Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay?

It’s natural to crave Dairy Queen ice cream on a hot summer day! Apple Pay can help you get such chilling edibles at your place. Would you like to get a grill and chill combo offer available at Dairy Queen using Apple Pay? Explore this article to know if Dairy Queen takes Apple Pay!

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen does take Apple Pay. This is good news for all Apple users as it allows them to pay by the fastest and most secure means. You can enjoy this feature at the Dairy Queen store as well as while buying at the drive-thru.

This is the contactless payment method to make the procedure completely cash free. It has cash back benefits on the price.

Dairy Queen is the best chill and grill spot for the summer as you get desired options of fast food and frozen dessert. Healthy and delicious food items are best for the elderly, young, and kids. You can order for any occasion and celebration, as the freshness of the food is trustworthy.

Its online order facility is consumer friendly as you can take as small orders such as Signature Stack burgers or a caramel mocha chip shake.

DQ or Dairy Queen is an American-started food chain that offers the best quality fast foods and ice creams. You will be glad to have the super delicious chili cheese dog and bacon two cheese deluxe stack burger with soft drinks.

The unique fudge & crunch cake is the best take on your friend’s next birthday! DQ is the best to choose for summer and spring parties, whether at the home, office, or outdoors.

Do you want to pay for your Dairy Queen ice cream cake using Apple Pay? Well, trust me! This is the right way to pay for food at this restaurant. You can use Apple Pay while ordering from its app or website. This payment mode is the most time, effort, and money-saving for Apple users.

Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

Dairy Queen accepts Apple Pay at almost all of its stores. This payment method is highly recommended to Apple users to get new and exciting offers on every order. It is a good digital platform where you can pay, get refunds and enjoy several benefits.

Here you get a quality taste of burger with other fast food items. It has more than 7000 stores in the US, Canada, and different countries around the world. All of these allow consumers to use Apple Pay for different food orders.

Apple Pay is a mobile-based payment method connected with your bank account. This digital payment method works on high parameters of security and allows functionality with a user verification process. You can use a face id, touch id, or passcode to protect the account and save it from unsecured use.

You can use Apple Pay at Dairy Queen for a single drink or large food order for parties. This mode allows you to pay while ordering drive-thru or visiting the restaurant. The instant notifications of the payments help to confirm the same in no time. In this way, you keep a complete check on the transactions made by Apple Pay.

How To Pay At Dairy Queen Using Apple Pay?

You must be willing to use Apple Pay after knowing its advantages. All you need to do is check its availability on your iPhone and connectivity with the digital wallet. Dairy Queen supports this digital payment to offer consumers a convenient way. This helps them to save time and money.

The new and exciting offers on fast food are available at Dairy Queen, and you can take them with Apple Pay easily.

Apple Pay allows you to use any of your debits or credit card and also avails you the use of an Apple Pay card. You can change the different cards before the payment according to the availability of the amount, and it just takes seconds!

  • You must have set the Apple Pay with your account; if yes, it’s good to go!
  • After getting your order at Dairy Queen, hold your Apple device near the NFC card reader.
  • Verify the payment by selecting the face scan or giving fingerprints. You can also use a passcode.
  • Keep it holding until payment is confirmed, and it will vibrate.
  • You can see the checkmark on the screen.

Some devices also ask for the PIN while transferring money. This is because of the old POS mobiles. So, you can use the functionality according to these requirements.

Paying Via The Face ID Feature

Apple Pay Face ID

You can access Apple Pay in various ways. These ways are easy to use as well as completely secure. One of the best examples is a face ID. Here you just need to recognize your face with an iPhone scanner and verify it. Now the device is ready to use for the payment at Dairy Queen.

You can use the face ID for your next order from Dairy Queen with the following steps:

  • Double tap on the side button of your Apple device. Make sure that the apple device has the face recognition feature to use face ID.
  • Let the device take a quick scan of your face to complete the verification step. You can also use a passcode instead.
  • Next, hold the step near the NFC card reader until payment is confirmed. Now you get the done checkmark on the screen.

Paying Via The Touch ID Feature

Apple Pay Touch ID

Apple Pay touch ID takes very less time to complete the payment while billing for Dairy Queen. It is the best way to use it when you are running out of time. Only a touch of your finger is enough to complete the authentication process and complete the payment. Isn’t it good to save time and effort? Let’s know the complete procedure:

  • Choose the touch ID while selecting Apple Pay for the payment.
  • Keep your finger for verification on the fingerprint recognition pad.
  • Once the finger is scanned, the device is ready for payment at Dairy Queen.
  • Keep it near the contactless reader and hold it until payment.

Paying using Apple Pay Via The Apple Watch

Apple Pay Via Apple Watch

You can use Apple Pay not only on iPhone but on iPad, MAC as well as on Apple Watch. All apple devices offer the same functionality and convenience for payment at Dairy Queen. Apple Watch is a good device that you can use for Apple Pay. Well, do you want to know how? Let’s check here:

  • Firstly, you have to get the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and connect the Apple watch to it.
  • All set to go! Now you can use the Apple device wallet even if the iPhone is not with you.
  • Now select the order at Dairy Queen and start the payment process by using Apple Watch.
  • Keep its front near the card reader. Hold it for a few seconds. It will start vibrating to confirm the billing and display the checkmark.  
  • You can get the details of your billing amount.

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The App

Dairy Queen App

Dairy Queen App must be a part of your iPhone if you like to take ice cream often in summer. You can use Apple Pay with it to make the desired chilling moment in hot summer! The app displays a complete menu of Dairy Queen Dessert for your reference and helps you get selected at your residence.

The best part is that this app accepts Apple Pay. You can make remote orders possible with this app. Let’s know how?

  • Visit the Dairy Queen app on your iPhone and select the food items you wish to buy.
  • Go to the checkout option to complete the payment.
  • Select Apple Pay from your iPhone wallet.
  • Now select the card and enter the passcode.
  • Tap on done to confirm the payment.

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The Website

Dairy Queen’s Website is the most used means by the customers to get their orders. You can visit this website on your MAC to use Apple Pay. The nice design and presentation of the menu help to access the desired food options easily.

Moreover, you get to know about the fewer price offers combos and cash back without visiting the store. Let’s know how to pay on the website for your orders:

  • Go to the website to know if your favorite Ice cream items are available there. I am sure these are!
  • Select those you want to take to chill down the summer.
  • Select Apple Pay from the payment options
  • Select the card and verify the identity by entering the passcode.
  • Confirm the payment with done
  • Get the billing details on your screen.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Dairy Queen

Benefits of apple pay

Apple Pay is an advanced technical feature in Apple devices. It quickens the billing at Dairy Queen as well as offers the customers numerous benefits on payments. This is easy to use and handy. It accepts credit and debit cards. Also, the option of making an Apple Pay card is there. You can get the below-given benefits:

1. Compatible with different Apple devices – Apple Pay is usable on different Apple devices, including MAC, iPad, Apple Watch, and all series of iPhones after the iPhone6. So, if you forget any one of these while visiting Dairy Queen, the same option is open in the second.

2. Instant payment card changing option – In case you’re using Apple Pay and it doesn’t work, you can switch to using debit or credit card on your device. Details of a credit or debit card already saved in the device can be used by default.

3. Needs verification for every single billing – Once verification on Apple Pay is not always verified as you need to verify the passcode, face ID, or touch ID every single time you pay for Dairy Queen. It scans your identity to provide the functionality with complete security.

Can You Get Cashbacks For Using Apple Pay At Dairy Queen?

Apple Pay cash back

You can also get cashbacks on Dairy Queen orders while making your payment from Apple Pay. The cashback depends on the amount you pay to Dairy Queen. You can get the best offers on cashback if you use your Apple Pay Card for the payments to Dairy Queen.

There are different cashback opportunities that you can find with different food items. The best part is you get notifications of every such offer on your mobile device if you have Apple Pay in it. This payment mode gives points, offers, and cash returns on the use of any credit or debit card.

Other Payment Methods Acceptable At Dairy Queen

Payment Methods at DQ

 Apple Pay is the payment facility for Apple device users, but other consumers of Dairy Queen can also enjoy the benefits of online bill payment with their desired method. Though, cash payment is always acceptable. Let’s get the detail on other payment offers:

1. Credit Card – Credit cards are always accepted by a card reader or for online payments. You can use any valid credit card for Apple Pay as well.

2. Debit Card – A valid debit card is usable for the billing at Dairy Queen. You can connect your debit card with online payment methods or use them at the store while paying at the card reader.


Dairy Queen is known for its ice creams, cold drinks, and fast food items. These are perfect to satiate your craving for frozen desserts on a hot summer day. So you like to get these every time.

This payment procedure as easy as using a mobile phone. You can also enjoy the festive offers on payments from Apple Pay at Dairy Queen.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Can I use Apple Pay while buying drive-thru from Dairy Queen?

Yes, you can order outside the store and pay via Apple Pay for orders from Dairy Queen. You get the same benefits and off offers as buying from the store. Apple Pay offers flexibility in its use.

Why should I use Apple Pay for Dairy Queen?

There are several advantages of using Apple Pay for payment at Dairy Queen. Firstly you get the fastest means of payment with discounts. You can pay remotely as well as get the cashback. More than this, it is safe and secure.

Is the Dairy Queen discount offer available on Apple Pay?

Yes, you get discounts and cashback on every purchase from Dairy Queen. Apple Pay also provides the notification for the same. You can check these offers before making the orders from Dairy Queen.

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