Does McDonald’s Frappe Have Caffeine? 100% Accurate Numbers

McDonald’s has a lot of frappe options on its menu, like mocha frappe, caramel frappe, Oreo caramel frappe, and chocolate chip frappe. But does McDonald’s frappe have caffeine or not? If yes, how much. Let’s find out.

Yes, McDonald's Frappe Drinks Have Caffeine

Yes, McDonald’s frappe drinks do contain caffeine. The caffeine content in McDonald’s’ frappe varies depending on the size and the flavor. For example, a small caramel frappe has 75 mg of caffeine, a medium frappe has 90 mg, and the large one has 130 mg of caffeine.

If you prefer to avoid caffeine or limit your intake, don’t worry! McDonald’s offers a range of non-caffeinated beverages like their delicious smoothies and iced tea option that you can try too. 

Review the entire article and find the caffeine content in each frappe available on McDonald’s menu. The caffeine content will help you determine which frappe best suits your caffeine needs. 

Yes, McDonald’s Frappe Drinks Have Caffeine!

Do McDonald's Frappe Have Caffeine

Yes, caffeine is present in McDonald’s frappe drinks. However, the amount of caffeine varies according to the size and quantity of the frappe. 

A small-size frappe contains about 75 mg of caffeine, a medium size contains 95 mg of caffeine, and a large size contains about 180 mg.

While frappes made with flavors like vanilla or strawberry would likely have less caffeine. A plain coffee frappe would contain the most caffeine since it is made primarily with brewed coffee.

All Frappe Options On McDonald’s Menu

The Frappe section of McDonald’s menu has various tasty treats to cool you down on a hot day. So, let’s look at the types of frappes available on McDonald’s menu. 

  • Caramel Frappe (Available in small, medium, and large sizes)
  • Mocha Frappe (Available in small, medium, and large sizes)

Caffeine Quantity In All McDonald’s Frappes

Like regular brewed coffee, frappe contains caffeine because they are coffee-based beverages. 

Please note that the amount of caffeine varies based on the size and the flavor.

How Much Caffeine Does McDonald’s Caramel Frappe Have?

Let’s look at the total caffeine amount McDonald’s caramel frappe has.

Frappe FlavorSmall SizeMedium SizeLarge Size
Caramel Frappe75 mg90 mg130 mg

How Much Caffeine Does McDonald’s Mocha Frappe Have?

Let’s look at the total caffeine amount McDonald’s mocha frappe has. 

Frappe FlavorSmall SizeMedium SizeLarge Size
Mocha Frappe100 mg125 mg180 mg

Does McDonald’s Have Caffeine Free Frappes?

Does McDonald's Have Caffeine Free Frappes

No, McDonald’s doesn’t have caffeine-free frappes. All the frappes at McDonald’s are made from coffee which contains caffeine.

You can check the decaf coffee options on McDonald’s menu if you want caffeine-free drinks. The decaf options have minimal caffeine content. 

Does McDonald’s Frappes Have Coffee In It?

Yes, McDonald’s frappes do contain coffee. The frappes are made with coffee, ice, and flavorings like caramel or chocolate syrup. 

The coffee beans that McDonald’s uses are high-quality Arabica coffee beans. These beans provide a distinct flavor to your coffee that you can relish. 


In conclusion, yes, McDonald’s frappes do contain caffeine. In this article, we have learned that there are two significant frappes that McDonald’s is currently offering: the caramel frappe and the mocha frappe. Each frappe contains varied caffeine content depending on the size and flavor.

Many coffee lovers enjoy their coffee at McDonald’s. Many people have asked about the caffeine content in their iced coffee, the coffee serving hours, and what coffee beans they use. You can explore everything on our website. Also, If you are a first-time coffee drinker at McDonald’s and want to read our McDonald’s coffee review, you can visit our website to read more. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do McDonald’s frappes keep you awake?

It may help you keep awake. Although the frappe does contain caffeine, it’s only sometimes crucial that the caffeine will keep you awake. 

How many mg of caffeine is in a McDonald’s frappe?

Mcdonald’s frappe’s small cup size contains about 75 mg. The medium cup contains 95 mg of caffeine, and the large cup contains about 180 mg of caffeine.

Do caramel frappes have caffeine?

Yes, caramel frappes do contain caffeine. The small size of caramel frappe contains about 75 mg of caffeine. 

Is frappe coffee strong?

Frappes are not strong coffee, but these drinks have lighter and smooth flavors. It’s made with blended cold milk, ice cream, and flavors.

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