Does Burger King Have Hot Dogs On Their Menu?

Hot dogs have long been a popular fast food option. That’s why major fast-food chains like Burger King also included them on their menus in the past. But does Burger King have hot dogs on their menu now? Let’s find out.

Burger King Hot Dogs

No, Burger King does not have hot dogs now. They served two grilled hot dogs, Classic and Chili Cheese, till 2017 for $1.99 and $4.89, respectively. Before them, they offered King Dogs in 2014, Corn Dogs in 2015, and Whopper Hot Dog in 2016.

However, they never became a permanent item on Burger King’s menu. So, let’s find out more about Burger King’s hot dogs in this article. We will also find out if Burger King will reintroduce them again. 

Can You Still Get Burger King Hot Dogs?

Burger King Hot Dogs

No, you can’t get hot dogs at Burger King now. That’s because they were available on the menu only till 2017. Since then, they have yet to make a comeback on the menu.

Burger King offered two varieties of Grilled (Hot) Dogs, Classic and Chili Cheese, till 2017. They were available for a price of $1.99 and $2.29. Therefore, they are mentioned on Burger King’s June 2017 allergen menu

However, you will not find them in their 2019, 2020, and the latest allergen menu, which clarifies that the hot dogs were discontinued after that.

How Long Did BK Have Hog Dogs On Its Menu?

Burger King Hot Dogs

Burger King Hot Dogs were available on the menu for years in 1970, 2014, and 2016. However, they were discontinued from the menu after that.  

Burger King Hot DogsYear
Grilled Hot Dog1970
Honey Mustard & Ketchup King Dog2014
Corn Dogs, Classic, Rodeo, Chili Cheese, and the A.1. Ultimate2015
Whopper Hot Dog,  Cheddar and Bacon Grill Dog 2016

Burger King is a brand known for their iconic Whopper. However, if you look at Burger King’s history, you will see that it has offered several items to make its menu attractive.

As a result, in the 1970s, Burger King added hot dogs to their menu for the first time as a limited-time edition at some locations. 

Unfortunately, the sales of the hot dogs weren’t that impressive, and they were discontinued, just like many other BK items

However, Burger King didn’t give up on selling this beloved American staple. They reintroduced them on the menu repeatedly in the years to follow. So, let’s look at the hot dog varieties sold by Burger King in the past. 

Burger King introduced the King Dogs in 2014, which are available in two varieties. One was the Honey Mustard & Ketchup King Dog, and the other was the BBQ & Mayo King Dog. 

Both these hot dogs were prepared with chicken sausages sandwiched between hotdog buns. They were available for a price of $2.

The following year, Burger King tested simple corn dogs that were meat wrapped in cornbread and were priced at $1.49. Along with it, they also served grilled hot dogs for $1.99.

These came in four varieties: the Classic, served with mustard, ketchup, onion, and relish, and the Rodeo, served with onion rings, cheese, and barbecue sauce.

The other two varieties included the Chili Cheese and the A.1. Ultimate, which featured A.1. sauce, bacon, and cheese. After successfully running these grilled hot dogs, Burger King introduced two more varieties: Classic and Chili Cheese hot dogs in 2016. 

The Classic hot dog featured flame-grilled hot dogs topped with ketchup, mustard, chopped onions, and relish. The Chili Cheese Dog came topped with shredded cheddar cheese and warm chili. 

These dogs were 100 percent beef and served on baked buns. Along with them, they also offered Cheddar and Bacon Grill Dog. As the name suggests, this hot dog featured cheddar cheese and crispy bacon.  

However, Burger King continued experimenting with hot dogs. In 2016, Burger King launched a Whopper Hot Dog that was a lovely surprise to Whopper fans. This dog came with the same toppings as a Whopper. Therefore, it featured a grilled hot dog topped with lettuce, ketchup, mayo, onions, and pickles.

Upon their launch, Alex Macedo, Burger King’s North America president, said, “We’re not seeing grilled dogs as a product launch. We’re tapping into a whole new category.” However, the Whopper Dog didn’t receive a positive response on social media.

Steve Cuozzo at The New York Post called it a “disgusting disgrace” and “the worst embarrassment in the name of horizontal meat matter since Anthony Weiner discovered Twitter.”

Why Did Burger King Discontinue Hot Dogs?

Burger King discontinued hot dogs as they didn’t meet customer’s expectations. They were criticized for their taste and texture. 

Customers reported that Burger King’s hot dogs differed from what they were promised. People on a Quora thread pointed out that “they were too dry.” Moreover, they also looked “uninviting.”

“I see a bun that looks dried out, uninviting, and a dog that is either hidden with slopped condiments or a pretty sad-looking n***d hot dog,” a Quora user wrote.

Another user mentioned, “Burger King has thrown a few curve balls out there over the years. They put hot dogs on the menu, which didn’t catch on. I tried one and thought it was equal to an average gas station hot dog, nothing special.”

While reviewing Burger King’s hot dogs, The Takeout said that their chili cheese grilled dog didn’t sit well in terms of the amount of salt it had. 

“The idea of a Burger King chili cheese hot dog is more alarming. The hot dog is the same somewhat chewy Oscar Mayer forcemeat, but I was more worried about the chili.

Likewise, people in a Reddit thread shared why they didn’t like Burger King’s hot dogs.

“I work at bk as a cashier, and that is one of the shittiest hotdogs I’ve seen yet.”

“Man, that is worse than gas station quality. Why make a big deal about hotdogs if this is what you give us, BK? Has nobody at the King been to Sonic?! They make some legit dogs.”

“I got myself a regular hotdog and a chili dog. They weren’t too bad, but I won’t get them again. If I go to Burger King, I’m getting a burger.” 

Therefore, as you can see, people did not have good things to say about Burger King’s hot dogs. As a result, they were removed from the menu.

Were Burger King Hot Dogs Good?

Burger King Hot Dogs

No, Burger King hot dogs were not good. They needed to meet customers’ expectations as they tasted bland and dry. 

Burger King’s hot dogs were good in the advertisements. Moreover, they also did an excellent job introducing them to different flavors. However, they couldn’t deliver what they promised. 

Burger King’s hot dogs could have been better to look at, as their buns were dry. Furthermore, their toppings could have sat better on the sausage. As a result, they were messy to eat, and many customers were disappointed that they didn’t turn out to be what was promised.

Additionally, the hot dogs didn’t even match up to the flavors that people expected out of them. They were too salty, and the beans were missing in the chili. That’s why people didn’t enjoy them.

Will BK Ever Reintroduce Hot Dogs In The Future?

No, it’s unlikely that Burger King will reintroduce hot dogs on their menu. The reason being, they weren’t appreciated for their taste. Moreover, BK specializes in selling burgers. That’s why having them back on the menu may not be profitable.

Burger King is famous for its hamburgers and sandwiches. That’s why every new menu item the brand introduces tends to be compared with them. 

As a result, when they don’t match up to the standard of burgers offered by Burger King, customers reject them outright. Such a case has been previously observed with the launch of Whopper Hot Dog. It just could not match customers’ expectations as compared to the burger. 

That’s why it seems unlikely that Burger King will reintroduce hot dogs on their menu again. However, Burger King hasn’t made any official statement about it.

Another reason they may not bring them back to the menu is that the brand, like other restaurants, has cut short its menu. This step was taken due to labor shortages due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Are BK Hot Dogs Still Available In Other Countries?

Burger King Hot Dogs

No, Burger King does not serve Hot Dogs in other countries. They were sold earlier in the UK and Bahamas but were not reintroduced again.

Burger King offered the same hot dogs in the UK and Bahamas when they were launched in the US. However, they were discontinued once removed from the US menu due to a lack of sales. 


Burger King no longer serves hot dogs on its menu. However, there are many other delectable items that you can purchase from their menu. For example, you can enjoy their delicious beef hamburger and chicken sandwiches. 

Likewise, you can also order delicious sides like fries, chicken nuggets, and cheesy tots at Burger King. However, you will not find jalapeno poppers at Burger King anymore, as they are only available for a limited time. 

Furthermore, you can try chocolate chip cookies from Burger King to satiate your sweet cravings. Likewise, you can also try their Sundae Pie and soft serve cup or cone. 

Burger King also served apple pie in the past. Customers quite appreciated its taste. However, it was discontinued from the menu during the pandemic. 

Therefore, many delectable items are waiting for you at Burger King. So, head to your nearest BK restaurant and have a great time with your friends and family.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Were Burger King hot dogs as tasty as their sandwiches?

No, Burger King hot dogs weren’t as tasty as their sandwiches or burgers. That’s why they were removed from the menu.

Will Burger King reintroduce hot dogs?

Burger King has yet to make any official announcement about reintroducing hot dogs on their menu.

Were Burger King hot dogs available all day?

No, Burger King hot dogs were not available all day. They were served during lunch and dinner hours.

Were Burger King hot dogs healthy?

Yes, Burger King hot dogs were healthy and enjoyable in moderation.

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