Does Dunkin’ Donuts Take Apple Pay?

Are you planing to visit Dunkin’ Donuts for the next family treat? How are you going to pay there? I am sure, not cash again! You must try the advanced Apple Pay on your iPhone. Just give it a thought, and if you’re wondering, does Dunkin’ Donuts Take Apple Pay? Well, here is the answer!

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts allows customers to pay with the digital payment of Apple Pay. The option is available for the entire famous Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant chain. You can download the Dunkin’ Donuts’ app on your Apple device and use Apple Pay all the time you buy from it.

This is the best and no time-consuming mode. You can use Apple Pay for buying from Dunkin’ Donuts’ website as well. The world-famous fast food chain has provided the facility of Apple Pay for an iOS-payment platform to keep it handy and secure.  

Dunkin’ Donuts is a Quick Service Restaurants chain (QSRs) that started in 1950. It is one of the leading fast food franchises in the world, with almost 13500 locations in 42 different countries. Customers like to visit Dunkin for its delicious and fresh espresso and updated tastes of baked goods, donuts, and coffee.

Dunkin’ Donuts keeps opening new branches in new locations. These become great hangout places for friends, couples, and families. The restaurant understands the comfort and craving of its customers, so it offers flexible delivery and on-the-go pick-up services.

Dunkin’ donuts offer a great range of tea, coffee, espresso, frozen drinks, sandwiches, wraps, muffins, snacks, and donuts with the world’s different flavors. I am sure you must plan to visit after knowing this.

Dunkin’ Donuts accepts Apple Pay from all iOS platform users. This is the worldwide accepted digital payment method with the help of which Dunkin’ customers can ensure a secure and successful payment.

You get several benefits with Apple Pay use, like cash back and point collections for your next purchase. So, forgetting cash at home while purchasing at Dunkin’ is not an issue anymore.

Does Dunkin’ Donuts Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

Dunkin’ Donuts accepts Apple Pay from Apple product users. This restaurant started the facility for the users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s first, but now all Apple device users can use it. These days you can use Apple Pay at every Dunkin Donuts store. This method is highly used by Apple product users.

All you need is to follow a very simple digital method to pay for your favorite fast food from Dunkin’ Donuts. As one of the leading fast-food restaurants in America and the world, Dunkin’ donuts’ coffee and doughnuts are world famous. So, if you taste these items once, they grab you again toward the restaurant.

All thanks to the Apple Pay billing that helps to get these quickly. Apple Pay is usable in Apple electronics for online food services and software, so Dunkin allows you to use it with your Apple products while purchasing from a website or making electronic payments. Let’s know more about the Apple Pay used to buy from Dunkin’ Donuts!

How To Pay At Dunkin’ Donuts Using Apple Pay?

If you haven’t used Apple Pay at a restaurant yet, try using it to make payments at Dunkin’ Donuts. Set up Apple Pay in your iPhone wallet. Once you get it on your device, it is ready to use while paying for Dunkin’ Donuts’ fast food services.

  • Choose the Apple Pay method from the digital wallet.
  • Double-click on the side button to confirm the order and amount.
  • Now keep the iPhone near the payment card reader until payment is verified.
  • The device will confirm the payment.

This is the simple procedure you have to follow for the use of Apple Pay. It’s easy and convenient and needs no special training.

Paying Via The Face ID Feature:

Does Dunkin' Donuts Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay offers a Face ID payment option while using the iPhone or other Apple products, so for the Dunkin’ donuts bill as well. This is the default mode and can be used with the following procedure:

  • Keep the device open while using it for the Dunkin payments and take it near the credit card reader of the restaurant.
  • Now, the device will ask for the face ID confirmation with a passcode.
  • Enter the passcode and confirm the payment.

Paying Via The Touch ID Feature:

Apple Pay Touch ID

You can use the Apple Pay touch ID option for Dunkin donuts bills. This type recognizes your touch for verification before the completion of payment. You will find it secure and reliable to complete the payments. Let’s know how to use it:

  • Go to the wallet and select Apple Pay.
  • Take the device near the NFC card reader and use the touch ID.
  • Now, confirm the payment, and it’s done
  • You will get the notification of payment instantly.

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The Apple Watch

Apple Pay Via Apple Watch

Apple Pay allows its users to pay with different Apple devices. One of the best examples is the Apple watch. This device completes the payment within a few seconds while connecting with the iPhone device. Here is how you can make your Apple watch usable for Apple Pay:

  • Select the setting of Apple mobile and tap to wallet and Apple Pay options.
  • Select the Add card to add credit or debit card. Now select the payment type.
  • Now set the Apple Pay via your Apple watch. This should be connected to the iPhone.
  • Keep the Apple watch near the card reader of Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant. This should be on and connected to the iPhone device.
  • It will vibrate or make the beep sound after the confirmation of payment. 

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The App

Dunkin Donut App

You can use Apple Pay while buying fast food from the Dunkin’ Donuts app. This feature is applicable for all Apple devices now, but firstly it was allotted only for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, or iPhone 6s Plus. Now how to use it:

  • Get the Dunkin’ donuts app on your iPhone6 and select the order.
  • To checkout and complete the payment, select Apple Pay.
  • Select the card for payment and confirm.
  • Get the notification for the payment completion.

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The Website

Dunkin Donuts Website

You can use the Apple Pay on Dunkin Donuts website as well. Here you get the complete details of food items and buy. So use this website when you feel hungry during work and order using Apple Pay. There steps will help you get the food items from Dunkin Donuts:

  •  Visit the website on Mac and make the order.
  • Reach to the checkout page and pay.
  • Choose Apple Pay and select the card.
  • Pay the amount and confirm by tapping on Done

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Dunkin’ Donuts

Apple [Pay

Apple Pay is not only the fastest means of payment for Dunkin’ Donuts orders but provides several offers to users. It notifies about the available discounts and saving offers of this restaurant chain. These offers help you get your favorite fast food at less price from Dunkin donuts. Let’s get the detail here:

1. Notification of festive discount – you will not miss the discount notifications of Dunkin’ Donuts offers if you have Apple Pay on your iPhone. These notifications help you to save a lot during the festive season.

2. No need to carry the cards or cash – Dunkin’ Donuts allows Apple to pay for home orders as well as while purchasing from the store. So you can leave the cash and payment cards at home.

3. Pay for one or several items – Apple pay allows you to buy even a single food item from Dunkin’ Donuts. Also, you can make the payment easily for a large fast food order. It offers points for every purchase that helps to get a discount for the next orders.

Can You Get Cashbacks For Using Apple Pay At Dunkin’ Donuts?

Cash Back on Apple Pay

Apple Pay provides you with a notification for every cashback offer by Dunkin’ Donuts. This offer can be for the weekends or any festivals. The notification will carry the complete detail if the offer is on combo orders or single items. You can get the benefits as soon as you get the notification.

Other Payment Methods Acceptable At Dunkin’ Donuts

Payment Method

Apple Pay is the most popular way to buy from Dunkin’ Donuts. Along with this, you can buy a Dunkin’ Donuts card, pay cash, use a credit or debit card, as well as other electronic payment methods accepted by other mobile devices.

1. Credit Card – Dunkin’ donuts accept credit cards for both restaurant and house orders. You can use it for the Dunkin app and website. Dunkin’ donuts restaurant card readers also accept credit cards.

2. Debit Card – Like credit cards, you can also use debit cards to buy from Dunkin Restaurants. You can confirm the name of the debit card from the restaurant before making the order. Sometimes the list of the names will already be provided.


Dunkin’ Donuts provides every advanced payment feature to its customers. Apple Pay is the best payment option that not only saves time but provides you user benefits. This helps you get the complete benefits of smartphones, and the facilities that this restaurant offers. This is a secure payment method, so most iPhone users like to use it.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How to pay for orders from Dunkin’ donuts with Apple devices?

Apple Pay is a feature that every Apple device user can use while ordering fast food from Dunkin’. This method is usable for home and restaurant orders. You can buy from the Dunkin app and website if you use the iPhone6 series and MAC. There is complete verification of the user before the completion of the payment.

Can I make a Dunkin’ donuts order from home and pay via Apple Pay?

Yes, you can make the Dunkin donuts fast food order from home and make the payment via Apple Pay if you have an Apple device. You can make the payment easily and faster. There are cash back benefits for the use of Apple pay.

Are there any charges to using Apple Pay for Dunkin’ donuts payments?

No, there are no extra charges while paying for the order of Dunkin’ donuts via Apple Pay. This online payment option offers you discounts and cashback on some festive orders. You can enjoy more saving benefits with more order payments with Apple Pay.

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