Does Burger King Have Grilled Chicken On Their Menu?

Burger King’s menu offers several chicken options that you can try. But many people question whether Burger King has grilled chicken on their menu. We have the answer for you!

Burger King Flame Grilled Chicken Burger

No, Burger King does not currently offer grilled chicken. It was a part of the menu in 2018. However, it was discontinued later and never became a part of the permanent menu. 

So, why was it removed? Well, we are here to tell you all these details. Moreover, by the end of this article, you will also find out if Burger King will bring it back to the menu. 

No, Burger King Doesn’t Offer Grilled Chicken

Burger King Flame Grilled Chicken Burger

Burger King no longer serves grilled chicken on its menu. They were once featured on the menu in 2018 and were discontinued later. 

Burger King previously served tender grill sandwiches on the menu. These sandwiches featured grilled chicken as the main component. Therefore, customers who wanted grilled chicken alone could ask for these sandwiches to be served without the buns. 

Wasn’t that hack an excellent idea? Well, there are many more hacks and tips that you can try at Burger King to customize your order to your liking. That way, you can have a great time at Burger King while taking care of your dietary and taste preferences.

What Happened To BK Grilled Chicken Sandwich?

Burger King launched grilled chicken sandwiches twice on the menu. However, it didn’t become a part of the permanent menu either, as it was introduced as a limited-time offering. 

If you look at the history of Burger King, you will find many items that have been launched but have yet to become a part of the permanent menu. One of the items among them was their grilled chicken sandwich. 

Burger King launched the grilled chicken sandwich for the first time on its menu in 2002. It was known as the Chicken Whopper, which was introduced as a limited-time offering for celebrating the 45 th anniversary of the Whopper in the US. This Whopper featured a flame-grilled chicken patty.

After that, they introduced the grilled chicken sandwich in 2019 that featured flame-grilled skinless chicken breast filets. The filets were marinated in spices and were placed on a toasted potato bun layered with fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, and honey mustard sauce.

A single sandwich was available for a recommended price of $4.99, whereas it was offered as a combo meal for $6.99. However, it was discontinued the same year without any reason provided by the brand.

Upon their launch, Burger King said, “We wanted to celebrate this expertise and show that when it comes to flame-grilling, we ‘reign’ over the competition. We’re not just the King of flame-grilling Whopper sandwiches but also the King of flame-grilling chicken.”

Therefore, the grilled chicken sandwich offered by Burger King made for a savory and umami treat. Unlike their fried chicken sandwiches, this sandwich featured a flame-grilled chicken patty that was juicier. 

Furthermore, the veggies and sauce elevated the flavor profile of this burger and made it a satisfying feast. However, this sandwich was discontinued from the Burger King menu as it was only available for a limited time.

Will Burger King Reintroduce It In The Future?

Yes, Burger King may reintroduce the Grilled Chicken Sandwich in the future. We can say so as Burger King has reintroduced many discontinued items on popular demand. 

The grilled chicken sandwiches have been a part of the Burger King menu twice. Thus, there are chances that they may introduce them again. Moreover, let’s remember that Burger King keeps changing its menu to offer a variety to the customers. 

Therefore, time and again, they launch new items and tend to bring back old-time favorites. Hence, we hope the brand relaunch grilled chicken sandwiches. However, it should also be noted that the company has not officially announced it. 

Was BK Grilled Chicken Sandwich Good & Healthy?

Burger King Flame Grilled Chicken Burger

Yes, Burger King’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich was good and healthy. It had a savory taste that appealed to all. Moreover, it did not have too many calories.

To determine how healthy it was, check out the nutritional profile of a grilled chicken sandwich from Burger King.

Calories430 Kcal
Fat11 g
Cholesterol105 mg
Sodium870 mg
Fiber2 g
Sugar11 g
Protein40 g

By looking at the table, we can see that the grilled chicken sandwich was a healthy option. It had only 430 calories and 870 mg of sodium, which is relatively lower than other sandwiches offered by Burger King. 

Furthermore, Burger King’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich made for a savory delight. It had a lovely charred flavor from the grill, and the spices used for marination brought a lot of flavor to the board.

The honey mustard sauce also added its sweet and earthy flavor that elevated the flavor profile. Therefore, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Burger King was a delightful meal. Let’s look at reviews that tell how much this sandwich is remembered.

Does BK Still Have Grilled Chicken Sandwiches In Other Countries?

Burger King Flame Grilled Chicken Burger

Yes, Burger King still serves Grilled Chicken Sandwiches in the Bahamas, Singapore, and Australia. You will also find Grilled Chicken Sandwiches at Burger King in Italy, India, UAE, and Sri Lanka.

So, let’s look at all the grilled chicken sandwich options in these countries.

BK Grilled Chicken In Bahamas

  • Flame Grilled Chicken Burger
  • Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich

You can try both these grilled chicken sandwiches at Burger King Bahamas.

BK Grilled Chicken In Singapore

  • Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken
  • Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich

You can try both these grilled chicken sandwiches at Burger King Singapore.

BK Grilled Chicken In Australia 

  • Tropical Grilled Chicken
  • Aussie Grilled Chicken
  • Spicy Grilled Chicken
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Grilled Chicken With Bacon & cheese
  • Tean Grilled Chicken

To enjoy all these options at Burger King Australia, you will have to visit Hungry Jacks, which is what Burger King is called in Australia.

BK Grilled Chicken In Italy 

  • Grilled Chicken Royale

You can try this burger at Burger King Italy.

BK Grilled Chicken In India

  • Chicken Whopper
  • Chicken Whopper with cheese 
  • Boss Chicken Whopper

You can try all these chicken burgers at Burger King India.

BK Grilled Chicken In Sri Lanka

  • Grilled Chicken Burger 

You can try the grilled chicken burger at Burger King Sri Lanka.


Finally, we have reached the end of this article. You are now aware of the availability of Burger King’s Grilled Chicken Sandwiches in the United States and other countries. 

Therefore, until Burger King US plans to bring this much-wanted sandwich back to the menu, you can enjoy it while traveling to other countries. Until then, you can make the most of the other delectable burgers and sandwiches at Burger King. 

For example, Burger King serves spicy chicken sandwiches on its menu. They are made of deep-fried chicken that tastes amazing. Likewise, you can also try their Original Chicken Sandwich, which is prepared with a long sesame seed bun and fried chicken.

However, if Ch’King was your favorite sandwich from Burger King, sadly, you could not find it on the menu anymore. The reason is that it was discontinued during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similarly, Burger King does not serve hot dogs anymore. They were available in the past but only appeal a little to the customers. Therefore, they have yet to make a comeback. However, Burger King has many more tempting options that can be enjoyed.

Along with their burgers, you should also try their veg and nonveg side options like Chicken Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, and more. Apart from them, Burger King serves a beautiful breakfast menu that includes all your favorite classic breakfast staples. 

Therefore, you can start your day with Hash Browns, French Toast Sticks, and Croissan’wich. Moreover, Burger King also serves a variety of biscuits with egg and meat options like sausages, bacon, and ham. However, they are not currently serving biscuits and gravy.

Hence, there are several things for you to try at Burger King. Please review our website to learn more about Burger King’s offerings. You are sure to find something for all your taste preferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Burger King serve Grilled Chicken for breakfast?

No, Burger King does not serve Grilled Chicken for breakfast.

Does Burger King serve Grilled Chicken salad?

No, Burger King does not serve Grilled Chicken salad.

Does Burger King serve Chicken burgers?

Yes, Burger King serves Chicken burgers. The options include Original Chicken sandwich, BK Royal Crispy Chicken, Spicy BK Royal Crispy Chicken, and Bacon and Swiss BK Royal Crispy Chicken.

Does Burger King serve a Grilled Chicken side?

No, Burger King does not serve grilled chicken as a side option. However, you can try their Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Fries.

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