Does Burger King Have Milkshakes In 2024?

Milkshakes have been a favorite among people of all ages for generations, and it’s no surprise that fast food chains have included them in their menus. Does Burger King have milkshakes on its drinks menu? Then let’s find out. 

Burger King Milkshakes Flavors

Yes, Burger King does have milkshakes on their menu. The main milkshakes are strawberry, vanilla, chocolate milkshake, oreo cookie shake, and chocolate oreo cookie shake. All these milkshakes are priced at $4.09.

Burger King offers combo packages with discounts on specific items, whereas ordering those items individually will cost the same price. Additionally, Burger King provides milkshakes in various sizes, including a mini length with a low-calorie content of under 370 calories and a massive 20 oz size with incredibly high-calorie content.

So, go ahead and find all the details about Burger King’s milkshakes, including the sizes available, ingredients used, and any potential allergens present. Let’s dive in.

Yes, Burger King Has Milkshakes

Burger King Milkshakes

Burger King has milkshakes on their menu, which are popular among customers. They have five flavors: chocolate milkshake, vanilla milkshake, strawberry milkshake, Oreo cookie shake, and chocolate Oreo cookie shake. 

Milkshake FlavorPrice
Chocolate Milkshake$4.09
Vanilla Milkshake$4.09
Strawberry Milkshake$4.09
Oreo Cookie Shake$4.29
Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake$4.29

Let’s take a closer look at each of these milkshakes:

  • Chocolate milkshake: It is made with rich, creamy chocolate ice cream. This shake is perfect for chocolate lovers. It contains 588 calories. 
  • Vanilla milkshake: If you prefer a classic flavor, the vanilla milkshake will be the best choice. Made with vanilla ice cream, it’s simple yet delicious. You can also add toppings like chocolate syrup to customize it. It contains 560 calories. 
  • Strawberry milkshake: For a fruity twist, try the strawberry milkshake. Made with real strawberries and strawberry ice cream, this shake has a sweet and refreshing taste. It contains 610 calories.
  • Oreo cookie shake: Oreo cookie shake is a popular choice among BK customers. It’s made with vanilla ice cream and Oreo cookie pieces, creating a delicious blend of creamy and crunchy textures. It contains 636 calories.
  • Chocolate Oreo cookie shake: If you’re a fan of chocolate and Oreos, this shake is the perfect combination. It’s made with chocolate ice cream and Oreo cookie pieces, creating a rich and indulgent treat. It contains 674 calories.

What Size Of Milkshakes Does Burger King Have?

Check out the table below to find out the milkshake sizes available at the restaurant. The price of the milkshake will depend on which size you are ordering. Moreover, note that milkshake prices may vary depending on the location.

Milkshake TypeRegular SizeLarge Size
Chocolate Milkshake16 oz20 oz
Vanilla Milkshake16 oz20 oz
Strawberry Milkshake16 oz20 oz
Oreo Cookie Shake16 oz20 oz
Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake16 oz20 oz

Does Burger King Use Real Ice Cream In Milkshakes?

Yes, Burger King uses natural ice cream in their milkshakes. The BK has been using soft serve ice cream in its milkshakes since the 1970s, which is made with real dairy and has a creamy and smooth texture.

Burger King’s milkshakes blend soft-serve ice cream with various flavors. The flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and other ingredients like syrups, candies, and cookies. It makes a delicious and refreshing drink perfect for a hot summer day.

While some fast food restaurants may use non-dairy substitutes or powdered mixes to make their milkshakes, Burger King prides itself on using natural ice cream to create a rich and indulgent drink.

Are Burger King Milkshakes Healthy?

BK Milkshakes

No, Burger King milkshakes are not healthy. They contain a high amount of calories and are best enjoyed in moderation.

On the one hand, Burger King milkshakes are made with natural milk and come in various flavors that satisfy your sweet tooth. On the other hand, they are high in calories, sugar, and fat, which can contribute to weight gain and other health issues if consumed in excess.

So, while Burger King milkshakes may not be the healthiest beverage choice, they can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Now, let’s look at the calorie content of each Burger King milkshake.

Milkshake FlavorCalories
Chocolate Milkshake588 kcal
Vanilla Milkshake560 kcal
Strawberry Milkshake610 kcal
Oreo Cookie Shake636 kcal
Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake674 kcal

As you can see from the table, each milkshake contains high calories. Moreover, they are also high in sugar and fat. So, balancing your meal with other healthy food choices throughout the day is always better.

Do Burger King Milkshakes Contain Any Allergen?

Yes, Burger King milkshakes contain several allergens, including milk, soy, wheat, and tree nuts. These allergens are present in the ingredients used to make the milkshakes.

Burger King’s website mentions that their milkshakes are unsuitable for people with lactose intolerance. They also state that their milkshakes contain soy, wheat, and tree nuts and may come into contact with other allergens during preparation.

Burger King Milkshakes Review

Burger King Milkshakes Review

Burger King offers five flavors chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, Oreo milkshake, and chocolate Oreo milkshake. These shakes are appetizing and thick in texture. They come in a standard clear plastic cup. Moreover, these milkshakes are pretty creamy and smooth. Let’s take a look at what other reviewers have to say about Burger King milkshakes. 

According to a review on Delish, one of the famous websites shares that “the chocolate milkshake is rich and chocolatey, while the vanilla milkshake is creamy and not too sweet. The strawberry milkshake is fruity and refreshing, while the Oreo milkshake has just the right amount of cookie chunks.”

YouTuber, The Report Of The Week, gave Burger King’s Oreo milkshake a thumbs up, saying that it has a good balance of creaminess and Oreo flavor.

Another YouTuber, Daym Drops, tried all five of Burger King’s milkshake flavors and gave them all high marks, particularly enjoying the chocolate oreo milkshake.

A reviewer commented on Tripadvisor: “Considering there weren’t many options, I tried the bk shake and said wow. For just ten, and they used a lot of ice cream, the quantity was good, and the oreo tasted like heaven as it was nice and cold.

The Insider – a famous website, commented,” the strawberry-flavored sauce tasted artificial and intensely sweet. If the vanilla soft serve and syrup were more evenly blended, the flavors would have been smoother, and I wouldn’t be so jarred by the hit of pure sugar to my teeth and taste buds.


In conclusion, yes, Burger King does offer milkshakes on their menu. They are available in five flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, Oreo, and chocolate Oreo shake. These milkshakes come in one regular size of 16 oz, ranging between 550 to 600 calories, which is a little high.

They are high in fat and sugar as well. So, if you decide to indulge in one of these delicious milkshakes, pair it with healthier food options to balance your meal.

Additionally, for those with specific food allergies, it’s worth noting that these milkshakes do contain ingredients such as milk, soy, and wheat. Overall, the reviews of these milkshakes have been positive. They’re a sweet treat that many people enjoy, especially on a hot summer day. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Burger King offer milkshakes?

Yes, Burger King offers milkshakes in various flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

Are Burger King milkshakes made with natural milk?

Burger King’s milkshakes are made with natural milk and other ingredients.

Are Burger King milkshakes gluten-free?

Yes, Burger King’s milkshakes are gluten-free as they only contain fresh fruits and low-fat milk.

Can you order milkshakes at any time of the day at Burger King?

Yes, you can order milkshakes during regular hours at every Burger King location. 

How much do Burger King milkshakes cost?

The cost of Burger King milkshakes varies by location and size but typically ranges from around $2 to $4, depending on the size and location.

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