Does Burger King Have A Fish Sandwich In 2024?

Burger King has a lot of variety on their menu, some of which have won people’s hearts despite being unusual. One such item on the Burger King menu is their fish sandwich. But does Burger King still have a fish sandwich? Let’s find out! 

Does Burger King have a fish sandwich?

Burger King’s does have a fish sandwich on their menu, known as the Big Fish sandwich. This sandwich was introduced a long time ago and has undergone several tweaks. It remains one of their best-selling menu items. 

This chain of fast food restaurants, Burger King, is known for serving lip-smacking flame-broiled burgers. The variety in burgers is endless, and soon they began expanding their menu with delectable chicken sandwiches. 

Although the sandwich is delicious, people have been trying to decide whether it is still a part of the menu. Now that you know it, let us look deeper at this sandwich! Happy Reading! 

Yes! Burger King Has A Fish Sandwich On Its Menu! 

Yes burger king has a fish sandwich on its menu

Burger King still has a fish sandwich on its menu. The fish sandwich originally became a part of the menu back in 1975. The sandwich has undergone many changes over the years, and now Burger King has mastered the recipe for the same. 

Burger King’s fish sandwich is incredible in its way and reasonably priced like the rest of the menu. When the fish sandwich was first introduced on the Burger King menu in 1975, it was known as “The Whaler.” Then in 1978, Burger King did a little redesigning and added specialty sandwiches to their menu. 

This way, “The Whaler” became “The Long Fish Sandwich.” Eventually, in 1998, Burger King changed its name to “Big Fish Sandwich,” the name it is now known for. Since then, the sandwich has become an international sensation and was introduced to most Burger King restaurants worldwide. 

Burger King Fish Sandwich Price – $ 7.49, but may vary based on location. 

Is Burger King Fish Sandwich Real Fish? 

Is Burger King fish sandwich real fish

Like all the burgers and sandwiches on their menu, Burger King uses fresh fish to make their fish sandwich. The fish that Burger King uses is a White Alaskan Pollock filet, an excellent protein source. 

The filet is coated with breadcrumbs and fried to perfection, giving it a crispy outer layer with a juicy mouthful. Lastly, the sandwich’s delicious components are sweet tartar sauce and crunchy pickles, all in a toasted brioche-style bun.

So yes, the Burger King fish sandwich has a natural fish filet, and the flavors talk for themselves! You can also easily make this sandwich at home by following this simple Burger King fish sandwich recipe! 

Burger King Fish Sandwich Review

Fish sandwich review

What people think about this sandwich can quickly help you decide whether you would like to try this sandwich or not. Well, the reviews for this sandwich, let’s say, have been mixed. 

Most people claim that this sandwich could be better in flavor. People have mentioned that they thought it was a bit too salty and that the fish filet could be more crispy than they claimed. People have also mentioned that although the fish is fresh, it could taste better. 

But a few people have also said better things about this sandwich. Quite a few people have mentioned that the sandwich is indeed quite delicious if served hot. The temperature of the sandwich makes a massive difference to its overall taste. So, if you ever are debating whether you would like to try this sandwich, only if it’s hot! 

Does Burger King Have 2 Fish Sandwiches For $ 6? 

Does burger king have two fish sandwiches for 6

Like many other fast food chains, Burger King introduces new and exciting deals now and then. These deals are a great way to save some money, and one such deal with the fish sandwich was the $ 6 mix-and-match deal. 

Burger King’s 2 for $ 6 mix-and-match deal was great; you could enjoy two fish sandwiches for $ 6. Moreover, you can mix, match, and order a whopper or chicken sandwich with the Big Fish sandwich! 

This was one of the best deals that Burger King introduced, and people seemed to love it. Sadly, this deal no longer exists and has been replaced by other exciting deals. Here, you can have a detailed look at what the 2-for $ 6 mix-and-match deal was all about.  


At the end of this article, Burger King has put much effort into developing their fish sandwich to everyone’s taste. Although there have been mixed reviews, the sandwich is still a part of the Burger King menu, as most people love it! 

The best way to clear any confusion is to try it yourself! Moreover, for more such FAQs related to the Burger King menu, look at if Burger King still has milkshakes, salads, and ice creams on their menu. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Burger King have a fish sandwich on their menu? 

Yes, Burger King has a fish sandwich on their menu. 

When was the fish sandwich first introduced? 

The fish sandwich was first introduced on the Burger King menu in 1975. 

What fish does Burger King use for their fish sandwich? 

Burger King uses White Alaskan Pollock for their fish sandwich. 

Is the price of the fish sandwich the same everywhere? 

No, the price of the Big Fish sandwiches may differ based on location. 

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