Does McDonald’s Have A Veggie Burger For Vegetarians?

McDonald’s is known for rolling out some of the best beef burgers ever. However, despite the abundance of beef burgers, many vegetarians have wondered if McDonald’s has something for them. So, does McDonald’s have a veggie burger for vegetarians? 

Does McDonald's have a veggie burger

No, McDonald’s does not have a veggie burger for vegetarians in the United States. Although you will find a veggie burger at McDonald’s in many other countries like India, the UAE, and even Germany, the same has not reached the US yet. 

Speaking of burgers available at McDonald’s in the United States, from the humble hamburger to the giant Big Mac, McDonald’s has plenty of options with beef. However, somehow, McDonald’s has not added a burger specifically made for vegetarians to their menu yet. 

If you want to dig a little deeper into this topic, you’ve come to the right post, as you will find all related information here! So, do read this space right till the end!

Does McDonald’s Have A Veggie Burger In the USA? 

Does McDonalds have a veggie burger in USA

No, McDonald’s does not have a veggie burger in the USA. However, McDonald’s did offer a vegan burger, also fit for vegetarians for a short span in the United States, known as the McPlant Burger. 

Yes, you sure did read that right! Many of you are possibly aware of the McPlant burger, considering the number of promotions McDonald’s did for the same at one point. This burger was the perfect burger getaway for vegetarians and vegans, too!

The McPlant Burger first debuted on the McDonald’s menu in November 2021, which is pretty recent. However, the trial run for this burger lasted for a very brief period, until August 2022. 

So, as you can see, although McDonald’s did bring a veggie burger on their menu for some time, they discontinued it in less than one year of the trial run. The reason behind the discontinuation of this burger on the McDonald’s menu was low sales. 

Initially, since McDonald’s played their cards right with promotions, quite a few people were pretty excited about this burger. However, after trying the burger, most people mentioned that the plant-based burger, especially the patty, lacked flavor. 

So, although people tried the burger quite a lot initially, soon, the buzz died since most people disliked the flavor altogether. This led to sales of this burger going down. Eventually, McDonald’s decided to take the burger off their menu altogether. 

But McDonald’s Does Have Vegetarian Burgers Across The World! 

McDonalds does have veggie burgers in other countries

Although McDonald’s does not offer vegetarian burgers in the United States, the chain has a few vegetarian burger options worldwide. Some countries like India, UAE, Sweden, Switzerland, and Belgium have a much higher demand for vegetarian food owing to the massive vegetarian population

Keeping that in mind, McDonald’s has launched completely vegetarian burgers, which are also utterly delicious, across many countries worldwide. Here, let us look at some countries where you can find a vegetarian burger at McDonald’s, along with the options! 

1. India

Of course, the first country on this list has to be India! India has a significant vegetarian population, and keeping that in mind, more than half of the burgers on the McDonald’s menu in India are vegetarian! Here is a list of these vegetarian burgers and what each of them consists of: 

  • McAloo Tikki Burger: Crunchy Potato and peas patty, tom mayo, crunch onions, whole wheat or regular bun. 
  • McVeggie Burger: Vegetarian patty made with potatoes, carrots, peas, and Indian spices, topped with lettuce and mayonnaise, and packed in a sesame seed bun. 
  • McSpicy Paneer Burger: Cottage cheese patty coated with spicy, crispy batter and fried with creamy sauce and shredded lettuce in a sesame seed bun. 
  • Veg Maharaja Mac: Two crispy corn and cheese patties with onions, jalapenos, a slice of cheese, and lettuce, dressed with cocktail sauce and packed between three slices of sesame bun. 
  • Mexican McAloo Tikki Burger: International fusion with Aloo tikki patty layered with shredded onion, chipotle sauce, and jalapenos. 
  • Corn and Cheese Burger: Crispy corn and cheese patty topped with a slice of cheese, creamy cocktail sauce, jalapenos, and shredded lettuce. 

2. UAE

The United Arab Emirates also has a vegetarian population. However, unlike India, McDonald’s in the UAE does not have a bunch of vegetarian burgers. Instead, they have just one to please the whole vegetarian clientele. 

  • Veggie Burger Deluxe: Grilled veggie patty topped with slivered onions, lettuce, tomato, and spicy tandoori sauce, all in a sesame seed bun. 

3. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom

Another country with a growing vegetarian population is the United Kingdom. Keeping that in mind, McDonald’s in the UK has a few vegetarian and vegan burger options. Here are the burger options that are fit for vegetarians to enjoy! 

  • McPlant: Yes, the famous McPlant is available in the UK. It consists of a vegan plant-based patty topped with vegan sandwich sauce, ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and cheese, all in a sesame seed bun. 
  • Vegetable Deluxe: Red pesto veggie goujons with sandwich sauce and shredded lettuce in a sesame seed bun. 

4. Germany

McDonald’s in Germany features some delectable options on its menu, which are fit for vegetarians and vegans. Most of the vegetarian options are made with Beyond Meat, so they have one vegetarian option for burgers. 

  • McPlant: Beyond meat patty, cheese, crunchy salad, creamy sandwich sauce, all in a sesame-seed bun. 

5. Sweden

Although known too well for their pickled herring, this Scandinavian nation has quite a few people who love vegetarian food. Hence, McDonald’s in Sweden has several vegetarian burger options! Let’s have a look at what all these options are. 

  • Veggie El Maco: Soy-based vegetarian patty topped with cheese, salsa sauce, sour cream, chive sauce, sliced tomatoes, and salad, all in a soft bun. 
  • Veggie Tasty: Soy-based vegetarian patty, topped with processed emmental cheese, tasty sauce, sliced tomato, red onion, and salad in a soft bun. 
  • Veggie Clubhouse: Soy-based vegetarian patty, processed cheddar cheese, Big Mac sauce, sliced tomatoes, red onion, and salad in a soft bun. 
  • McVegan: Soy veggie patty, Vegan McFeast sauce, iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, yellow onion, ketchup, and mustard in a soft bun. 

6. Switzerland


McDonald’s in Switzerland has many different menu items to accommodate the needs of people with every diet. One of those options is their array of veggie burgers, which are simply delicious! Here is a list of the veggie burgers that you can enjoy at McDonald’s in Switzerland: 

  • Homestyle Chargrill Veggie: Vegetarian Valess Schnitzel, Emmental cheese, lettuce, spicy char grill sauce, and onions in a brioche bun with poppy and sesame seeds. 
  • Homestyle Honey Mustard Veggie: Vegetarian Schnitzel, lettuce, Emmental cheese, and honey mustard sauce in a brioche bun. 
  • McVeggie: Vegetarian schnitzel, lettuce, and mayonnaise in a toasted sesame seed bun. 
  • Spicy McVeggie: Vegetarian Schnitzel, lettuce, and habanero chili sauce in a sesame seed bun. 
  • Veggie Peppers: Vegetarian Schnitzel, paprika sauce, processed cheese, warm bun. 

7. Belgium

McDonald’s in Belgium has a wide variety of options, even for their meat burgers. Similarly, they have two options for vegetarian burgers, which are both pretty standard, as given below:

  • McVeggie: Veggie patty, creamy sauce with a hint of lemon, crispy lettuce, sesame-seed bun. 
  • Veggie Deluxe: Breaded veggie filet, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce in a soft sesame seed bun. 

Why Doesn’t McDonald’s Have Vegetarian Burger Options In The USA? 


McDonald’s does not have vegetarian burger options in the United States as they don’t have as big of a market for vegetarian burgers. Vegetarians make up a tiny portion of the population in the country, so McDonald’s has not introduced any new veggie burgers in the US. 

When McDonald’s first introduced the McPlant burger in the United States, they first did a trial run at some of the locations. With this trial run, McDonald’s found that the demand for the McPlant burger was not as high as expected.

Moreover, they also added that they would have to change the kitchen setup to accommodate this burger for a longer time. As they did not receive as many sales of the burger as the company expected, McDonald’s decided to drop the burger from their menu, and hence has also not added a vegetarian burger option to their menu ever since. 

Will McDonald’s Ever Launch Veggie Burger In The United States? 

wILL McDonalds launch veggie burger in USA

McDonald’s has yet to announce the launch of a veggie burger in the United States. However, we can hope for the same to happen if the demand for the same persists! 

McDonald’s discontinued the McPlant burger as recently as 2022 and has not announced its return anytime soon. People have also been asking if the McPlant burger or any vegetarian burger, in general, will ever be available at McDonald’s in the United States. 

McDonald’s has not made any official announcement about the return of the McPlant burger or even the launch of any other veggie burger. Since the setup may be too much for the company, they haven’t committed to the same. However, if there is enough demand for a veggie burger in the future, we can sure hope that McDonald’s will launch these menu items!

Other Vegetarian Options At McDonald’s

Other veggie options at McDonalds

If you are a vegetarian and are wondering if you could enjoy anything at McDonald’s in the United States, there is undoubtedly some great news! Although not burgers, McDonald’s offers quite a few other completely vegetarian options on its menu, which are also worth the price

Here is a list of vegetarian options you can enjoy at McDonald’s in the US anytime! 

  1. Baked Apple Pie
  2. Apple Slices
  3. Fountain Beverages
  4. Coffee-Based Beverages
  5. Milkshakes
  6. Soft Serve
  7. Fudge
  8. McFlurries


I hope this article has helped you understand all about veggie burgers at McDonald’s since we have reached the end. McDonald’s also had a veggie burger on its menu in the United States, which ran for a short span.

However, since this burger’s sales did not match McDonald’s corporation’s expectations, the company decided to take it off the menu pretty soon. McDonald’s has not announced the return of the McPlant or any veggie burger on its menu. 

But we can surely hope they will bring one back if the demand lasts! Moreover, if you visit any of the countries mentioned above, you can still enjoy a delicious McDonald’s veggie burger in many forms!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s have a veggie burger in the United States? 

No, McDonald’s does not have a veggie burger in the United States. 

When was the McPlant burger discontinued at McDonald’s? 

McPlant Burger was discontinued at McDonald’s back in August 2022. 

Does McDonald’s have veggie burgers in other countries? 

Yes, McDonald’s has veggie burgers in many other countries, like India, Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland. 

Is McDonald’s bringing back the veggie burger in the United States? 

McDonald’s has not made any such announcements about bringing back veggie burgers in the United States. 

Why did McDonald’s stop selling the McPlant burger? 

McDonald’s stopped selling the McPlant burger in the United States as there wasn’t enough demand for the same, and hence, sales were pretty low. 

Does McDonald’s have other vegetarian options on its menu? 

Yes, McDonald’s does have other vegetarian options on its menu. 

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