Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Burger King is one of the most famous fast food restaurants in the USA. You must have thought about using Apple Pay for your burger at Burger King? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page. To know if Burger King takes Apple Pay read this article!

Burger King

Burger King is the fastest developing fast food restaurant chain after Mcdonald’s. You cannot use Apple Pay here for the payments of orders. You can get your orders from Burger King, whether drive-thru or at the restaurant with cash payment. It also accepts credit and debit cards.

Burger King (BK) is an American fast food restaurant chain that started in 1953 as Insta-Burger King, soon renamed Burger King. This restaurant is known for its delicious fast food items like specialty sandwiches, fish sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, Turkey burgers, and many such names.

Presently, Burger King has more than 12,300 restaurants all around the world. You will get all you favorite burger meal combos here. So plan soon to grab these opportunities! You can enjoy the special tastes of chicken dishes and drinks. The best part is that the food items served here are really affordable.

Like its name, Burger King food items have really interesting names on the menu, like pretzel bacon king, a special burger, Big king XL, Mango Habanero King, and Bacon King. You can order these for any special occasion to bring royal deliciousness to the treat. Well! Can you buy all these by Apple Pay? Let’s read ahead to know.

Does Burger King Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a popular payment method these days that almost all well-known fast food restaurants and shopping centers accept. But, Burger King has not provided the Apple Pay facility to Apple Device users. This is the reason why willingly or unwillingly, they choose another payment method while buying from Burger King.

Not only Apple Pay, but this restaurant does not allow you to use any mobile payment. All Burger King Customers can use credit or debit card payment methods. You can also pay cash by choosing the COD option on the Burger King Website or App.

Burger king can allow you to use all those payment methods which existed before Apple Pay or any other mobile payment. So do not forget to bring cash or a credit card when visiting Burger King.

Firstly, Burger King allowed the use of the Apple Pay method to its customers but unfortunately eliminated it in 2019. This restaurant never allowed people to use Apple Pay at the restaurant or from self- services afterward. They could use this payment method from its app only.

But these days, you cannot use Apple Pay anywhere to place an order from Burger King. Hopefully, it will start accepting payment by Apple Pay soon!

Why Can’t Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay at Burger King

Burger King is popular in the world for its delicious fast food. This is one of the quality food restaurants that most of us like to visit often. But like other famous fast food chains, it does not allow you to make payments by Apple Pay for any of your orders. Do you know the reason behind it? If not, read ahead.

As you know, Burger King permitted the use of Apple Pay but removed it in 2019. There are several reasons to remove Apple Pay from Burger King’s payment options tray. The major reason that you must know was the problems that Apple Pay users were facing with the Burger King application. 

Burger King has the union with PayPal for all kinds of online withdrawals, not with the Apple platform. This restaurant chain joined the payment platform of PayPal in 2014. PayPal is one of the largest competitors of Apple Pay. As both the brands, Apple Pay and PayPal, have been competing since the beginning, so Burger King decided to use one. This restaurant selected PayPal and removed Apple Pay.

Apple Pay has an important existence as a transaction platform in the USA. But Burger King found Paypal more convenient and easy to acclimate. This is the reason why Apple users cannot use Apple Pay while buying from Burger King. 

Other Payment Methods At Burger King

other Payment Methods

Even if you are not able to use Apple Pay at Burger King, it provides you with other payment methods. You can find these methods as convenient to use as Apple Pay. Let’s know what these methods are to use for your order at Burger King:

1. PayPal – PayPal is the digital payment method that you can use at all Burger King restaurants. All you need to do is select PayPal to checkout. You can use this method at the restaurant or Burger King App. Here are simple steps to follow to use PayPal at Burger King:

  • Visit the Burger King app on your smartphone.
  • Make the order and reach the checkout page for the payment.
  • Select PayPal to make the payment.
  • Enter the four-digit secret PIN and click on done.

(You can also get special offers and discounts while buying from the Burger King app.)

2. Credit Card – Though you can miss the Apple Pay at burger king, please know that it accepts your credit cards. This chain has its world’s 20 largest restaurants in the USA, and all accept credit cards. You can get discounts, offers as well as points on the use of credit cards, especially during the festivals.  

3. Debit Card – Until Burger King allows Apple Pay to Apple users, you can use your debit card for food orders from Burger King. You can pay the bill amount via debit card by using it at store terminals.

4. Cash – Cash is the oldest and still usable payment method at Burger King. You can use the cash for your small or large food orders. You can use it at a restaurant or order from home.

5. Burger King Mobile Payment App – You can use a special payment app from Burger king. Here you get a Burger King Mobile Crown Card to use for the payment via this app. You can use this app at restaurants and drive-up windows.

The Burger King CIO Kelly Maddern said while introducing this app, “At Burger King Corp., we are focused on delivering an excellent restaurant experience for our guests, which includes optimizing our point of sale technology and providing quick and easy payment options,”

Should Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

Being an Apple Pay user, your answer must be yes! Apple Pay will be a better option for the customers of Burger King. This method is widely used around the world and at the top of the list of digital payment methods.

Apple Pay has several advantages that Apple users like. These are the fastest payment modes, easy to use, secure, and reliable. Burger king can add all of these to its payment services by adding apple pay to the payment methods.

Apple pay is the advanced method that every apple device user likes to use for secure payment. Burger king can widen the area of secure payment by allowing its customers to use Apple Pay.

How To Pay At Burger King Via iPhone?

Apple Pay at Burger king

If Apple Pay is not accepted, can I still use my iPhone for the payment at Burger King? If you are still caught up in this question, here is the answer for you!

Even if Burger King does not accept Apple Pay, you can still use your iPhone for the payment of your orders from here.

You can use the burger king app on your iPhone and pay there via your credit and debit cards. You can get discounts and cashback according to availability at the nearest burger king restaurant. Hopefully, this option will not let you miss Apple Pay!


Although Burger King is one of the largest fast food restaurant chains in the world, you cannot use Apple Pay here to make payments for food orders. You can use PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, or cash. Apple users also need to select the other option rather than Apple Pay.

The major reason is burger king’s collaboration with PayPal, which has become an obstacle for Apple Pay users. Hope that Burger King will find a solution for this issue soon and Apple users will enjoy the features of Apple Pay here as well. 

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Does Burger King take Apple Pay near my location?

Burger King does not take apple pay at any of its locations. This restaurant chain allows you to use credit & debit cards and cash as well. You can also pay via PayPal with your smartphone. But the, Apple users cannot use Apple Pay at any of its locations.

Which digital payment method is usable at Burger King?

Burger king accepts PayPal from the customers. You can use it on the Burger King app. Along with this, you can use your credit or debit card on the card reader at the restaurant.

How to use the Burger King app?

You can use the burger king app on your smartphone. You can visit the nearby Burger King Restaurant on the app and order from there. Here you get two options for orders; drive-thru or collect the order from the restaurant.

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