Does McDonald’s Have Decaf Coffee In 2024?

McDonald’s coffee beverages have always been star products of the brand. With millions of customers flocking daily to get their favorite iced coffee from McDonald’s, Some people prefer the decaf coffee version, which is quite popular nowadays. So, many Mc fans wonder, does McDonald’s have decaf coffee? Read below. 

Does McDonald's Have Decaf Coffee

McDonald’s does offer decaf coffee at their restaurants currently. Customers can choose decaf options such as coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos, which cost between $1 to $2.

Many coffee drinkers want to avoid late-night caffeine consumption for better sleep. Also, some people want to enjoy coffee but cannot consume caffeine for medical reasons. In that case, decaf coffee is the best solution. While the decaf coffee market is smaller, it has grown in recent years due to increased health and wellness awareness. 

So, if you want the coffee flavor but want to avoid caffeine, McDonald’s offers exciting decaf coffee options. Explore other decaf coffee-related queries that people are asking in the article below. 

Yes, McDonald’s Does Offer Decaf Coffee

Yes, McDonald's Does Offer Decaf Coffee

Yes, McDonald’s does offer decaf coffee. It’s a healthy drink with minimum caffeine content. Moreover, decaf coffee contains antioxidants like Vitamin B-3, which helps prevent diseases and fight illness.  

Decaf coffee is made by removing most of the caffeine from coffee beans. This is done through a process called decaffeination. 

So, if you want a coffee without caffeine, you can order a hot decaf coffee at most McDonald’s locations. 

Does McDonald’s Offer Decaf Iced Coffee?

No, you can’t get an iced decaf coffee at McDonald’s. Currently, the restaurant chain only offers a hot decaf coffee option on its original menu.    

McDonald’s doesn’t offer decaf iced coffee because it’s not popular. Decaf coffee, in general, is less famous than regular coffee.

So, the demand for decaf iced coffee is deficient, and it is not as cost-effective for McDonald’s to offer at all their locations.  

Does McDonald’s Offer Decaf Frappe?

No, McDonald’s does not offer decaf frappe on their menu. The main reason is that decaf frappes are less popular than regular ones. Moreover, the process of decaffeinating can alter the flavor of frappe.

Though McDonald’s doesn’t have decaf frappe, you can still enjoy regular McDonald’s frappes like caramel frappe and mocha frappe.

These frappes are a tempting indulgence that you can enjoy, especially during hot summer days. People love the combination of chocolate and coffee together. 

Does McDonald’s Decaf Mean 100% Caffeine-Free Coffee?

No, McDonald’s decaf coffee is not 100% caffeine-free. McDonald’s says their decaf coffee contains less than 10 milligrams of caffeine per cup. However, this is significantly less than the caffeine in regular coffee, around 150 milligrams per cup. 

That suggests that decaf coffee is not entirely free from caffeine, but it contains very low caffeine compared to regular caffeine coffee content. To support this statement, studies suggest that decaf coffees still have small amounts of caffeine. 

McDonald’s uses the Swiss water decaffeination process to remove caffeine from coffee. It is a water-based process that uses carbon dioxide to extract the caffeine from the beans. This process is considered an effective method of decaffeination. Moreover, it leaves the coffee with a smooth flavor, too.  

If you are looking for a coffee that will not keep you up at night, then McDonald’s decaf coffee option is excellent. It’s a rich, smooth, flavorful decaf coffee for caffeine-sensitive people.

Is McDonald’s Decaf Coffee Naturally Decaffeinated?

Is McDonald's Decaf Coffee Naturally Decaffeinated

Yes, McDonald’s decaf coffee is naturally decaffeinated by a chemical-free process. The Swiss water method is a patented decaffeinating process without chemicals. 

This chemical-free decaffeination method uses only water to decrease the caffeine levels by 99.9%. The Swiss water process works by first soaking the coffee beans. The caffeine molecules in the beans dissolve in the water. 

Later, the beans are removed, and the water is passed through a carbon filter that traps the caffeine molecules. 

The filtered water is then used to soak a new batch of coffee beans, which is repeated until the desired level of caffeine removal is achieved. 

So, this is a game-changer for those who want to enjoy decaf coffee without chemicals. 

What’s The Decaf Coffee That McDonald’s Uses?

McDonald’s uses a blend of decaffeinated Arabica coffee beans for their decaf coffee. These beans are processed using the Swiss water method, which is chemical-free. The Swiss water process removes caffeine from the beans while maintaining the coffee’s flavor.

Similarly, McDonald’s uses Arabica beans for their regular coffee drinks. However, McDonald’s does not sell their coffee beans online or offline. If you want to grab your coffee, you must visit the McCafe and get a decaf coffee.

How Much Caffeine Is In A McDonald’s Decaf Coffee?

How Much Caffeine Is In A McDonald's Decaf Coffee

McDonald’s says their decaf coffee contains about 8 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce cup. This is about 97% less caffeine than regular McDonald’s coffee, which has about 140 milligrams per 8-ounce cup.

Decaf coffee sounds appealing sometimes when you want that coffee taste without the caffeine. While McDonald’s uses real decaffeinated coffee, the decaffeinated process does not remove all the caffeine from the caffeine. Simply put, you cannot remove all the caffeine from the coffee. 

However, per health experts, having 8 milligrams of caffeine per cup is okay. But even the tiny range of caffeine might be an issue for those who are very sensitive to caffeine content or try to avoid it entirely due to medical reasons.

Just don’t go thinking that decaf coffee has literally zero caffeine policy. But for most people who want to enjoy coffee with a shallow caffeine content, McCafe decaf coffee is a great option. 

What Drinks Can You Buy Instead Of Decaf Coffee At McDonald’s?

McDonald’s offers a variety of coffee options on its menu. Some of them are the best-ranked coffee drinks in the fast-food industry. For now, let’s look at the complete drink options such as:

  • Lattes
  • Cappuccinos
  • Mochas
  • Blended iced coffee
  • Smoothies
  • Milkshakes,
  • Limited-time seasonal offerings

McDonald’s coffee and beverage menu options include a variety of soft drinks, juices, milk, tea, shakes, and bottled water. This list also has a range of small, medium, and oversized glasses. 

Should You Buy Decaf Coffee Or Normal Coffee At McDonald’s?

Should You Buy Decaf Coffee or Normal Coffee At McDonald's

Whether you want to buy decaf or regular coffee depends on your needs and taste. Caffeine-free coffee is less tasty than regular coffee, which contains a rich and robust flavor. If you want to take less caffeine, then decaf coffee is the best solution. 

If you are a caffeine lover, regular coffee is the best option. For caffeine lovers, there are various iced coffee and frappes options at McDonald’s.    


Well, folks, here we come to the end of the blog. In this blog, we discovered that McDonald’s does provide decaf options. You can get coffee, cappuccino, and decaf lattes at McDonald’s. However, it’s important to note that currently, McDonald’s does not offer flavored decaf coffee. 

So, it’s excellent news for all the coffee lovers who don’t want to give up on coffee. These decaf coffee options at McDonald’s allow you to have a coffee flavor without caffeine. Next time you visit McDonald’s, order decaf coffee and experience your first-ever coffee sip.  

Similarly, we have covered many other articles on our website. For example, does McDonald’s have hot chocolate, does McDonald’s have milkshakes, does McDonald’s have lemonade, and does McDonald’s have cherry coke or not? Find all the articles only on TheFoodXp. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does McDonald’s have decaf coffee?

Yes, McDonald’s does have a decaf coffee option as a part of its menu in 2023. Many people enjoy coffee without much caffeine. McDonald’s uses high-quality coffee beans to make its decaf coffee. 

Can I order decaf iced coffee at McDonald’s?  

As per the current menu, McDonald’s does offer decaf iced coffee. It is available in various cup sizes, and customers can choose the size that suits them best. 

How many decaf coffee options are there at McDonald’s?

At McDonald’s, you can get four decaf options: decaf coffee, decaf Americano, Decaf cappuccino, and decaf mocha latte. 

How is McDonald’s decaf coffee made?

McDonald’s decaf coffee is made with a Swiss water process. It’s a natural, chemical-free method of decaffeination. The beans are soaked in water, and the caffeine is extracted using carbon dioxide.   

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