you have to do is to reach the drive-thru window and ask the counter manager for the bag of ice. It is as simple as that. 

It will generally cost you around $ 1.00 for an 8lb bag. To purchase, you may find marquee signs on the drive-thru window advertising this. So, don’t hesitate to purchase them at McDonald’s for a buck. Trust me, it’s way cheaper than any other general store or gas station. 

How To Get Ice From McDonald’s Through The Drive-Thru?

Getting a bag of ice from McDonald’s through the drive-thru is as simple as buying any other food item from the drive-thru. For that, drive through the window and place your order. The cashier will confirm your order and make it available for you. 

However, if you have never ordered a bag of ice before through the drive-thru, turn to the store manager for help if the employee is unsure about it. But, before that, check out the stores near you beforehand.

Is McDonald’s Ice Good?

Is McDonald's ice good

McDonald’s ice is as good as any other bag of ice cubes you buy from a grocery store. It’s just regular bagged ice cubes. So, you need not worry about its quality or taste

However, it depends on location, maintenance practices, and personal preferences. There are some factors to consider while evaluating the quality of McDonald’s ice:

  • Hygiene And Safety – You should note that McDonald’s follows strict hygiene and safety protocols to maintain cleanliness in their restaurants, including the ice vending machines. Their procedures are meant to prevent contamination and ensure the ice produced is safe for consumption.
  • Taste And Texture – McDonald’s ice is generally clear and free from any flavors or odors that could affect the taste of your beverages. However, its maintenance may affect its texture and flavors.
  • Consistency – McDonald’s has been known for providing standardized meals for years. It means providing standardized ice as well.

It’s essential to consider your preferences for ice. The cubes are more transparent than your average store-bought ice cubes. The most notable perk is you don’t need to break a frozen block in a bag as the ice cubes come in small rectangles, causing the ice to break easily for serving.

Do All McDonald’s Stores Sell Bags Of Ice? 

Do all McDonald's stores sell bag of ice

Most McDonald’s stores do sell bags of ice. However, since most of their stores are franchise owned, you may also find a few outlets that don’t necessarily sell bags of ice. 

It may be a shocker to see quite a few McDonald’s outlets that sell ice, whereas you may find a few that don’t. With those stores, it eventually depends on what the franchise owner decides, and they may only be selling ice if it is feasible. So, it is best to check with a staff member first. 

Is There a Limit On the Amount of Bag You Can Buy?

Is There Any Limit On The Amount Of Ice You Are Buying

Well, there’s no limit to buying bags of ice from McDonald’s. However, it depends on a franchise owner who can set a bar to limit the selling of ice bags if they run low or another situation occurs

I’ve jotted down a few factors to consider regarding the limitation of bagged ice:

  • Location Policy – Each McDonald’s franchise has some level of autonomy in determining its policies and offerings. Therefore, the individual franchise owner will likely set the limit on bagged ice purchases. Consequently, it’s better to contact your local McDonald’s outlet’s manager directly to inquire about any restrictions on buying bagged ice.
  • Availability – You should know that not all McDonald’s outlets offer bagged ice on sale. For the uninformed, bagged ice is available in larger quantities for personal use. So, McDonald’s may stock bagged ice during specific seasons or upon customer demand. It’s better to confirm its availability with your manager to determine if they offer bagged ice and in what quantities.
  • Storage Limitations – Each McDonald’s restaurant has limited storage space, and as you  know, bagged ice requires adequate storage to maintain quality. So, due to storage constraints, the manager may limit the amount of bagged ice they sell at their outlet.

While connecting with your local McDonald’s manager, ask about their bagged ice offerings, including any restrictions on quantity, available sizes, and pricing. The staff will provide you with updated information.

McDonald’s Ice vs. Local Market Ice | Is There Any Difference?

McDonald's Ice vs. Local Market Ice

McDonald’s is the right choice after a bag of cubed ice. Although there may be little difference in the quality, the price is usually lower than at grocery stores. 

The added advantage of purchasing ice from McDoanld’s is you can easily find stores at home or while on a road trip since McDonald’s is widespread. You can also buy ice through the drive-thru option and conveniently pick up a bag of ice. 

However, don’t rely entirely on McDonald’s, as not all stores offer bagged ice. Also, you may find a local store, grocery store, or gas station offering bagged ice at a lower price. So, checking the price before buying bagged ice from the store is advisable. 

Should You Buy Ice From McDonald’s? 

Should you buy ice from McDonald's

Yes, buying ice from McDonald’s is a complete win-win situation. The ice is well sourced, clean, assures excellent quality, and often cheaper than many other places.

Although it eventually comes down to the availability of ice at McDonald’s, it is unlikely that you will go to a place where they won’t have bags of ice. So, along with all the good things mentioned above, buying ice from McDonald’s is also convenient, which makes it a good option. 


To sum up, McDonald’s does sell ice. However, it’s not advertised so you may have missed it. But you can buy a bag of ice at most McDonald’s outlets. The prices are usually lower than in other stores. So, if you want a bag of ice, ask the manager, cashier, or drive-thru operator. 

They will guide you and tell you about the ongoing offers if they have them in stock. Otherwise, you can try other fast-food restaurants or local stores if you fail the one at McDonald’s. You’ll find a better deal than at McDonald’s!

McDonald’s also has several other facts, and you may have questions. You can refer to detailed articles on where McDonald’s gets their meat, if they serve coffee all day, and what sort of mayonnaise they use for more information! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does every McDonald’s location sell bags of ice?

Yes, you can get a bag of ice at almost every outlet. However, the availability may vary depending on the location and franchise owner. So, it is generally advisable to connect with the manager of the local McDonald’s.

Is the quality of ice from McDonald’s consistent?

McDonald’s is known for its standardized processes and quality control, so the ice they sell is of good quality and consistent in size and shape.

Why should I buy ice from McDonald’s instead of other places?

There are many reasons to buy ice from McDonald’s. First, it is convenient if you’re already at one of their stores, saving you money. Next, their competitive prices and reputation for quality make it a viable option for purchasing ice.

Can I use McDonald’s ice for any purpose?

McDonald’s ice is primarily intended for use in their beverages. While you can use it for other purposes, such as keeping food or drinks cold, verifying its cleanliness and suitability is always a good idea.

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