Does McDonald’s Still Have Spicy Nuggets On Their Menu?

McDonald’s spicy nuggets created a lot of hype when they were first launched. Fans loved the extra kick of spice in their chicken nuggets. People keep asking does McDonald’s still have spicy nuggets on their menu. Let me break the ice here and tell you everything about McDonald’s spicy nuggets.

Does Mcdonald's Still Have Spicy Nuggets On Their Menu

No, currently spicy McNuggets are not available on the McDonald’s menu. These spicy nuggets are a seasonal product therefore, they return almost every year.

McDonald’s spicy nuggets are more popular than regular chicken nuggets. This is because it offers a nice tangy flavor that people love. Although it’s not overly spicy, it’s moderately spicy. 

In this blog, I will discuss the real reasons behind McDonald’s decision to discontinue spicy nuggets from their regular menu. I will also explain how spicy nuggets are different from regular McNuggets. By the end, you will clearly understand McDonald’s plans for bringing back these fiery nuggets to their menu.

Can You Still Get The Spicy McNuggets At McDonald’s?

Can You Still Get The Spicy McNuggets At McDonald’s

No, currently, you can’t get spicy McNuggets at McDonald’s. Several customers on social media requested the spicy McNuggets. So, McDonald’s got them for a limited period in 2023. 

As per the last update, McDonald’s brought back spicy McNuggets from April 2023 till June 2023 at limited participating McDonald’s locations. However, as of now, McDonald’s spicy McNuggets are not available.   

When Was McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets Launched?

McDonald’s first introduced spicy nuggets in 2020. It was the first new flavor of McNuggets in the United States since they were first launched in 1983. 

The spicy McNuggets were launched in 2020 and then discontinued. Later, after the customer demanded them on the menu and tweeted in thousand quantities, McDonald’s returned them in 2022. 

In April 2023, McDonald’s brought them back on the menu in limited restaurants and discontinued them. The reason behind the discontinuation is supply chain issues. McDonald’s has been facing supply chain issues for several years. 

Another possible reason is the chain finding difficulty in getting the ingredients needed for the spicy McNuggets. 

When the McNuggets were launched in 2022, the price of McNuggets was ranging between $5 to $15 for different sizes. As of April 2023, a 6-piece of spicy McNuggets was about $2.50, a 10-piece spicy McNuggets was $4.59, and a 20-piece spicy McNuggets was $8.09.  

When Are The Spicy McNuggets Coming Back?

When Are The Spicy McNuggets Coming Back

There has yet to be an official announcement from McDonald’s about when the Spicy Chicken McNuggets will return to the United States. However, there have been some reports that they could return in 2024.

However, according to Eat This, Not That, McDonald’s plans to roll out the spicy McNuggets by 2024. McDonald’s also rolled out spicy McNuggets in Australia in 2023, but recently, they have discontinued the spicy Nuggets from their menu offerings. 

However, many other menu items have been discontinued on their menu. Some were not hit with customers, while some were only released for a limited period.

How McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets Are Different From Regular Nuggets?

McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets are different from regular nuggets in flavor and spiciness. The differences between the two are mainly based on breading and heat level. 

So, let’s compare the two nuggets based on flavor, heat level, and breading.

  • Flavor: The spicy nuggets are seasoned with cayenne and chili pepper. It comes with a mighty hot sauce that is vinegary and moderately sweet. Regular chicken nuggets are made with wheat flour, salt, and spices.
  • Breading: The spicy nuggets are made with a tempura coating made with cayenne and chili peppers. At the same time, regular chicken nuggets are made with smoked paprika, black pepper, and salt. You can also make their regular chicken nuggets at home.
  • Heat Level: The heat level of spicy nuggets is mild to medium. At the same time, regular chicken nuggets are not spicy at all. 

Are McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets Spicy?

Are McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets Really Spicy

McDonald’s spicy nuggets have flavorful heat but are not overwhelmingly spicy. In short, most people can enjoy spicy nuggets as they are mild to medium spicy. 

Many people shared their reviews online and said that spicy nuggets are not spicy. But a noticeable heat gives them a fantastic kick of spice. 

However, the spice level for many people is different. Some may find it too spicy, or some may find it moderately tangy or less spicy. 

McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets Calories

Let’s check out the nutritional content of 6-pieces McDonald’s spicy McNuggets on their nutrition menu:

Calories290 kcal
Total Fat18g
Sodium630 mg

Do People Like McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets?

Do People Like The McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets

Many people like McDonald’s spicy McNuggets. Since their first release in 2020, people have requested on Twitter and Instagram many times to bring them back. I have found many reviews online for these spicy nuggets. Let me share some of them with you.

A reviewer on The Insider (a famous news website) said, “They were fresh, crispy, hot, and juicy — which all added to how enjoyable I found them.”

 The reviewer added, ” I could only detect a small amount of heat at first. The spice picked up a little bit as I continued to eat, but it never got to the point of leaving a burning sensation in my mouth.”

A review from Food Rankers mentioned,” The Spicy McNuggets have a decent spice level, making them a nice change from regular McNuggets. The reviewer also said that they pair well with different dipping sauces.”

A YouTuber Scorpion Heatseeker, compared the regular nuggets with spicy nuggets and said,” The Spicy McNuggets have a noticeable kick to them, but they are not super spicy. The regular McNuggets were described as classic and mild in flavor.”

The Takeout, a famous food site, reviewed,” they live up to their name and are spicy. The reviewer noted that the spices used in the Spicy McNuggets include chili pepper and “aged cayenne.”

A review from the famous site Vancouver is Awesome said,” The spicy McNuggets are not at all spicy, but they do have a hint of pepper taste. The panel agreed that they are not spicy but have a good flavor.”

People have to say this about spicy McNuggets on McDonald’s menu. They appreciate the nuggets for the taste and ultimate flavor. 


McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets have had a flavorful journey. They first appeared in 2020 and returned in 2022, but now they’re temporarily unavailable due to supply issues. People loved the Spicy Nuggets a lot. Though they’re not here right now, McDonald’s is working on bringing them back anytime soon in 2024.

There are more things people wonder about: does McDonald’s have chicken tenders, does McDonald’s have Szechuan sauce, does McDonald’s have fries in the morning, or does McDonald’s have McRib on their menu? 

McDonald’s is full of surprises. Your questions about their menu items are interesting. That’s why we have done our research and answered all your questions. Keep exploring our blog.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets still available?

No, McDonald’s spicy nuggets are currently unavailable, but you can expect them to come back anytime soon in 2024.

When were McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets first introduced?

McDonald’s introduced Spicy Nuggets to their menu in 2020.

When will McDonald’s bring back Spicy Nuggets?

There has yet to be an official word from McDonald’s on when Spicy Nuggets will return. However, there have been some reports that they could return in 2024.

What are the differences between McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets and regular Chicken McNuggets?

McDonald’s spicy McNuggets are mild to medium spicy and include cayenne and chili pepper breading. Whereas regular chicken nuggets are not spicy and include salt, pepper, and smoked paprika in the breading. 

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