Does McDonald’s Still Have Adult Happy Meals? Can You Get It?

McDonald’s Happy Meals has remained one of the chain’s best-selling items. Seeing the high demand for the same, McDonald’s launched Happy Meals for adults! So, does McDonald’s still have adult happy meals to this day? 

Does McDonald's have adult happy meals?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not have adult Happy Meals on its menu. Adult happy meals at McDonald’s were released only for a limited time and were sold until the stocks lasted. 

Since McDonald’s has been around for much longer than some of us have, quite a few of us have grown up with the delicious Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s, so it is honestly great that McDonald’s also brought back a version of the meal for us adults.

But if people liked these meals so much, why doesn’t McDonald’s have them anymore? For that, make sure you read this article right till the end! 

What Are McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals? 

What are McDonalds adult happy meals

McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals are the larger and more adult-appropriate versions of the McDonald’s Happy Meals for kids. The meal consists of a primary food option, a side, a beverage, and a toy designed for adults as collectibles. 

The adult Happy Meal from McDonald’s is indeed perfectly curated for adults to enjoy and, well, also fill their bellies. The meal consists of a main, with options between a Big Mac and ten pieces of Chicken Nuggets for the customers to choose from. 

Along with the main dish, the adult happy meal also comes with a side of medium fries and a medium fountain beverage of your choice. The cherry on this cake is the toys that customers get with these adult happy meals

McDonald’s collaborated with Cactus Plant Flea Market to develop unique toys that pose as collectibles for customers. You could get any of the four toys with your meal: Grimace, Hamburgler, Birdie, and a new character named Cactus Buddy! The average price of this adult Happy Meal is $12.95. 

Why Doesn’t McDonald’s Have Adult Happy Meals Anymore? 

Why doesnt McDonalds have adult happy meals anymore

McDonald’s no longer has Adult Happy Meals, as they were supposed to be a limited-time item offered only until the stocks last. McDonald’s had never intended to bring back the adult happy meals as a permanent addition to their menu. 

Instead, they were supposed to be on the menu for a limited time, because of which McDonald’s also did not manufacture too many toys or boxes. 

The idea was to sell the meals at their locations across the US, all until stocks last. To McDonald’s surprise, there was such a high demand for adult happy meals that their supplies did not last as long as the chain expected. Hence, they had to take them off the menu much earlier than expected officially. 

How To Get Adult Happy Meals At McDonald’s? 

How to get Adult happy meals at McDonalds

You cannot officially get adult Happy Meals at McDonald’s anymore since they have been discontinued. However, you can buy the Happy Meal items separately if you like. 

As mentioned in the previous section, McDonald’s took the adult Happy Meals off its menu since supplies did not last long. However, the food options that were a part of the Adult Happy Meal can still be bought at McDonald’s. 

The Adult Happy Meal consisted of food options like a Big Mac, ten pieces of Chicken nuggets, a portion of medium fries, and a medium fountain drink. So, you can still buy these items separately from the McDonald’s menu and enjoy the lovely flavors of the Adult Happy Meal. 

As far as the toys are concerned, you can still buy them! Yes, you read that right! However, you cannot buy them at McDonald’s anymore since they don’t have them. But the toys are being sold on eBay and can easily be purchased there! 

For How Much Can You Get Adult Happy Meal Toys? 

For how much can you get McDonalds adult happy meal toys

McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal toys are sold on eBay for as little as $0.99, with some selling at very high prices of $300,000! 

The Adult Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s have been selling like hotcakes on eBay! These toys sell for an average of $10-$100, with some bidders getting the price as high as the one mentioned above! 

However, plenty of factors determine the overall price of the toy. These factors include which toy it is and whether it was pre-owned or new. So, based on that, you can select the toy you find best and worth the price. 

Was McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Worth It? 

Was McDonald's adult happy meal worth it?

McDonald’s adult happy meals were completely worth it, all because of the experience of the lovely toys. 

Although the food items offered in the Adult Happy Meal at McDonald’s were pretty standard, most people found the meal to be completely worth it because of the toys. The toys were indeed the gem of the meal. To get a better idea of whether or not people found the adult Happy Meals to be worth it, here are some reviews about the same. 

Here is what mentioned about the Adult Happy Meals from McDonald’s, “There’s nothing special about the food that comes in the adult Happy Meal, and there doesn’t need to be. We can debate Shake Shack versus Five Guys, but the Big Mac is still old and reliable. It’s not the best fast food burger, but it’s the most iconic, and for good reason — it hits the spot every time.” 

Further, the ascent mentioned, “Get the adult Happy Meal as a one-time thing, but revert to your standard McDonald’s order once you’ve had that experience.” 

So, most people believe that the meals are worth it because of the toys. Hence, it is undoubtedly worth getting the experience once, but that’s just about it with these meals. Everything else is pretty standard as far as the food is concerned. 

Will McDonald’s Ever Bring Back The Adult Happy Meal? 

McDonald’s has not announced anything about returning the adult Happy Meal yet. 

Most people have wanted at least the toys back if only part of the meal. Regardless, McDonald’s, as of now, has not made any announcements about bringing back adult happy meals. If the demand for the meal persists, we can hope that McDonald’s will bring these meals back at some point. 


McDonald’s adult happy meals were versions of the regular happy meals offered at McDonald’s. The meal consisted of a main, along with a side of medium fries and a medium beverage. The meal’s highlight was the toy that McDonald’s offered along with it. 

Most people loved the adult Happy Meals mainly because of the toys. Although the meals are unavailable at McDonald’s, you can still buy them from eBay quite easily. Other than that, if such McDonald’s options excite you, also look at whether McDonald’s still has snack wraps and serves fries in the morning. Also, check out if McDonald’s has a veggie burger for vegetarians and when the shamrock shake comes out

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s still have adult Happy Meals? 

No, McDonald’s does not have adult Happy Meals anymore.

What did the adult Happy Meals at McDonald’s consist of? 

Adult happy meals at McDonald’s consisted of a main, a side of medium fries, and a medium beverage, all with a lovely toy. 

Why did McDonald’s discontinue adult Happy Meals? 

McDonald’s discontinued Adult Happy Meals as they were never supposed to be a permanent addition to the menu in the first place.

Are adult Happy Meal toys worth it? 

Yes, adult Happy Meal toys, as most people agree, are worth it. 

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