Does McDonald’s Have Soup On Their Menu?

McDonald’s has been making efforts to offer more nutritious and low-calorie choices. However, some people have wondered – does McDonald’s have soup on their menu? Let’s find out. 

Does Mcdonald's Have Soup

No, McDonald’s doesn’t have soup on their menu in US outlets. However, currently, the fast food chain is only offering soup in countries like Portugal, Taiwan, and Spain.

Soup is a comforting meal option, especially perfect for colder climates. Having soup available at fast food restaurants might attract customers during certain weather conditions. Moreover, some countries or regions have soup as a staple food. So, offering soups in those countries is an excellent opportunity for McDonald’s to capture the market. 

If you are curious to know about what type of soup McDonald’s offers, then read further. In the whole article, I will be sharing soup types and their nutritional values, and also some reviews of customers who have tried soup at McDonald’s. 

Does McDonald’s In the USA Serve Soup?

Does McDonald’s In the USA Serve Soup

No, McDonald’s in the USA doesn’t serve soup. According to the official menu at McDonald’s in the USA, they don’t list any kind of soup varieties. 

McDonald’s doesn’t serve soup in the USA due to lesser demand. People in the US tend to order burgers and fries from their favorite fast food chain rather than ordering soup. 

Moreover, McDonald’s finds it hard to store and transport items for soups and also requires them to invest in new equipment that would add to the cost of serving soup. 

Does McDonald’s Have Soup In Other Countries?

Yes, McDonald’s does serve soup in a total of three countries. The menus of McDonald’s vary from country to country, so it’s always better to check information before heading to their outlet. Here are the names of the countries which serves soup;

  • Portugal: Portugal offers four varieties of soup, including grain and spinach soup, pea cream soup, hot green soup, and vegetable cream soup. 
  • Taiwan: This country offers corn soup.
  • Spain: It offers a cold soup called gazpacho.   

To know more about the types of soup McDonald’s offers, check out the points mentioned below. 

McDonald’s Soup Types

McDonald’s offers various kinds of soup that you can enjoy over there. Here is a list of soup, the ingredients it includes, and the nutritional information too. 

1. Grain And Spinach Soup

Grain and spinach soup is a delicious soup of chickpeas, onion, carrot, coriander, garlic, and spinach. The soup is thick in consistency with lots of crunchy veggies. It’s a salty and quite savory soup.

The soup has a mild flavor of spinach. When you take a sip of this soup, you will love its velvety texture. The chickpeas, corn, and carrots add sweetness and brightness to the soup. 

Nutritional values

Calories333 kcal

2. Pea Cream Soup

The pea cream soup is a cream-based soup that includes potatoes, peas, carrots, onions, and garlic. The soup has a thick consistency, has a green color, and is quite savory. Overall, it has a smooth and creamy texture. It more resembles porridge consistency. 

The soup has a mild flavor of peas, with a hint of sweetness from the cream and milk. It’s not too salty or too bland. Just the perfect balance of taste you can get in this soup. 

Nutritional values

Calories268 kcal

3. Hot Green Soup

The hot green soup is a creamy and savory soup with a hint of spice. It is made with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic, courgettes, garlic, and chorizo is delicious. 

The soup has a savory, umami flavor with a hint of sweetness. All the ingredients provide a rich, flavorful foundation.

Nutritional values

Calories257 kcal

4. Vegetable Cream Soup

Vegetable cream soup is another creamy and flavorful soup. It is made with cream, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, onions, spinach, and garlic. 

The soup is salt, pepper, and herbs. The soup is smooth and creamy. The flavors are well blended with each other and provide a rich base of cream. Even the soup has a hint of garlic, which you will love the most. 

Nutritional Values

Calories201 kcal

5. Corn Soup 

Corn soup is made with corn soup powder and corn kernels. The soup is warm, sweet, and heart-warming. It’s just perfect to pair with your dinner meal. You can enjoy this soup with burgers, fries, or chicken nuggets. 

The corn soup is a bit sweet and savory, too. The corn kernels add a perfect crunch to the soup. Moreover, the soup has a smooth and thick consistency. Overall, it’s a light soup that you can pair well with burgers.  

Nutritional Values

Calories93 kcal
Sodium637 mg

6. Gazpacho Soup

The gazpacho soup is a cold soup that is a summer classic soup served with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, celery, lemon juice, and hot sauce. 

The soup is refreshing and tangy as well. The tomato is the dominant flavor in this soup. Texture-wise, the McDonald’s gazpacho soup is smooth with an amazing texture from vegetables. The soup is typically served chilled to enjoy with burgers. 

Nutritional Values

Calories117 kcal
Sodium742 mg

Are McDonald’s Soups Legit Soup?

Are McDonald’s Soups Legit Soup

Yes, McDonald’s soups are legit. However, there are mixed opinions of people on their soup. Some people find the soup extremely good, while others find it artificially created. But overall, the taste of the soup is decent and good for the bucks.

McDonald’s soups are made with powdered ingredients, such as dehydrated vegetables and broth. The soup also contains preservatives, such as sodium benzene and potassium sorbate. These soups are pre-made and heated up in restaurants. 

So, you cannot expect them to be the best version of soup, but it’s a good offering from McDonald’s. For someone who is looking for soups, finding them at their favorite fast-food chain is a surprise for them. So, yes! McDonald’s soups are indeed legit. 

What People Think About McDonald’s Soup?

Let’s hear what people say about McDonald’s soup.

A person on Quora commented, “My favorite soup to make at McDonalds is chicken tenders soup made from chicken tenders and a cup of bacon grease.”

A YouTuber Drath650 mentioned, “The broccoli and cheddar soup is a delicious one. It appears to be creamy, and has hearty chunks of broccoli.”

On BakingBites, a food website, shared the review and said,” The gazpacho was pretty good, fresh, with a nice tomato flavor and a hint of spice.”

Are McDonald’s Soup Healthy?

No, McDonald’s soup is not as healthy as you should expect from a soup. Their soups are high in sodium, and they are not freshly prepared.

McDonald’s soups are made with premix soup mix powder, which contains preservatives and additives. These soups are not made of any fresh ingredients.

Hence, they are not too healthy. However, if you want to take a quick soup instead of having cheesy burgers, soups can be a good alternative. 

Will McDonald’s Ever Bring Their Soup In the USA Menu?

As of now, McDonald’s in the USA has not clarified that they might bring soup to the official menu. Soup is not the staple food in American cuisine, and it’s not as popular as other items on McDonald’s menu.

McDonald’s has always been the place to enjoy burgers, fries, and other drinks for Americans. So, serving soup to them doesn’t make sense to the company. Hence, they do not plan to launch the soup any time soon in the USA on their official menu.  


So yes, we are at the end of this article. It’s great to know that McDonald’s does offer soup on their menu, but the soups are only available in a few countries like Portugal, Taiwan, and Spain.

These soups come in a variety of flavors and are fun to pair up with your burgers and other side menu items. In this article, I have also discussed what kind of flavors you can enjoy at McDonald’s and shared the nutritional values for the same.

If you have an interest in reading similar topics, then I have a bunch of great articles. People have asked a lot of questions related to McDonald’s, such as whether McDonald’s has salads, does McDonald’s has grilled chicken, and does McDonald’s has a veggie burger or not. Apart from that, some have also asked whether McDonald’s has snack wraps or not. Check out all these articles only on our blog. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s have soup?

Yes, McDonald’s does have soup. Currently, it is offered only in a few countries like Portugal, Taiwan, and Spain.

What soups does McDonald’s have?

McDonald’s serves soups like broccoli cheddar soup, grain and spinach soup, pea cream soup, hot green soup, gazpacho, corn soup, and vegetable cream soup. 

Why doesn’t McDonald’s have soup in the US?

McDonald’s soup is not a popular item in the American fast food market. Hence, McDonald’s doesn’t have soup in the US.

What are some other options apart from soup at McDonald’s?

You can opt for burgers, fries, burritos, breakfast items, desserts, coffee, and soft drinks at McDonald’s.

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