Does McDonald’s Have Coke Zero In 2024?

Since there has been a lot of demand for healthy food, McDonald’s has been doing their best to introduce new and exciting low-calorie healthy menu items. With the same order in mind, McDonald’s was quick to introduce more nutritional beverages like Coke Zero.

Does McDonald's Have Coke zero

Yes, McDonald’s has Coke Zero on its menu across the United States. The beverage is available per the standard sizes of fountain drinks at McDonald’s, which are small, medium, and large. 

In this informative and fun blog, you will learn a lot about this beverage at McDonald’s, along with some more relevant information! 

Yes, McDonald’s Has Coke Zero On Its Menu

Yes McDonalds has coke zero on its menu

Yes, McDonald’s does offer Coke Zero on its menu in the United States. You can also easily find Coke Zero at McDonald’s across most countries! 

McDonald’s has been selling Coke Zero for the longest time on its menu. The chain sells Coke Zero in three sizes: small, medium, and large. They also have the option for customers to choose the beverage with or without ice. Here are the prices of different sizes of Coke Zero. 

Coke Zero$ 2.19$ 2.59$ 2.79

You will likely find Coke Zero at almost every McDonald’s outlet in the United States. However, there are chances that some franchise-owned outlets may not serve this beverage. So, it would be better to ask the restaurant closest to you about the same before you visit. 

What Other Coca-Cola Options Can You Get At McDonald’s?

What other coca cola options does McDonalds have

McDonald’s has plenty of other Coca-Cola options available on its menu, like Diet Coke, Regular Coke, and even Frozen Coke! 

We all know McDonald’s sells some of the best Coke out there. McDonald’s has worked hard to ensure their Coca-Cola beverages are better than what you would get at any other fast food restaurant chain.

They serve regular Coke, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero in three different serving sizes. McDonald’s also often comes up with different flavors of Coke, out of which cherry Coke is one of the most sought-after flavors. 

Other than that, McDonald’s has also been selling Frozen Coke over the past few years, which is another massive hit amongst customers. Lastly, did you know you can also get a Coke Float at McDonald’s?

Coke Float or McFloat is technically a secret menu item at McDonald’s. Although it is not available readily in the United States, you can easily find a Coke Float at McDonald’s in many other countries. 

Do You Know About McDonald’s Partnership With Coca-Cola?

Does McDonalds have a special partnership with McDonalds

McDonald’s opened back in 1940. They have had a long-lasting relationship with Coca-Cola since 1955. The Coca-Cola company offers the chain of restaurants syrups in metal containers, which help retain their flavor. 

Have you ever wondered what makes McDonald’s Coke taste so good? Not just Coke, but even the Sprite available at McDonald’s has phenomenal taste! McDonald’s has worked out some of the best ways to ensure their Coke and Sprite, or just about any beverage, tastes better than what you would get at other fast food chains. 

One of the reasons behind this whole ordeal is that the chain has had a lovely partnership with Coca-Cola ever since its early years of operation. Although Coca-Cola Company supplies its syrup to many fast food chains, most of them are unlike the quality available at McDonald’s. 

This has all to do with the containers in which the Coke is supplied. Due to the partnership, McDonald’s has always received their share of Coke Syrup in metal containers. This is unlike other fast food chains that get it in plastic containers. 

The metal containers help regulate the temperature of the syrup. This, all in all, makes sure the syrup tastes fresher over a more extended period! So, it is excellent for us customers who love McDonald’s Coke that the two companies have such a lovely partnership! 


Coming to the end of this article, I hope you have received the information you sought. McDonald’s does have Coke Zero on its menu in the United States as of 2023. Although the beverage is officially a part of the McDonald’s menu, some franchise-owned outlets may not have the same. 

In that case, it is best to ask the outlet closest to you about the availability of this beverage. Moreover, look at more beverage options available at McDonald’s, like if they have Diet Sprite and if McDonald’s still has Cherry Coke. Also, check out if McDonald’s has root beer and if they have Dr Pepper as one of the beverage options. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s have Coke Zero in 2023?

Yes, McDonald’s has Coke Zero on its menu in 2023. 

Does McDonald’s have Coke Zero available in different sizes?

Yes, McDonald’s has Coke Zero available in three different sizes. 

Does McDonald’s have other Coke beverages?

Yes, McDonald’s has a few other options for Coke beverages on its menu. 

Does McDonald’s have a partnership with Coca-Cola?

Yes, McDonald’s has had a partnership with Coca-Cola for the longest time! 

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