Does Burger King Have Veggie Burgers On Their Menu?

Burger King is now focusing on introducing more vegetarian and vegan options because of the shift towards a vegetarian diet that people are making worldwide. So, let’s find out: does Burger King have veggie burgers on their menu or not? 

Burger King Veggie Burger

Yes, Burger King does offer Impossible Whopper as a veggie burger on their menu. It was launched in 2019 and has become a permanent item on the menu since then. You can purchase the Impossible Whopper for a price of $6.79.

In addition to the popular Impossible Whopper, Burger King’s menu includes vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. Therefore, finding vegetarian options at Burger King is simple.

But for now, let’s explore Burger King’s veggie burger offerings in detail. We will also find out whether Burger King sandwiches and burgers can be customized to become a vegetarian or vegan option. So stay tuned to find the answers to all these questions.

Yes, You Can Get Veggie Burgers At Burger King

Burger King Veggie Burger

Currently, Burger King is offering Impossible Whopper as a vegetarian-friendly option on the menu.

Impossible Whopper Meal ComboPrice

Note:  It should be noted that the prices of Burger King items differ slightly from one location to the other. 

Burger King launched it after they collaborated with Impossible Foods. The Impossible Whopper features a plant-based flame-grilled vegetarian patty that provides a savory flavor as it is prepared with soy and potato protein. 

Furthermore, this burger features traditional Whopper toppings like juicy tomatoes, lettuce, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions. 

All these ingredients are served on a toasted sesame seed bun lined with mayonnaise and ketchup. Thus, the Impossible Whopper has received a good response. Moreover, the patty mixture also includes a good mix of seasoning, which offers you a premium taste. 

Moreover, the Impossible Whopper is also a part of Burger King’s dairy-free menu as it does not contain milk. So, those avoiding dairy can opt for this burger without worry. 

Therefore, you must try the Impossible Whopper by heading to your nearest Burger King outlet. You can purchase it as a single burger or as a combo with a choice of small, medium, or large-size soda and a side of your choice. 

However, if you are not in the mood to step out, you can order these meals online from Burger King’s website, App, or any other Food Delivery App. So, now that you know how to purchase the Impossible Whopper, let’s take a look at their prices.

A single Impossible Whopper without any sides will cost you about $6.79. But if you go for a customized Impossible Whopper meal, then the prices differ. Take a look at the table below to find out Impossible Meal combo prices:

Did Burger King Have Any Other Veggie Burger In The Past?

Yes, Burger King introduced Veggie Burger in 2002. However, it was removed from the Burger King menu in 2019 and was replaced by the Impossible Whopper. 

In collaboration with Morningstar Farms, the veggie burger was the first meatless option created in Burger King’s history. Moreover, it was prepared without soy, considering that it triggered allergies among people. Thus, the vegetarian patty for this burger was prepared with potatoes.

It came topped with lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and ketchup on a corn-dusted bun. However, this burger was discontinued in 2022 as Burger King wanted to introduce a more realistic plant-based patty

As a result, they tied up with Impossible Foods and launched a new version of the veggie burger known as the Impossible Whopper. This sandwich was introduced to cater to the vegetarian and vegan customers.

Does Burger King Cook Their Veggie Patty Separately?

Burger King Veggie Burger

No, Burger King does not cook their veggie patty separately. They are cooked on the same broiler as beef patties. 

This fact is explicitly mentioned on Burger King’s official website. Thus, it raised concerns for people looking for vegan burger options as all the burgers available at Burger King are flame-broiled, leading to cross-contamination.

As a result, many people tend to ask if Burger King’s Impossible Whopper is vegan

Luckily, we found an excellent hack to enjoy Impossible Whopper at Burger King in all its purity. A former employer at Burger King mentioned that Burger King heats the Impossible Whopper in the microwave for customers instead of putting it on the broiler. 

He also added that the broiler equipment is cleaned before placing the Impossible Whopper on the entrance chute.

Moreover, Burger King also takes care of using separate pans if the customers inform them about their requirements. Thus, you can enjoy vegan Impossible Whoppers by following these hacks to avoid cross-contamination between the meat and plant-based patties. 

Can You Customize BK Burgers To Make Them Vegetarian?

Yes, you can customize the burgers available at Burger King to make them vegetarian-friendly. You can omit non-vegetarian ingredients from the burger, like beef patties, chicken, and bacon. You can ask for extra vegetarian toppings like veggies, cheese, and sauces in their place.

Burger King serves a variety of burgers on its menu. The best part is that each burger has a unique list of ingredients to make its taste stand out. However, almost all the burgers available at Burger King contain beef or chicken. 

Therefore, you can ask your server to omit the beef or chicken patty to enjoy a delicious vegetarian burger at Burger King.

Moreover, you can ask for extra veggies to be added, such as tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and pickles. Furthermore, you can request extra cheese to be added along with your choice of sauces.

You can also order French fries, onion rings, or mozzarella sticks available on the Burger King menu and place them inside the burger. This customization will help you enjoy a heartier vegetarian burger. So, get creative with your orders and create a vegetarian burger at Burger King using the ideas given above. 

What Veggie Burgers Are Available In Other Countries At Burger King? 

Burger King Veggie Burger

You can enjoy Vegan Whopper, Vegan Royale, Crispy Veg Burger, Veg Whopper, and more in other countries other than the United States at Burger King. These options are available in countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and India. 

Now, look at the list of veggie burgers offered by different countries.

BK Veggie Burgers Available In The United Kingdom

  • Vegan Royale 
  • Ultimate Bean Burger (vegetarian)
  • Ultimate Bean Burger (vegan)

You can find all the burgers mentioned above at Burger King UK outlets.

BK Veggie Burgers Available In Germany 

  • Veggie King
  • Plant-based long chicken 
  • Plant Based Whopper
  • Plant Based Hamburger
  • Plant Based Cheeseburger
  • Plant-Based Chili Cheese Burger
  • Plant-Based Nugget Burger
  • Plant Based Long Chicken 
  • Plant-Based Big King
  • Plant-Based Big XXL 

You can enjoy all the burgers listed above at Burger King Germany.

BK Veggie Burgers Available In India

  • Crispy Veg Burger
  • Veg Makhani Burst Burger
  • Veg Whopper
  • Boss Whopper Veg
  • Whopper Jr Veg
  • Bk Veggie Burger

You can enjoy all the burgers listed above at Burger King India.

BK Veggie Burgers Available In Netherlands 

  • Veggie Crazy Cheese BBQ
  • Veggie Crazy Cheese BBQ Double
  • Veggie Whopper
  • Veggie Whopper Jr. 
  • Veggie Double Whopper
  • Veggie X-tra Long Chili Cheese
  • Veggie Big King XXL 
  • Veggie Double Cheeseburger XXL
  • Veggie Double Cheeseburger
  • Veggie Big King
  • Veggie Cheeseburger 
  • Veggie Hamburger
  • Veggie Long Chicken

You can enjoy all the burgers listed above at Burger King Netherlands.

BK Veggie Burgers Available In Spain 

  • Big King Vegetal 
  • Long Vegetal 
  • Whopper Vegetal

You can enjoy all the burgers listed above at Burger King Spain.

BK Veggie Burgers Available In Switzerland 

  • Veggie Texas Fakon Lover
  • Veggie Texas Fakon Lover Double
  • Cajun Veggie King
  • Long cajun Veggie
  • Long Veggie
  • Veggie Whopper
  • Veggie Big King XXL
  • Veggie Steakhouse 
  • Veggie Rosti
  • Veggie Rosti Double

You can enjoy all the burgers listed above at Burger King Switzerland.

So now you know all the countries that offer fantastic veggie burger options that one can try. India has the maximum veggie burger options because around 39% of the Indian population is vegetarian. 

Compared to that, 10% of the total population of Germany is vegetarian, as is the case in the United Kingdom. In the United States, only 4% of the population is vegetarian. This is also why Burger King offers fewer veggie burger options in the United States.   


Finally, we have concluded that Burger King does offer veggie burgers on its menu, such as the Impossible Whopper. But do you know all the other vegetarian options you can try on the Burger King menu? 

If you are looking for vegetarian options at Burger King, you can try their French fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks. However, Burger King does not currently serve lettuce wraps

Likewise, Burger King has yet to serve gluten-free buns. In their place, you can enjoy other gluten-free items at Burger King. Along with them, you can try out a wide range of beverages like shakes, coffee, tea, and sodas. 

However, you will need help finding soup at Burger King. That’s because it has never been a part of the menu in the United States. I’m sure you have enjoyed reading all this information about Burger King. For more information, check out our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Burger King have vegetarian burgers?

Yes, Burger King has Impossible Burger as a vegetarian option on their menu.

Is Burger King suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Burger King offers other menu items like sides and drinks, coffee, and veggie burgers suitable for vegetarians.

Are Burger King burgers all meat?

Yes, Burger King burgers are mostly 100% beef or chicken. The beef patties are preservative-free, fillers-free, and additive-free.

When did Burger King start serving veggie burgers?

Burger King first launched veggie burgers in 2002.

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