Does McDonald’s Have Pup Cups For Puppies?

McDonald’s is a delicious fast-food restaurant with a special place in people’s hearts worldwide. But those who live with furry companions often have questions like does McDonald’s have pup cups for puppies. So, let’s find out the answer. 

Does McDonald's Have Pup Cups For Puppies

No, McDonald’s doesn’t have pup cups for puppies. The McDonald’s official menu focuses more on treats viable for humans. Moreover, there is no huge demand for dog treats at McDonald’s.  

Providing nutritious food to your dogs with essential nutrients, vitamins, and protein is important. So, it’s necessary to keep your dog on a good diet. Let me tell you a fact: your dog should be given only 10% of treats daily, and 90% of other food diets are nutritious.

Now that you know that McDonald’s doesn’t provide pup cups for dogs let us know if they allow dogs in their restaurant and whether McDonald’s will ever offer pup cups. Stick with me till the end. 

What Is A Pup Cup?

What Is A Pup Cup

A pup cup is a small cup of whipped cream or ice cream served to dogs as a treat. Some ice cream shops serve these pup cups for dogs filled with dog-friendly ice creams such as peanut butter, bacon, or other doggie delicacies. 

These cups are small enough for dogs to enjoy every bite of ice cream. These pup cups are best to show love and care to your dog by offering them some fantastic treats.  

No, McDonald’s Doesn’t Have Pup Cups For Puppies

No, McDonald’s doesn’t serve pup cups for puppies. However, if you want one small cup of whipped cream, you can request the server to give you one. 

McDonald’s does not serve pup cups officially. It’s best to check with your local McDonald’s restaurant’s menu regarding pup cups.  

Is McDonald’s Not Dog Friendly?

No, McDonald’s doesn’t allow dogs inside their restaurant. Pet dogs are not allowed to enter the restaurant but are welcomed in outdoor sitting areas. 

Dogs are not allowed inside McDonald’s because of federal and local regulations such as the FDA. So, if you are bringing your dog to McDonald’s, it is best to call and talk to the manager beforehand to see if the local restaurant has a terrace or outdoor eating area.

Does McDonald’s Have Dog-Friendly Food?

Does McDonald's Have Dog-Friendly Food

No, McDonald’s doesn’t have dog-friendly food. However, if you want to feed your dog McDonald’s food, then you must order without buns. You can feed them beef patties, but only in moderation.

This is because beef patties are highly processed food for dogs and are relatively high in salt. So, it doesn’t offer any nutritional value to your dogs.

Moreover, McDonald’s burgers also come with other ingredients such as dill pickle, onion, and cheese, which are not better food to offer dogs. All these ingredients can upset your dog’s stomach. So, currently, McDonald’s doesn’t have any food you can offer your dogs. 

Will McDonald’s Ever Launch Pup Cups For Dogs?

McDonald’s doesn’t have any information regarding launching pup cups for dogs. 

Many Americans are dog owners, and they often look for treats at such fast food chains. So, there may be a chance McDonald’s will start offering pup cups. 


While McDonald’s is the most favorite place to eat for humans, it’s essential to know whether your fur buddies can enjoy at McDonald’s or not. So, McDonald’s does not offer pup cups for dogs.

Currently, they are not offering any food suitable for your dog. However, if you stop by McDonald’s with your dog, you can offer them only beef patties or crispy bacon strips in moderation.

McDonald’s food is not dog-friendly and is highly processed food. So, dogs cannot eat at McDonald’s, or it can make them fall sick. So, here I solved your questions regarding pup cups. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s have special treats like dog pup cups on their menu?

No, McDonald’s does not have pup cups or any treats offered for dogs on their menu.

Why doesn’t McDonald’s offer pup cups for puppies like other places?

McDonald’s primarily focuses on food and beverages for human consumption. Therefore, it doesn’t offer any food for puppies.

Are dogs allowed in McDonald’s restaurants?

No, McDonald’s doesn’t allow dogs in their restaurant. As per the FDA policy, dogs cannot come inside the restaurant. However, they can sit outside the seating area.

Are there any plans for McDonald’s to introduce dog-friendly treats?

There must be official information regarding McDonald’s plans to introduce dog-friendly treats like pup cups.

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