Does McDonald’s Have Chocolate Ice Cream On Their Menu? 

McDonald’s has some of the most delectable sweet treats on its menu. Many people crave their soft serve ice creams. Does McDonald’s have chocolate ice cream on their menu or not? So, let’s find out the answer.

Does McDonald's Have Chocolate Ice Cream

No, McDonald’s doesn’t offer chocolate ice cream on its menu. McDonald’s provided chocolate ice cream in the past. However, the chain has discontinued the menu item. The possible reasons could include equipment limitations, floor space requirements, and the investment cost of a new ice cream machine. 

McDonald’s ice cream has always been making news. They offer unique desserts that are loved by kids and adults both. So, if you want a sweet treat to enjoy at McDonald’s, you won’t be disappointed. The most common question people ask after a McDonald’s ice cream machine is broken or not is if their favorite chocolate ice cream is available or not. 

In this article, I am going to talk about what are the main reasons behind McDonald’s not offering chocolate ice cream and also another variety of dessert options that McDonald’s offers. So, keep reading till the end. 

Why Doesn’t McDonald’s Have Chocolate Ice Cream?

Why Doesn’t McDonald’s Have Chocolate Ice Cream

There are four reasons why McDonald’s doesn’t have chocolate ice cream. Check out the points mentioned below. 

  • Equipment Limitation: The current machine design has only two hoppers: milkshakes and soft serve. Because of this, only one variety of mix can be used. 
  • Investment Cost: Serving chocolate flavor under the current equipment would involve another soft-serve flavor machine. Plus, the maintenance cost of the equipment will increase.
  • Floor Space Requirement: A new machine to make chocolate ice cream will also take up the floor space. 
  • Vanilla Being The Popular Flavor: Vanilla has always been the top favorite flavor among Americans. McDonald’s provides various chocolate toppings on their vanilla soft serve, which many people worldwide love. 

So, these reasons are enough to tell that McDonald’s doesn’t sell chocolate ice cream, nor is it planning for the future. 

Did McDonald’s Have Chocolate Ice Cream In The Past?

Yes, McDonald’s did offer chocolate ice cream in the past. However, McDonald’s discontinued the chocolate ice cream because of equipment limitations and the investment cost of a new ice cream machine. 

Now, McDonald’s uses chocolate toppings on its vanilla ice cream. For example, it uses chocolate syrup in its soft serve cups or soft serve cones and also for its hot fudge sundae ice cream.  

What Ice Cream Flavors Does McDonald’s Have?

What Ice Cream Flavors Does McDonald’s Have

Have you ever wondered about different McFlurry flavors popular around the world? If yes, I have gathered a list of unique McDonald’s ice cream flavors, which are pretty incredible. I have listed below these epic flavors:

  • McFlurry with Oreo: The Oreo McFlurry is an excellent combination of vanilla soft-serve ice cream and Oreo cookie pieces. It’s chocolatey and frosty.
  • McFlurry with M&M: This combination is pretty good, while it features crushed M&M candies into a vanilla soft serve ice cream. The ice cream looks quite colorful & vibrant.
  • Vanilla Cone: A simple touch of vanilla soft serve ice cream topped on a crispy cone. It’s one of those classic treats.
  • Hot Fudge Sundae: The sundae is made with creamy vanilla soft serve and smothered in chocolate hot fudge topping. It’s a sweet addition to grab at McDonald’s.
  • Hot Caramel Fudge: A creamy vanilla soft serve that combines with warm, buttery caramel sauce. 

But McDonald’s Does Have Chocolate Milkshakes

But McDonald’s Does Have Chocolate Milkshakes

McDonald’s does offer chocolate milkshakes. If you want to try something chocolatey and delicious, then you can always go for their chocolate milkshake. 

You can visit the nearest McDonald’s outlet to try their chocolate milkshake, or you can whip it up yourself. Simply follow a step-by-step guide on making a chocolate milkshake at home. 

Will McDonald’s Ever Bring Back Its Chocolate Ice Cream?

As of now, McDonald’s doesn’t have any updates on offering chocolate ice cream. McDonald’s has equipment limitations, and it also tries to save costs. 

Therefore, they try to avoid installing extra machines, which will increase their cost. Moreover, McDonald’s always offered vanilla soft-serve ice cream with a chocolate topping that many people enjoy already. Looking at all these facts, the future of serving chocolate ice cream is quite far. 


It’s the end of the article, and we learned that McDonald’s doesn’t have chocolate ice cream on their menu. Currently, their prominent ice cream flavor is vanilla ice cream. So, if you are a big chocolate lover, you can try McDonald’s ice creams with chocolate toppings like chocolate syrup or sauce.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and found important information. Similarly, you will find many other blogs on essential topics like whether McDonald’s has holiday pie, whether McDonald’s has boba on their menu, and whether McDonald’s has smoothies on their menu.

Apart from that, there is also one question that people keep asking about – whether McDonald’s offers hot chocolate or not. Get all the answers on our blog. Stay tuned! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s serve chocolate ice cream?

No, McDonald’s doesn’t serve chocolate ice cream. 

What kind of chocolate ice cream treats can I get at McDonald’s?

You can enjoy hot caramel fudge, soft serve cones with chocolate topping, Kitkat McFlurries, and Oreo McFlurries. 

Is ice cream available at McDonald’s?

Yes, you can find many sweet treats on the McDonald’s menu, such as shakes, McFlurry flavors, soft serve cones, etc. Satisfy your ice cream hunger with these desserts at McDonald’s. 

Does McDonald’s have chocolate milkshakes?

Yes, McDonald’s does have a chocolate milkshake. A medium size chocolate shake will cost you $5.49. 

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