Does McDonald’s Have Boba On Their Menu?

Are you craving a refreshing beverage? McDonald’s has got you with their drinks menu, consisting of both hot and cold. However, lately, a liquid that has caught everyone’s eye is Boba tea. So, does McDonald’s have Boba on their menu? We’ll find out! 

Does McDonald's have boba?

No, McDonald’s does not have boba in the United States. However, since the menu differs from country to country, you can easily find Boba at many McDonald’s locations worldwide, like Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Austria, and Germany. 

One beverage that everyone wants to try these days is boba tea. The idea of this tea is fascinating; it is also a sweet and refreshing drink altogether. So, it may seem strange that McDonald’s has not yet added the same to their menu in the United States. 

But read on till the end to know all about international locations where you can find this trending tea, along with much more information! 

Why Is Boba Tea So Popular? 

Why is boba so popular

Boba tea is popular as it is because the bubbles make it a unique experience to enjoy. Moreover, various options for customization make this tea even better. If you select the correct type of tea, it can also be good for health, and lastly, the tea can be made vegan and gluten-free. 

For someone who has not tried boba tea before, the popularity of this beverage may seem utterly ridiculous. After all, it is just a type of tea. Well, yes, it is a type of tea for sure. But only a true fan of Boba tea would understand that it is not just any tea! 

For more clarification, we can look at each point in detail to understand what makes this tea unique. 

1. There are a lot of customization options.

The first thing that makes this tea as popular as it is is endless customization options! If you have ever visited a boba shop, you may have seen the infinite customization options with bubble flavors and even tea! This makes the experience unique for everyone. 

2. It is a truly unique experience.

Boba tea gives you the chance to enjoy fruity and milky flavors all together. This tea is unique and unlike anything you may have tried before. The bubbles pop in your mouth with every bite, which makes the experience even better. 

3. Bubble Tea can be good for the health.

As long as you pick the right ingredients to bring together the concoction of bubble tea, it can also be healthy. Since tea is good for immunity and has various other benefits, you can expect the same from Bubble tea. However, be careful about the amount of sugar added to the tea. 

4. It can be vegan and gluten-free.

Another great thing about boba is that the tea can be made vegan and gluten-free. So, just because it can accommodate every diet’s needs makes it pretty great and very popular. 

Does McDonald’s Serve Boba Tea? 

Does McDonalds serve boba tea

No, McDonald’s does not serve boba tea in the United States. But you can find the same at plenty of locations across the world. 

In countries like Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, you can find Boba tea on the McDonald’s menu.

Moreover, some locations in Germany and Austria also serve boba tea. Another great thing about this is that all these locations have boba tea with various flavor options. 

Why Doesn’t McDonald’s Serve Boba Tea In the USA? 

Why doesnt McDonalds serve boba tea in USA

McDonald’s has not officially announced why they don’t serve Boba tea in the United States. 

Since McDonald’s is a popular chain, they have special menus for every country they cater to. Since Boba tea is a concept from southeast Asia, you can find the same at many McDonald’s locations across that region.

Although McDonald’s did a test run of boba tea in the United States for a short span, the idea never caught up as a permanent addition to the menu. McDonald’s has also not announced anything about the same yet. 

McDonald’s Bubble Tea Flavors At International Locations

McDonalds Bubble tea flavors

Bubble tea flavors that you can quite easily find at international McDonald’s locations are

  1. Iced Ovaltine Bubble Latte
  2. Iced Uji Matcha Bubble Latte
  3. Iced Okinawa Brown Sugar X Bubble Milk Tea

Let us look at what each of these bubble tea flavors is all about in some detail. 

1. Iced Ovaltine Bubble Latte

This bubble tea from McDonald’s consists of brown sugar-flavored tapioca pearls and Ovaltine bites. The beverage overall has a milky and rich flavor. 

2. Iced Uji Matcha Bubble Latte

Matcha-flavored bubble pearls and matcha green tea as the base were brought from Uji, Kyoto, a place in Japan. 

3. Iced Okinawa Brown Sugar X Bubble Milk Tea

This bubble tea is also pretty milky, with a rich brown sugar tapioca pearls flavor. The bubble tea has an even richer and milkier flavor than Ovaltine bubble tea. 

Does McDonald’s Have Any Tea? 

Does McDonalds have any tea

Yes, McDonald’s does have three types of tea options on its menu in the United States. It includes sweet tea, unsweetened tea, and a cup of hot tea. 

As per the official website of McDonald’s for the US, the chain offers three different tea options for its customers to enjoy.

This includes sweet, unsweetened, and a refreshing cup of hot tea. By following this simple recipe, you can also make your own sweet tea at home, pretty similar to the one you get at McDonald’s. 

Is McDonald’s Bubble Tea Good? 

Is McDonalds bubble tea good

Yes, McDonald’s bubble tea is indeed pretty great. The tea may not match the flavor of bubble tea that you get at specialty shops, but it is a very delicious, rich, and refreshing beverage to enjoy. 

McDonald’s may not be the pioneer of boba tea as it is, with plenty of other beverages on its menu. However, the boba tea served at McDonald’s is excellent, so it has been a massive success at all the international locations currently offered. 

Will McDonald’s Ever Launch Boba Tea In The United States? 

Will McDonalds ever launch bubble tea in USA

McDonald’s has not announced the launch of boba tea in the United States. 

Although people in the US love Boba tea just as much and have possibly demanded the same, McDonald’s has not made any announcements about launching the same at their locations across the US. Maybe, if the demand for the same persists, we can hope that McDonald’s will launch the same someday! 


As we have reached the end of this article, it would be fair to conclude that McDonald’s does not have boba tea on their menu in the United States. Although, the chain offers the same at plenty of international locations. 

So far, McDonald’s has not made any announcements about bringing the same on its menu in the US. However, we can hope for the same to happen sometime.

Similarly, I would also recommend looking at whether McDonald’s has specific other options on its menu, like if they have soup and egg nog shakes. Also, do you know if McDonald’s still has McRib and if they still have slushies? Well, find out for yourself! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s have boba in the United States? 

No, McDonald’s does not have boba in the United States.

Does McDonald’s serve boba at its international locations? 

Yes, McDonald’s does serve boba at some of its international locations. 

Will McDonald’s launch boba in the United States? 

McDonald’s has not made any announcements about this yet.

Is McDonald’s boba good? 

Yes, McDonald’s boba is delicious! 

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