Does McDonald’s Have Dr Pepper In 2024?

McDonald’s has excellent beverage options on its drinks and McCafe menu, from soft drinks to packaged drinks, milkshakes, and much more. A favorite soft beverage for many people is Dr Pepper, which has made the masses wonder, does McDonald’s have Dr Pepper in 2023? We’ll find out! 

Does McDonald's have Dr Pepper?

Yes, McDonald’s will have Dr Pepper on its menu in 2023! The fan-favorite beverage is available on the McDonald’s menu in four sizes. 

When it comes to McDonald’s and beverages, most of us associate Coke as the only beverage in the chain. But McDonald’s has much to offer even if we speak of fountain beverages alone, just like the beloved Dr. Pepper! This article will discuss McDonald’s and Dr Pepper, including availability, price, and much more! So, let’s begin! 

Yes, McDonald’s Has Dr Pepper On Its Menu! 

Yes McDonalds has Dr Pepper

You can easily find Dr Pepper at just about any McDonald’s outlet in the United States. The chain has been selling Dr Pepper at most outlets since 2009! 

The company started by selling Dr. Pepper at some of its locations in the United States. However, seeing the response from customers, McDonald’s began offering the same at just about every outlet across the United States. 

Dr Pepper on McDonald’s menu is also very reasonably priced, just like most other menu items at the chain. Here are the prices of Dr Pepper available at McDonald’s in different sizes. These are the standard beverage prices, which may differ from one location to another. 

BeverageSmallMedium Large
Dr Pepper$ 2.19$ 2.59$ 2.79

Is McDonald’s Dr Pepper Good? 

Is McDonalds dr pepper good

Yes, Dr Pepper is a lovely soft beverage with a kick that many people prefer over other pop beverages. The drink has a refreshing lift, making it taste adorable.  

So, what is it with Dr Pepper at McDonald’s? What do people think of it? Let us take a look at some reviews: 

A reviewer of TripAdvisor wrote, “It was a hot day in July, and we were out and about. We stopped at our local McDonald’s for a refreshing medium-sized glass of Diet Dr. Pepper. Service was A-OK.”

Similarly, The Caledonian wrote about some of the best fast-food restaurants to get Dr Pepper. Guess what? They ranked McDonald’s in the top spot! What they said about Dr. Pepper was, “McDonald’s Dr. Pepper reigns supreme over any other fast food restaurant on this list.” 

The reviews of Dr Pepper have been pretty great. Moreover, McDonald’s is one of the pioneers of carbonated soft drinks since they have cracked the code to make them taste even better. Owing to that, it can safely be said that McDonald’s Dr Pepper is pretty good, as the chain surely knows what they are doing! 

McDonald’s Dr Pepper Nutritional Content

McDonalds Dr Pepper Nutritional Content

Here is the entire nutritional content of Dr Pepper available at McDonald’s: 

NutrientSmall MediumLarge
Calories140 cal200 cal280 cal
Carbohydrates36 g54 g75 g
Sodium15 mg65 mg90 mg
Fiber0 g1 g1 g
Sugar36 g53 g73 g
Calcium2 mg10 mg15 mg

Does McDonald’s Have A Special Partnership With Dr Pepper? 

Did you know about McDonalds partnership with coca cola

Yes, McDonald’s has uniquely partnered with Keurig Dr Pepper since 2019. The chain started collaborating with this brand to ensure the Dr. Pepper available is always the best you could ever get. 

Have you ever wondered how and why McDonald’s fountain beverages taste as good as they do? Well, the whole reason behind it is that McDonald’s has partnerships with several beverage companies, including Dr Pepper. 

Similar to how McDonald’s Coke tastes so good, as does McDonald’s Sprite, Dr Pepper is also now in partnership with McDonald’s, making it taste as good. It is all about how the syrups are supplied to the restaurant chain, which instantly improves the flavor of the beverage to a very high extent. 


At the end of this article, we can say that McDonald’s has Dr Pepper on its menu along with an array of other soft beverages. The chain also has a partnership with Dr Pepper, which makes sure they get good quality syrup. 

This is one of the reasons why Dr Pepper tastes so good at McDonald’s, just like an array of other beverages. So, don’t forget to grab your order of Dr Pepper immediately!

Similarly, also have a look at if McDonald’s still has some other beverages, like if they still have lemonade and if they have Root Beer. Also, look at if they have Coke Zero and Diet Sprite if you are in the mood for a healthier beverage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s have Dr Pepper? 

Yes, McDonald’s does have Dr Pepper on its menu. 

How many sizes of Dr Pepper are available at McDonald’s? 

Most outlets have small, medium, and large-sized Dr Pepper, but you may also find extra small sizes at some outlets. 

Is Dr Pepper available at all McDonald’s outlets in the US? 

Yes, Dr Pepper is available at all McDonald’s outlets in the US. 

Does McDonald’s have a special partnership with Dr Pepper? 

Yes, McDonald’s does have a special partnership with Dr Pepper. 

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