Does McDonald’s Have Holiday Pie On Its Menu?

McDonald’s is one of the only fast food restaurant chains that is open on Christmas Day, and that too, with a bunch of delicious treats! One such delightful treat often served around this time is the holiday pie. So, does McDonald’s have holiday pie on its menu? 

Does McDonald's have holiday pie?

Yes, McDonald’s does have holiday pie on its menu. However, the sweet pie is not available on the McDonald’s menu all year round since it is unique for the holiday season. 

McDonald’s holiday menu is always inspiring! The chain is known for offering a range of delicious treats, and the holiday pie is a favorite for many! It is truly the epitome of what holiday flavors are all about! In this lovely article, you will learn more about this holiday pie from McDonald’s, like what makes it unique and when you can expect it to return on the menu! 

No, McDonald’s Does Not Have Holiday Pie Right Now

No McDonalds does not have holiday pie right now

Although McDonald’s has delicious holiday pie on its menu, it is not available now.

As mentioned before, the holiday pie from McDonald’s is something that you can easily find, mostly just around Christmas time. Hence, the same can be seen at McDonald’s around the holiday season. The pie is undoubtedly filled with the goodness of flavors that remind us of the holiday season. Hence, the only time you can find at McDonald’s is probably during that particular time of the year. 

What Is McDonald’s Holiday Pie? 

What is McDonalds holiday pie

McDonald’s holiday pie is one of the baked dessert options on the McDonald’s menu, which consists of a baked turnover-style pastry stuffed with sweet vanilla custard, topped with sugar glaze and rainbow sprinkles. 

McDonald’s holiday pie is one of the many offerings that McDonald’s specially curates for every year’s holiday season. The pie has had a fun and fascinating history, just like most other items at McDonald’s

Did you know that the pie was first released way back in 1999?! This holiday pie has been around at McDonald’s for almost 25 years! The holiday pie was introduced to promote Toy Story 2 during the holiday season in 1999. 

After that, people loved the pie a lot, so McDonald’s made it an official offering on their holiday menu after 2012. Unlike the apple pie available at McDonald’s all year round, this pie is special and public only in November and December. 

How Long Does McDonald’s Holiday Pie Stay On The Menu? 

McDonald’s holiday pie is usually served at their restaurants monthly every year. They start selling the pastry around the end of November and are around just until Christmas is over. 

In most cases, McDonald’s releases the holiday pie around the end of November, right after Thanksgiving is over. The pie is usually available at McDonald’s outlets until the day after Christmas. However, it may last on the menu until New Year, in case the stocks last that long. 

McDonald’s Holiday Pie Ingredients

McDonalds holiday pie ingredients

Here is the list of ingredients used to make the unique McDonald’s holiday pie: 

  1. Milk, 
  2. Enriched Flour (bleached Wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), 
  3. Palm Oil, 
  4. Sugar, 
  5. Water, 
  6. Contains 2% Or Less Of Modified Food Starch, 
  7. Topping (sugar, Corn Starch, Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil, Confectioner’s Glaze, Yellow 5 Lake, Carnauba Wax, Yellow 6 Lake, Blue 1 Lake, Red 40 Lake), 
  8. Sodium Alginate, 
  9. Calcium Sulphate, 
  10. Disodium Diphosphate, 
  11. Tetrasodium Diphosphate, 
  12. Salt, 
  13. Cream Of Tartar, 
  14. Potassium Sorbate (preservative), 
  15. Natural And Artificial Flavors, 
  16. Caramel Color, 
  17. Turmeric And Annatto (color),
  18. L-cysteine (dough Conditioner), 
  19. Yellow 5, 
  20. Yellow 6

These are all the ingredients used to make this holiday pie, as per the official website of McDonald’s

McDonald’s Holiday Pie Nutritional Content

Look at the table below to refer to the nutritional information of this holiday pie from McDonald’s. 

Calories260 Cal
Carbohydrates32 g
Protein3 g
Fat12 g
Saturated Fat6 g
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol5 mg
Sodium150 mg
Potassium125 mg
Fiber4 g
Sugar12 g

Is McDonald’s Holiday Pie Good? 

Is McDonalds holiday pie good

Yes, McDonald’s holiday pie is pretty delicious and a favorite for many customers, so McDonald’s keeps bringing it back for their holiday specials. 

McDonald’s holiday pie is genuinely something many customers wait for every year to enjoy during the holiday season. Due to people’s high demand and love for this pie, 

McDonald’s has always brought it back since 2012! To figure out if people think this pie is good or not, let us also look at what some people have reviewed about it. 

Here is what TheImpulsiveBuy had to say about this holiday pie from McDonald’s, “The Holiday Pie isn’t terrible. It’s sweet without being too sugary and served warm without scalding your mouth (like their molten lava-style apple pie). On the downside, the crust’s texture is slightly silty… like fine sand. A strange, chemical aftertaste accompanies the pudding, making me think I’m going to go home later and suddenly develop superpowers.” 

Further, another reviewer, Michael W Travels, had to say about the holiday pie: “This was definitely nice. The pie’s crust was crispy, and the sprinkles on top added some crunch. I would’ve preferred for the crust to be sprinkle-free; my 9-year-old Lucas liked them. The vanilla cream had a good vanilla/ custardy flavor, and I liked that it wasn’t overly sweet.” 

Lastly, this is what had to say about the holiday pie from McDonald’s, “It was GREAT. The crust was flaky and sweet, the sprinkles adding texture to the bite. But it was the custard that stole the show. Wow. So creamy, so flavorful, and tasty without being cloying. Before I knew it, I had scarfed the whole thing down and wished I had more.” 

Most people have just had good things to say about the holiday pie. Sure, many people may feel like something other than the pie is worth the money. However, overall, most people have found the pie to be truly delicious. If you have doubts about it, try one for yourself when they are available next, and let us know in the comments! 


McDonald’s does have delicious holiday pies on its menu. However, the pie is unavailable at the moment and is mostly around for the holiday season. Since this pie is unique from the holiday season, McDonald’s ensures they bring it back yearly for their customers. 

Similarly, there are plenty of other things that McDonald’s brings back on their menu now and then, worth checking out. If you like the holiday pie, you should look at if they have fruit & yogurt parfaits and cookies. Also, see if McDonald’s has a special treat for your furry friends in the form of pup cups and if they have delicious spicy nuggets for all the spice lovers! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s have holiday pie on its menu right now? 

McDonald’s does not have holiday pie on its menu right now. 

Is holiday pie only available during the holiday season? 

Yes, McDonald’s holiday pie is available only during the holiday season. 

Is McDonald’s holiday pie good? 

Yes, McDonald’s holiday pie is delicious and the perfect sweet treat! 

What is McDonald’s holiday pie filled with? 

McDonald’s holiday pie is filled with gooey and delicious vanilla custard. 

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