Does McDonald’s Have Snack Wraps In 2024? Are They Coming Back?

One option from the McDonald’s menu that received a lot of fame and love over the years was their snack wrap. People love this option because it is also one of the low-calorie options on the McDonald’s menu. But does McDonald’s still have snack wraps? Let’s find out. 

Does McDonald's have snack wraps?

No, McDonald’s does not have snack wraps on its menu. Although the menu item was a big hit amongst customers, the snack wraps were discontinued by McDonald’s in 2016. 

McDonald’s does not have many healthy options on its menu per se. However, the snack wrap was one of the favorites out of all the healthy items. People loved the snack wraps, and there has been a lot of demand to bring them back on the menu. 

So, why hasn’t McDonald’s brought these snack wraps back? You will get an answer to this question and more about the snack wrap in this informative post!

Why Doesn’t McDonald’s Have Snack Wraps Anymore? 

Why doesn't McDonald's have snack wraps anymore?

McDonald’s removed snack wraps from their menu a few years ago since the assembly was too complicated for the employees. 

You may think that McDonald’s took the snack wraps off their menu as there was not enough demand for them amongst customers. Although, in most cases, fast food restaurants tend to remove items from their menu due to lack of order, the reason may seem pretty valid. 

However, that was not the case with the snack wraps. The demand for snack wraps has been booming throughout the years. It was on the menu.

But assembling the snack wraps was a whole process and took up too much time. So, McDonald’s decided to opt out of selling them, regardless of the high demand. 

When Did McDonald’s Launch & Discontinue The Snack Wrap?

When did McDonalds launch and discontinue the snack wraps

The McDonald’s snack wrap was launched on its menu in 2006 to cater to millennials but was finally discontinued in 2016. The reason that it was finished was the complex process of making.

McDonald’s brought the first version of the snack wraps on their menu in the United States as early as 2006. The chain started with a single option for snack wraps consisting of crispy chicken and some ranch sauce. 

Over the years, they introduced various versions of the humble snack wrap, including one with grilled chicken and honey mustard. However, in 2016, the snack wraps were officially dropped from the menu and are now one of the many discontinued items from the McDonald’s menu

McDonald’s Snack Wrap Price

The famous McDonald’s snack wrap was priced at $1.59. 

As you can see, the snack wrap was also very moderately priced, just like most other options on the McDonald’s menu. McDonald’s snack wraps were affordable and truly delicious, which is possibly one of the main reasons customers loved them as much as they did! 

Is McDonald’s Snack Wrap Healthy? 

iS McDonalds snack wrap healthy

Before the snack wrap was discontinued from the McDonald’s menu, the restaurant chain offered two types of snack wraps, one with crispy chicken and the other with grilled chicken. To see if these snack wraps were healthy, let us look at the nutritional values of both wraps. 

NutrientRanch Chicken Snack Wrap with Grilled ChickenRanch Chicken Snack Wrap with Crispy Chicken
Calories260 kcal320 kcal
Carbohydrates22 g28 g
Protein18 g17 g
Fat11 g16 g
Saturated Fat4.5 g5 g
Trans Fat0.1 g0.2 g
Cholesterol55 mg40 mg
Sodium420 mg510 mg
Potassium100 mg250 mg
Fiber1 g1 g
Sugar1 g2 g
Calcium100 mg100 mg
Iron1.75 mg1.75 mg

As you can see from the table above, McDonald’s snack wrap with crispy chicken is unhealthier than the grilled chicken snack wrap. The grilled chicken wrap is moderately healthy, and the same can also be said about the crispy chicken snack wrap since there isn’t that much of a difference. 

However, just like how it is with most options at McDonald’s, the snack wraps should always be eaten in moderation since too many of them can be bad for health. For more information on the nutritional values of McDonald’s menu items, look at McDonald’s healthy menu options

Will McDonald’s Snack Wraps Ever Come Back? 

McDonald’s has not made any announcements about the snack wraps returning to their menu. 

Since the snack wraps were first discontinued from the McDonald’s menu, the chain has made no announcements about returning the snack wraps on its menu. There have been significant demands from customers to bring them back. 

But, as of yet, McDonald’s has not acted on the same. You can get snack wraps at McDonald’s in many other countries. However, as far as the United States goes, we can hope that McDonald’s considers its customers’ demands very soon and brings back the snack wraps! 


As we have reached the end of this beautiful article, I hope it has helped you get all the information you needed on McDonald’s snack wraps. Sure, they were one of the best options on the McDonald’s menu, which is why they had many fans. 

However, since assembling the snack wraps was a little too challenging, McDonald’s removed them from the menu in 2016. There have been no announcements about bringing them back on the menu by the company. 

However, we hope that McDonald’s will bring them back to the United States soon! Similarly, if you would want to explore more such options on the McDonald’s menu, like if they have grilled chicken options on their menu, if they have veggie burgers on their menu if they have fruit and yogurt parfait options on their menu, and if they have French toast sticks on their menu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s have snack wraps on its menu in 2023? 

No, McDonald’s does not have snack wraps on its menu in 2023. 

When were snack wraps discontinued from McDonald’s menu? 

McDonald’s snack wraps were discontinued from McDonald’s menu in 2016. 

Were the snack wraps at McDonald’s healthy? 

Yes, the snack wraps were healthy if eaten in moderation.

Is McDonald’s bringing back snack wraps? 

McDonald’s has not announced bringing back snack wraps to the menu. 

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