Does McDonald’s Have Cherry Coke On Their Menu?

McDonald’s boasts a unique partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, resulting in an unparalleled Coke taste at McDonald’s than any other restaurant. Also, Sprite tastes way better at McDonald’s. However, one question that often pops up in customers’ minds is does McDonald’s have cherry Coke on its menu.

McDonald's Doesn't Have Cherry Coke

No, McDonald’s doesn’t have cherry Coke on their menu. Coca-Cola introduced the cherry Coke flavor in 2018 but discontinued it in 2020 due to less customer demand. The cherry Coke flavor did not gain any popularity. This is why McDonald’s doesn’t offer this drink on their menu. 

McDonald’s has a variety of other Coke products that you can still enjoy on their menu. They have Coke Zero, Coke, and other products that you will find at the fast-food chain. 

This article will clarify why McDonald’s doesn’t offer cherry Coke. I have also included other essential questions in the blog, like why McDonald’s doesn’t provide Pepsi. So, read the entire blog and find the complete answer explanation below. 

McDonald’s Doesn’t Have Cherry Coke

Does McDonald's Serve Pepsi

No, McDonald’s doesn’t serve cherry coke. The Coca-Cola Company launched Cherry Coke in 2018, but the company decided to discontinue the product in 2020 due to low sales.

According to the market research conducted by the company, Cherry Coke is not a hit. Therefore, it discontinued the item from the brand. 

But that doesn’t stop you from enjoying other drink options at McDonald’s. You can grab iced coffee, tea, frozen drinks, and other excellent drinks from their official menu. 

What Other Coca Options Can You Get At McDonald’s?

You can find a variety of coca options at McDonald’s. Here is a complete list of drinks:

  • Coke 
  • Diet Coke
  • Sprite
  • Hi-C Orange
  • Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry
  • Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry
  • Fanta Orange
  • Frozen Coca-Cola
  • Minute Maid Orange Juice
  • Honest Kids Apple Juice
  • Minute Maid Fruit Punch
  • Frozen Sprite Lemonade 

You can get other Coca-Cola drinks like McDonald’s famous McFloat if you are an enormous Coke enthusiast. It’s a great combination of a cold glass of Coke topped with a vanilla soft serve. It’s the most viral drink online till now.

Does McDonald’s Serve Pepsi?

Does McDonald's Serve Pepsi

No, McDonald’s doesn’t serve Pepsi. It is because McDonald’s has exclusive contracts with Coke. So, they cannot sell any other brand’s drink on the menu. 

McDonald’s is a substantial profitable account for Coca-Cola. Their contract lasts for years. Both companies have been known for their symbiotic relationship for years. Coke gives the best possible terms for providing products and services to McDonald’s.

As McDonald’s expanded their business globally, it used Coca-Cola’s offices as a base of operations to get up and keep running. Over the years, Coke has created a system for delivering and producing Coke sodas at McDonald’s restaurants. At another restaurant, Coke supplies its syrup in plastic bags. But for McDonald’s, Coke provides its syrups in stainless-steel containers to keep it fresh. 

Due to special agreements and terms, McDonald’s doesn’t sell Pepsi on its menu and only focuses on providing Coke. However, one thing to note here is that in Sweden, McDonald’s does offer Tropicana Apple Juice on its menu, which PepsiCo owns. 


That’s a wrap! So, we discovered that McDonald’s doesn’t have cherry Coke on their menu. The main reason is that Coca-Cola has stopped serving cherry Coke from their drinks lineup. Therefore, you will not find cherry Coke flavor on McDonald’s menu either. 

Apart from that, we also looked upon McDonald’s other Coke beverages offered on the menu. I hope the article has given you all the answers. There are many similar kinds of questions that people ask on the internet, such as whether McDonald’s has Sprite zero or whether McDonald’s offers Coke Zero on the menu or not.

Apart from that, people at McDonald’s have Dr. Pepper on the menu, and whether McDonald’s has tea on their menu or not. Stay tuned and find all the information on our blog. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cherry Coke available at McDonald’s?

No, Cherry Coke is not available at McDonald’s.

Why doesn’t McDonald’s have cherry Coke?

Because Cherry Coke is a discontinued product by the Coca-Cola company. Hence, McDonald’s doesn’t serve cherry Coke. 

What other drink choices can I find at McDonald’s?

You can find various kinds of drinks at McDonald’s, such as Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, frozen Coke, Frozen Fanta, Honest apple juice, Hi-C orange juice, etc.

Does McDonald’s offer Pepsi on its menu?

McDonald’s doesn’t serve Pepsi on its menu because the fast food chain has an exclusive contract with Coke. Hence, McDonald’s cannot sell Pepsi products on their menu. 

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