Does KFC Have A Holiday Menu?

Spice up the holiday vibe by having KFC specials in the holiday feast! Ever thought of having holiday dishes enriched with the ghost spices (I, mean, signature spices) of KFC? All the delicious items served at KFC during the holidays, along with its holiday featured items like KFC 11 herbs and spices firelog, are worth trying. Read on to know more about it. 

KFC restaurant

KFC serves delicious fried chicken, wings, and tenders during holidays. It also offers some holiday staples like mashed potatoes, house side salad, fried chicken, etc. You can enjoy all the KFC favorites with refreshing drinks during holidays under special offers. All these menu items cost less than $30. 

KFC offers hassle-free online delivery services during holidays. You can order food online from KFC’s website or its official app. All the dishes are served under special offers. Spend your holiday enjoying all your KFC favorites this year. If you feel like working on hefty recipes for traditional dishes, just order your favorite KFC dishes online and have a celebration-worthy feast at home. 

KFC is operational at regular hours, even during the holiday season. Brighten up your holiday mood with the essence of KFC flavors, there’s a list of five must-try KFC dishes. Read the list below and try these most popular KFC dishes whenever you visit the restaurant for holiday feasting. 

Popular KFC Dishes To Be Enjoyed During Holidays

Holiday meal at KFC

1. Drumsticks

KFC drumsticks ha chicken battered with beaten egg and seasoned flour. This chicken of deep-fried until its deliciously crispy and golden brown in color. KFC drumsticks are also served in buckets and meal boxed at KFC. These crispy chicken bites can be paired with ranch or any other condiment of your choice. 

2. Chicken Tenders

KFC chicken tenders are delicious crispy chicken-breast pieces. This dish has chicken marinated in buttermilk and a hot sauce mixture. Then, this tender chicken is handspun in a spicy flour mixture and beaten egg. It gets a perfect golden crispy crust when fried. This dish can be enjoyed with ranch or any other condiment from KFC’s menu. 

3. Nashville Hot Chicken

KFC Nashville hot chicken is a spicy hot chicken filled with the taste of garlic powder, chili, mustard, buttermilk, hot sauce, egg, pickle juice, etc. This chicken is coated with spicy seasoning flour and is dipped in an egg mixture before it’s fried. It has cayennes to add more spiciness to the chicken and sugar to balance the excess spiciness. Try KFC Nashville hot chicken with ranch or any other condiment from KFC’s menu.

4. Chicken Nuggets

KFC crispy chicken nuggets are perfect appetizers for a holiday feast. These chicken nuggets are bite-sized pieces of chicken breast. These are dipped in a mixture of beaten egg, milk, and hot sauce. These nuggets are served at KFC with ketchup. You can choose to enjoy these nuggets with any other spicy condiment. 

5. KFC Bowl

KFC bowl is a delicious side dish for a holiday feast. It has mashed potatoes with KFC gravy. This comforting bowl of delicious flavors has fried chicken on top with corns and shredded cheese. This delish dish can be served with any main course dish at the holiday feast. 


So, this is all about the best dishes from KFC that you can have at your holiday feast! All these dishes can also be prepped at home (in case you don’t want to go out to KFC during the holiday). Click on the names of the dishes listed above and check out their recipe cards. Feel free to read the catering menu of KFC and its operating hours on our website. 

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