Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay In 2022? [Detailed Answer]

Has carrying around a wallet full of cash and payment cards become a burden for you? Well, you won’t need to do it anymore as long as you intend on getting some food from Chipotle! That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to pay the bill at this food chain anymore. Instead, you can now make digital payments at Chipotle! But does Chipotle take Apple Pay? Let’s find out!


Chipotle allows customers to make payments using Apple Pay through their Apple device. You can now use Apple Pay to pay for your Chipotle order, regardless of whether it’s an in-house, drive-thru, or online order. There are only a few requirements you need to take care of if you intend on using Apple Pay to pay at Chipotle. All you require is an Apple device and an Apple Pay account!

Chipotle, also known as Chipotle Mexican Grill, is an American fast-food restaurant chain specializing in Mexican cuisine. Founded in 1993, Chipotle has its headquarters located in California. Having around 3,000 locations, Chipotle has managed to expand and offer its services not only in the United States of America but all over the world! These locations include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Chipotle offers some of the most delicious Mexican food you’ll ever get to taste! The categories under Chipotle’s menu include burritos, burrito bowls, lifestyle bowls, quesadillas, salads, tacos, sides & drinks, kid’s meals, etc. 

If you want to know what is that one thought that drives this chain, then you better hear it from the chain itself! The statement reads, “Chipotle was born of the radical belief that there is a connection between how food is raised and prepared and how it tastes. Real is better! Better for You, Better for People, Better for Our Planet. It may be the hard way to do things, but it’s the right way.”

The quality of the food you eat is of prime importance. This means using the freshest and best of ingredients. Doing the same, Chipotle writes, “We have always been committed to preparing real food made with real ingredients. You know, the kind you can recognize and pronounce.” 

It further reads, “One of the first national restaurant brands to commit to goals on local and organic produce. First national restaurant brand to commit to using only responsibly raised meat with some of the highest animal welfare standards.”

Now that you’re familiarized with how Chipotle likes to do things and all that it stands for, you might be tempted to get some food for yourself from this chain! Well, that isn’t a far-fetched thought and can become a reality as soon as you place an order for some delicious Chipotle food!

In this article, you’ll get to know whether or not Chipotle accepts Apple pay and, if it does, how you can use it according to your convenience. You’ll also learn about the various ways by which you can use Apple Pay to pay for your Chipotle order. Read all about it along with some other key details and information further in this article! Come on!

Does Chipotle Accept Apple Pay? 

Apple Pay

Chipotle is not just a food chain, it’s a soul food chain! Don’t know what I mean by that? Well, this chain serves food which not only satisfies your cravings but also makes your soul happy! Be it a light snack or a full meal, ordering food from Chipotle also means that you’ll have to dig into your wallet to pay for it. If you’re impatient when it comes to food, then let me tell you about one of the fastest modes of payment at Chipotle!

Payments via Apple Pay are quicker and easier than payments made via other payment methods accepted at Chipotle. Chipotle allows users to pay for their orders using Apple Pay. This is an advancement on Chipotle’s part when it comes to making payments. Other payment methods accepted at Chipotle include cash, credit card, debit card, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, and gift cards.

Chipotle decided to incorporate Apple Pay as one of its payment methods after recognizing that most of its customers prefer digital payments. While talking about the inclusion of digital payment methods in its app, the chief digital and information officer of Chipotle, Curt Garner, had quite a lot to say.

Garner said in a statement, “Our guests are increasingly mobile and on the go, and they want and deserve the same intuitive, accurate and convenient ordering experience they get in our restaurants. That is exactly what our app delivers.” 

Garner further added, “The new app is just one of the steps we’re taking to improve the guest experience through technology and innovation.”

Talking about the inclusion of mobile payment methods like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc., the CEO of mFoundry at FIS, Larkspur, Drew Sievers, said in a statement, “Mobile payments, when executed properly, have demonstrated strong gains in line speed throughput. This is a critical component for quick service restaurants who are focused on driving volume through their points of sale.”

Sievers further added, “Putting the payment scheme inside of their branded app makes complete sense,” he said. “Historically, we have seen consumer dissatisfaction when a brand offers multiple apps. Ultimately, consumers don’t want three apps from the same merchant. They want one app that serves their needs.” Working on the same, Chipotle decided to make certain modifications and upgrade its mobile app.

The chief digital and information officer at Chipotle, Curt Garner, said, “We’re always looking to give our customers easier, more convenient ways to order and enjoy Chipotle food and a great mobile ordering experience is right in line with that goal.” Making their customers’ dreams come true, Chipotle has now finally made Apple Pay payments possible for its customers.

How To Pay At Chipotle Using Apple Pay?

Nowadays, the new normal has become going out shopping without your wallet in hand, and how can that be? Well, because you’d be having your digital wallets in your phone, duh! Digital payment methods like PayPal, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or other digital payment apps you can use to make online payments.

Paying for your ever-so-delicious Chipotle order has now become a hundred times easier now that Apple Pay is being accepted at this chain! Regardless of whether it’s an online order or an in-house one, Chipotle lets its customers pay for their orders using Apple Pay. This not only makes payment of bills more convenient, but it also makes it possible for them to be done as fast as possible! 

Apple Pay offers a lot of flexibility, taking advantage of which you can make the payment of your order whichever way you prefer. These ways include payment using Apple Pay via the face ID feature, the touch ID feature, via the Apple watch, via the Chipotle app, and using Apple Pay at Chipotle drive-thrus. 

All of the above-mentioned payment methods are explained below in great detail. Take a look!

1. Paying Via The Face ID Feature

Apple Pay Via Face ID

Apple Pay can be used to make payments at Chipotle through the face ID feature of your Apple device. This is one of the easiest methods, using which you can make effortless transactions or payments. To use the face ID feature to make payments via the Apple Pay app, just make sure that your Apple device has face recognition.

Given below is a step-by-step guide which you can follow to make payments using the face ID feature via the Apple Pay app :-

  1. To make a payment using Apple Pay for your Chipotle order using the face ID feature, click twice on the side button of the Apple device you’re using. 
  2. After that, verify your ID by making use of the face ID option. If you’re unable to use the face ID feature for whatever reason, you can also use the passcode to verify your ID.
  3. Once the verification process is completed, hold your Apple device next to the NFC card reader. Keep your Apple device in the same position and complete the required payment for your Chipotle order. You’ll be notified about the completion of the payment for your Chipotle order as soon as it’s done. This will be indicated by a checkmark appearing on your device’s screen. Click on done to confirm the same. 

2. Paying Via The Touch ID Feature

Apple Pay Via Touch ID

Is the face ID feature too much for you to deal with? Well, there’s an alternative to it which you can try instead of going for the face ID feature – the touch ID feature! The touch ID feature is easy-to-use, and all you need to do is put in your fingerprint, and the payment will be made! 

The instructions for paying your Chipotle bill using the touch ID feature via Apple Pay are given below!

  1. To make the payment for your Chipotle order via Apple Pay using the touch ID feature, just scan your fingerprint using your Apple device’s touch ID recognition pad. 
  2. Finally, to complete the payment, just keep your phone in front of the NFC card reader. Your payment will be completed when the checkmark, along with the “done” confirmation, is displayed on the screen of your device.

3. Paying Using Apple Pay Via Apple Watch

Apple Pay Via Apple Watch

Digital payments are becoming quite the thing, don’t you think? Well, to take this whole thing to another level, Apple Pay has enabled users to make payments via the Apple watch. Thus, you need not worry about Apple Pay being limited to your iPhone or iPad, you can now make payments using your watch as well! Exciting, isn’t it?

No need for any confusion, for I’m going to tell you how to use the Apple watch to make Apple Pay payments for your Chipotle order!

  1. Click twice on the side button of your Apple watch or unlock your Apple watch. 
  2. Keep your watch face down to the NFC reader. Hold it there until the payment is completely processed.
  3. The completion of your payment will be indicated by the vibration of your watch or buzzing noise.

4. Paying Using Apple Pay Via The Chipotle App

Chipotle App

If you thought that payments using Apple Pay at Chipotle were only limited to in-store orders, then you thought wrong because you can now pay for your online Chipotle orders using Apple Pay! How, you might ask? Well, all you need to do is select and place your order and during checkout, select Apple Pay as the payment option. Select your preferred card for payment, and your bill will be paid! 

5. Paying For Chipotle Drive-Thru Orders

Chipotle Drive-Thru

Apple Pay is a very convenient mode of payment, and once you use it, there’s no going back! You can even make payments using Apple Pay for your drive-thru orders at Chipotle! 

Want to know how you can use Apple Pay to make payments for your Chipotle drive-thru orders? Keep on reading!

  1. To pay for your drive-thru order at Chipotle using Apple Pay, let the cashier know about your preferred method of payment for your order.
  2. Once that is done, keep your Apple device in front of the NFC card reader. The payment for your Chipotle will be completed once a checkmark along with a “done” confirmation gets displayed on the screen.

Can I get Cashback While Using Apple Pay at Chipotle?

Using Apple Pay to make payments has its benefits but what’s even better is that this payment method offers you cashback with every payment you make! But does this apply to Chipotle payments as well? Let’s find out! 

Apple Pay allows users to make endless amounts of payments. With each payment you make, you become eligible and a step closer to receiving a cashback from Apple Pay itself. Every payment you make using Apple Pay allows you to earn a 3% cashback. To know more about the terms and conditions of earning a cashback via Apple Pay, you can learn more about it through the official website of Apple.

If you’re someone who makes regular purchases, be it at grocery stores, clothing stores, etc., switch to making a payment with Apple Pay! Why? Well, because this way, not only will you be getting what you want, you’ll also be able to make efficient payments and receive cashback! Isn’t that appealing?

Having no particular limit on the number of times you’ll get a cashback, you can make an endless amount of transactions with Apple Pay and get a cashback every time you do so!

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Chipotle

Apple Pay

Mankind is such a species that will go around looking for advantages and benefits in everything they do. Well, that might get you to think, are there any benefits of using Apple Pay to make payments at Chipotle? Let me be the harbinger of good news and tell you that, yes, there are plenty of benefits of using Apple Pay to make payments at Chipotle!

Providing not only a chance to make effortless payments but also adding to the convenience factor of digital payments, Apple Pay is here to make your bill payments a blissful experience for you!

Apple Pay is one of the newest digital payment methods incorporated by Chipotle at its locations. The benefits of using this payment method are endless but let me tell you about a few of them!

  1. Discounts – Paying your Chipotle bill using Apple Pay allows you to become eligible for various discounts. You just have to link your debit card with your Apple Pay account to avail these discounts.
  2. Efficiency – Apple Pay allows its users to make quick and easy payments. All it requires is a click for you to pay your Chipotle bill with Apple Pay. Isn’t that efficient? Now that Apple Pay is in your life, you don’t have to feel guilty about keeping the customers behind you waiting in line!
  3. Security – Apple pay is one of the most secure methods of payment you can use to make your payment. This allows you to carry out easy and safe transactions without getting worried about your personal information getting stolen! 
  4. Convenience – One of the reasons why customers prefer making payments using Apple Pay is because paying bills with this payment method is utterly convenient! It allows you to pay your bills with great ease and eliminates the hassle of carrying around cash and cards.

Other Payment Methods Acceptable At Chipotle

Payment Methods

Chipotle gives its customers a choice among various different options of payment according to their preference. These include cash, Apple Pay, credit card, debit card, PayPal, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. You can pick any one of these payment options to pay for your order. 

A detailed description of each of these methods is given below! Take a read!

1. Credit Card

You can pay for your Chipotle order using credit cards. To make the necessary payment, you need to carry your credit card along, duh! To pay your Chipotle bill, swipe your credit card into the card reader, enter the pin, and the processing of your payment will begin. The billed amount will be deducted from your credit card once your payment is completed!

2. Debit Card

Payments at Chipotle can also be made using debit cards. It is the same as paying your bill using a credit card. All you need to do is swipe your debit card into the card reading machine, enter your pin and enter the billed amount. The payment will be completed once you finish all these steps!

3. Google Pay

Chipotle accepts Google Pay as a valid payment method. You can pay for your Chipotle order using Google Pay, even if it’s online or is from the drive-thru. To pay for your in-house Chipotle order using Google Pay, all you have to do is scan the Google Pay ID of the Chipotle location you’re at, enter the billed amount for your order, and the payment will be made!

4. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is yet another cashless and digital method of payment at Chipotle. You can use Samsung Pay to pay for your Chipotle orders no matter what the mode of order is. To use Samsung Pay to pay the bill for your in-house orders, all you need to do is hold your phone still in front of the NFC card reader, let it take a quick scan, and complete the authentication process to finalize and complete the payment of your bill!

5. PayPal

If you’re looking for the best pal to make your Chipotle bills, then PayPal is certainly the best option for you! Being one of the easiest and quickest modes of payment at Chipotle, what you need to do to make a payment for your order is link your PayPal account and pay your Chipotle bill as and when required.

6. Gift Cards

Earning gift cards at Chipotle is extremely easy and using them to pay your bill is still easier! All you need to do is inform the cashier about your intention of using the gift card to pay your bill and let them know the code mentioned on the gift card. Once you do the same, your bill will be paid accordingly! 


Chipotle allows its customers to make payments using Apple Pay. Be it online orders, drive-thru orders, or in-house orders, you can use Apple Pay to pay your Chipotle bills. All you need is your Apple device and the Apple Pay app to make the desired payment whenever necessary. S, have fun making quick and easy payments with Apple Pay!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use Apple Pay to make payments at Chipotle?

You can use Apple Pay to make payments at Chipotle as it is an acceptable payment method at the chain.

What are the different ways using which you can make an Apple Pay payment at Chipotle?

The different ways via which you can make an Apple Pay payment at Chipotle are paying via the face ID feature, paying via the touch ID feature, paying for the drive-thru, online and in-house orders, and paying via Apple watch.

What are the other payment methods accepted at Chipotle?

The other payment methods accepted at Chipotle include cash payments, credit card payments, debit card payments, Google Pay payments, Samsung Pay payments, PayPal payments, and gift card payments. Both physical gift cards and eGift cards can be used for this purpose and can be purchased both online and offline.

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