Does Burger King Have Chicken Nuggets On Their Menu?

Chicken Nuggets have been one of the best-selling Burger King items. Thanks to their savory taste and crunchy texture. But does Burger King still have Chicken Nuggets on their menu? Let’s find out!

Burger King Chicken Nuggets

Yes, Burger King has Chicken Nuggets on their menu. They are made of bite-sized white meat chicken coated in a crispy homestyle seasoned breading. You can buy these Chicken Nuggets in a pack of 4, 8, or 16 pieces for an average price of $3.

So, now that you know where to go to satisfy your chicken nugget cravings, let’s find out more about them. By the end of this article, you will also find out their price, if you can get any deals on them, and whether they are served all day. 

Yes, Burger King Offers Chicken Nuggets On Their Menu

Burger King Chicken Nuggets

Burger King Chicken Nuggets has withstood the test for its delectable taste and pocket-friendly prices. Hence, Burger King still has them on their menu.

If you look at the history of Burger King, you will find that chicken nuggets have been a permanent part of the menu since the beginning. Their delectable taste and texture have appealed to all age groups.

Furthermore, their taste becomes even better when dipped into Burger King’s delectable sauces, which are available in different flavors. The options include mustard, BBQ, tomato, and more. 

Moreover, the chicken nuggets taste so versatile that they can be enjoyed with any meal you order from Burger King’s menu. That’s why Burger King also provides special meals where you can get sandwiches along with chicken nuggets.

For example, Burger King currently offers two Whopper Sandwiches, two Original Chicken Sandwiches, and two eight-piece Chicken Nuggets.

Another reason why Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets are so popular is their attractive price. Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets come cheap. They are priced between $1.69 and $5.98.

Lastly, Burger King Chicken Nuggets are not the unhealthiest item on its menu. Their nutritional values fit comfortably within the daily recommended calorie amount. So, now that you know the reasons behind Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets’ popularity, let’s find out how many pieces you can buy. 

How Many Pieces Of Chicken Nuggets Does B.K. Offer?

Currently, Burger King sells Chicken Nuggets in packs of 4, 8, and 16 pieces. They come for $1.69, $2.49, and $5.98.

Burger King has been selling Chicken Nuggets for many years. However, as a part of their menu changes, they have served different quantities of chicken nuggets occasionally. For example, they served ten pieces of chicken nuggets as a part of a small, medium, and extensive meal.

Moreover, according to Mashed, Burger King has previously served 40 pieces of chicken nuggets with two sides of large fries for $9.99. This offering was introduced as a part of boosting their sales.

However, last year, the company decided to reduce the pieces of chicken nuggets from ten to eight. This was done due to price hikes throughout the supply chain and increased labor costs. 

Explaining the reason for it, Carrols Restaurant Group, the largest Burger King franchisor in the U.S. chief executive Daniel said: “As you may have recently read, the Burger King brand has about a dozen menu and promotional initiatives, some of which have already been implemented and some that will be implemented over this year.” 

“Recent actions in this regard from our franchisor[s] include lifting price caps on value menu items and reducing the number of nuggets [in] meals from 10 pieces to eight,” he added.

However, it doesn’t make much difference as you can buy Chicken Nuggets from Burger King in different quantities, depending on your requirements. To do so, you can head to your nearest Burger King outlet or learn how to order them online using the B.K. app or website.  

Does B.K. Offer Chicken Nuggets All Day?

Burger King Chicken Nuggets

No, most Burger King outlets don’t serve Chicken Nuggets all day. However, you may find a few outlets in Manhattan, Denver, and Kansas that serve them 24 hours. 

Wondering why that is? Well, that’s because Chicken Nuggets are a part of Burger King’s lunch and dinner menus. So, you will get them during these hours. 

However, some Burger King outlets run for 24 hours. These are mostly drive-thru restaurants that you will spot in tourist areas or highways. Such outlets sell all the items the whole day. Therefore, chances are you will also find Chicken Nuggets there for breakfast. 

Moreover, it should be noted that the availability of Chicken Nuggets also depends on what the franchise owner decides. Some franchises may sell nuggets for breakfast if there is a demand for them in their area. So, you can check with your nearest Burger King outlet to see if they do.

If you are curious why Burger King doesn’t sell chicken nuggets for breakfast, there is a reason for it. It is because Burger King has a special breakfast menu. It includes classic breakfast options like Pancakes, Biscuits, French Toast Sticks, Sandwiches, and more. 

These items are available from 6.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. to cover your breakfast needs. Thus, after enjoying their breakfast, you can buy Chicken Nuggets from Burger King’s dinner menu or lunch menu. 

Are Fiery Nuggets Still Available On The Burger King’s Menu? 

No, Fiery Nuggets are not currently available on the Burger King menu. They were available last summer as a limited-time menu item. 

Over the years, Burger King has launched new varieties of Chicken Nuggets to offer new flavors to their customers. For example, they previously introduced the Spicy Nuggets, Crown Nuggets, and Ghost Pepper Nuggets.

Likewise, they also tested a new spicy variation of Chicken Nuggets – the Fiery Nuggets last year. These nuggets were hotter than the regular Chicken Nuggets, glazed with spices like cayenne, black pepper, and Thai chili.

After receiving a good response, these nuggets were made available for purchase from June 19 through August 17, 2023. Moreover, they were priced similarly to the regular Chicken Nuggets. Hence, you could get eight Fiery Nuggets for $2.49. 

However, you will not find the Fiery Nuggets on the menu now. Burger King has discontinued many items in the past, and the Fiery Nuggets have become a part of that list for now. However, you never know; they may make a comeback soon.  

Are Crown Nuggets Still Available On The Burger King’s Menu? 

Burger King Crown Nuggets

No, Crown Nuggets are not available on the Burger King menu now. They were available on the menu for four years, between 2006-2011, and were discontinued after that. 

The Crown Nuggets, however, made a brief comeback at selected locations in Miami in May 2021. Customers could enjoy ten pieces of Crown Nuggets for $1.49.

The specialty of Crown Nuggets was that they came shaped as a crown. Thus, they looked attractive. However, they tasted similar to regular Chicken Nuggets and were therefore perceived as an item crafted only for kids.

Are Ghost Pepper Nuggets Still Available On The Burger King’s Menu? 

No, Ghost Pepper Nuggets are not available on Burger King’s menu right now. They were launched as a new innovative item on October 11, 2021, but didn’t become a part of the permanent menu.

Burger King’s Ghost Pepper Nuggets were a spicier version of the regular Chicken Nuggets. They were made with tender white meat chicken coated in a breading seasoned with spicy hot ghost pepper. 

The spicy notes of these nuggets came from using ghost peppers that are hotter than other peppers. 

Per, customers could purchase eight pieces of Ghost Pepper Nuggets for $1.49. Therefore, the Ghost Pepper Nuggets received good reviews from customers who enjoyed spicy food. They could be enjoyed with a dipping sauce of your choice. However, they, too, didn’t become a part of the permanent menu. 

Does B.K. Offer Vegan Chicken Nuggets?

No, Burger King doesn’t offer vegan Chicken Nuggets in the U.S. However, you will find them at Burger King UK outlets. These nuggets are made of soy and plant proteins and have a soft and meat-like texture.

Burger King added Vegan Chicken Nuggets to its menu in the United Kingdom last year. They were launched as a part of the plant-based menu that the brand has been offering since 2019 in collaboration with Impossible Foods.

You can enjoy Vegan Chicken Nuggets with vegan dipping sauces like ketchup, sweet and sour sauce, and barbecue sauce. A pack of nine Vegan Chicken Nuggets will cost you £3.99. 

Per the reviews, vegan customers have been quite happy with this new plant-based introduction. But these nuggets aren’t the only vegan options available on the menu. Burger King has a delectable vegan menu includes items like the Impossible Whopper, French Fries, Hash Browns, French Toast Sticks, and more.  

Are Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets Healthy?

Burger King Chicken Nuggets

Yes, Burger King Chicken Nuggets are healthy when consumed in moderation. They come with a balanced amount of calories, fat, and sodium content that fits the daily recommended nutritional needs. 

Look at the nutritional value of Chicken Nuggets in the table below to find out how healthy they are.

Nutrients4 Piece8 Piece16 Piece
Calories190 Kcal290 Kcal771 Kcal
Fat12 g19 g49 g
Cholesterol30 mg40 mg109 mg
Sodium490 mg730 mg1980 mg
Carbohydrates12 g18 g45 g
Protein9 g13 g37 g

Burger King Chicken Nuggets are bite-sized white chicken meat coated with seasoned homestyle breading. These nuggets have a low-calorie content that fits the daily recommended dietary needs. 

Therefore, consuming 4-8 pieces of Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets will not lead to health problems. However, overconsumption of Chicken Nuggets can lead to health issues. For example, 16 pieces of Chicken Nuggets have significant sodium. 

According to trusted health organizations, adults require less than 2300 mg of sodium daily. Thus, eating 16 pieces of Chicken Nuggets will make up half of the daily sodium needed. 

However, more parameters should be considered to classify a food item as healthy. That is to say that a food item can be regarded as healthy if it fits right into your recommended dietary needs. 

Therefore, by looking at that information, we can say that Burger King Chicken Nuggets are unsuitable for people following a gluten-free diet. They contain wheat as an ingredient that people suffering from gluten allergies must avoid. 

However, Burger King also offers some gluten-free items on its menu. For example, Burger King’s French fries, salads, and burgers without buns are gluten-free. 

But that’s not where the health concerns end. Do you know that you could also suffer from oil allergies? Yes, that’s true. Different oils are made from other food items that may not suit your health. That’s why you should be aware of the oils that Burger King uses to fry their food.

Are Burger King Chicken Nuggets Good In Taste?

Burger King Chicken Nuggets

No, Burger King Chicken Nuggets are not that great in taste. They lack flavor, moisture, and texture compared to other fast-food chicken nuggets. 

Let’s look at all the factors that help us determine why Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets aren’t that good in taste. 

Fast Food Brands Taste of Burger King Chicken NuggetsChicken Nuggets Taste
McDonald’sLesser flavor due to less seasoningMore flavorful due to better quality ingredients
Wendy’sLess flavor & less spicyMore substantial in flavor and spicy
Chick-Fil-ALess flavor as it is made of ground meatMore flavorful as it is made of whole chicken pieces and marinated in pickle brine.
KFCLesser flavor due to less seasoningMade of 100% white meat chicken and 11 types of herbs and spices
CheckersCrispy, juicy, and more flavorfulChicken bites aren’t that juicy and crispy.

By looking at the table above, I’m sure you have an idea why Burger King Chicken Nuggets aren’t that appreciated. But let’s look at all the reasons in depth to understand them better. 

The popularity of chicken nuggets began when McDonald’s introduced them on its menu in 1979. Their success subsequently inspired the other fast food restaurants to follow suit. 

Thus, if you look at the reviews of McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, you will see that customers particularly find the quality of McDonald’s ingredients much better than Burger King’s. This curiosity led a Reddit user to ask, “Why are Burger King Chicken Nuggets so bad?”.

The thread attracted a lot of answers. One user said, “Burger King consciously decided to lower the quality to lower the price. In my town, 10 Burger King nuggets cost $1.49. That’s insane unless those nuggets are mostly fat and breading with little protein.”

Another commented, “In order to lower the price, they lowered the quality.” A third user commented, “Their default cooking time isn’t enough; it leaves the breading/filler a little doughy.” 

As a result, due to their poor quality and cooking time, people prefer McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets better than Burger King’s. 

Likewise, customers also find Chick-fil-A’s Chicken Nuggets better. While reviewing Chicken Nuggets from different fast food restaurants, Chef Tiana Gee said Chick-fil-A Chicken Nuggets were better because “you can tell that it’s a piece of chicken” and no ground meat is used. 

That’s right, Chick-fil-A’s Chicken Nuggets are made of boneless chicken breasts. They are marinated in pickle brine and a seasoned mix of black pepper, salt, paprika, and chili powder. As a result, they are juicier and flavorful. 

The brand also uses peanut oil to fry its nuggets, which makes them taste better. In comparison, Burger King Chicken Nuggets are often dry and lack flavor. Thus, they don’t attract many positive reviews. 

Similarly, Wendy’s menu also features Chicken Nuggets. They are made of 100% white meat chicken that is lightly breaded and seasoned. That’s why they rank better than Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets. 

A Business Insider review also ranks Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets better than McDonald’s. It calls Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets “more substantial in flavor, spice level, and even heft.”

Another fast-food restaurant that has been serving good chicken nuggets on its menu is KFC. They have been selling fried chicken made with 100% white meat chicken and 11 types of herbs and spices for decades. Therefore, they taste much better than Burger King nuggets as they don’t use as many spices.

However, Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets are better than Checker’s menu. Checkers’ Chicken Nuggets are known as Chicken Bites. But these bites aren’t as juicy and crispy as the brand claims. A review states, “Their meat is dry, and the breading is too overpowering.”

Are There Any Deals On Burger King Chicken Nuggets?

Burger King Chicken Nuggets

Yes, you can get deals on Burger King Chicken Nuggets. For example, Burger King previously sold eight pieces of Chicken Nuggets for $1. Moreover, they also ran an agreement in 2018 where you could get 100 fragments of Chicken Nuggets for $10. 

Burger King offers different types of deals to their customers to make the dining experience even better. These deals include value meals with Chicken Nuggets that don’t cost much.

Last year, Burger King ran a $22 Ultimate Bundle deal where customers could get two whoppers, two eight pc chicken nuggets, and two original chicken sandwiches. Likewise, they also offered a $4.49 where customers could get 9 Pc Chicken Nuggets And Large Fries previously. 

This deal was quite pocket-friendly as it brought together two popular Burger King sides: Chicken Nuggets and French fries. You could get nine pieces of chicken nuggets for $4.49, along with large fries, by availing of this deal.

Similarly, they also launched a $6.99 box with eight pieces of Chicken Nuggets, cheeseburgers, and small drinks. This year, Burger King also rolled out a special Chicken Nuggets deal called the $30 Ultimate Bundle. 

This deal was only available for delivery. With this deal, customers could get two original chicken sandwiches, 16 pcs of chicken nuggets, and two small fries with soft drinks. 

But the best Chicken Nuggets deal was rolled out in 2018, where B.K. offered 100 pieces of Chicken Nuggets for $10 only. They partnered with food delivery service Postmates to provide customers with 100 pieces of chicken nuggets for $10 by placing an order through their app.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest Burger King to get their Chicken Nuggets and attractive deals. 

Can You Make B.K. Chicken Nuggets At Home?

Yes, you can make Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets at home. You will need chicken chunks, flour, and seasonings to create them.

You can make Burger King Chicken Nuggets at home in just 30 minutes using diced pieces of chicken breast. You must coat them in flour seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, and breadcrumbs. 

Then fry them and enjoy them while they are hot. Don’t forget to pair them with your favorite dipping sauces. 


Now that we have reached the end of this article, you know that Burger King has Chicken Nuggets on its menu and where to head. But the brand also offers many other delectable items. 

For example, Burger King also serves Chicken Fries on its menu. They are a pure delight to eat for chicken lovers. Likewise, they also sold Chicken Tenders a few years back. Although this item is unavailable on the menu, it may be returned as a limited-time offer.

Furthermore, Burger King also sells Tacos made with seasoned beef. They tasted good as the taco was created with a crunchy taco shell and had a savory and chewy beef filling. But that’s not all! 

Do you know that Burger King also recently launched Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries? They became pretty famous for their spicy flavor. However, this item is no longer available on the menu currently. 

While we await their return, why don’t you make the most of Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets? These crunchy and savory treats will improve your dining experience at Burger King. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Burger King Chicken Nuggets available for breakfast?

Burger King Chicken Nuggets are not available for breakfast as they are a part of their lunch and dinner menu. However, some locations may serve them for breakfast.

Are Burger King Chicken Nuggets low in calories?

Yes, Burger King Chicken Nuggets have a low-calorie content that fits the daily calorie requirements.

When were Burger King Chicken Nuggets launched?

Burger King Chicken Nuggets have been a part of the menu since 1985.

How many varieties of Chicken Nuggets does Burger King have?

Currently, Burger King has only one variety of regular chicken nuggets. However, they have launched many varieties like the Crown Nuggets, Fiery Nuggets, and Ghost Pepper Nuggets.

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