Does Aldi Take Apple Pay?

Do you shop your groceries from Aldi? I am sure you do, and that’s the reason you’re here reading this article. You might want to switch to Apple Pay for a better buying experience than the regular method. But does Aldi take apple pay? This will no longer be the question in your mind after reading this article.

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You must be pleased to know that Aldi allows Apple Pay. Ever experienced forgetting your wallet while visiting supermarkets? It’s stressful and hard to manage, especially when you don’t have other means to pay. All thanks to digital payment modes like Apple Pay which allow us to easily access the bank account.

Apple Pay can help to handle any situation with no cash and accessories in your cart. Pandemic-like conditions moved people to use contactless payments like Apple Pay which have been in existence since 2015.

Aldi is known for its quality food items and, surprisingly, their low prices. It offers all the groceries with top quality features. It has more than 20,000 stores worldwide where consumers get all kinds of edibles as much as they want.

You can visit the store to get everyday food items like fruits, chicken wings, chips, fresh beef ribs, fresh yogurt, chocolate, and countless other edibles. You can fill your kitchen getting all your groceries under one roof. Moreover, you don’t need to carry cash with you as Aldi allows Apple Pay!

Apple Pay is a popular payment that you must have used. It offers weekly discounts on products from Aldi. This notifies you about the best offers available at the store, so you don’t miss them out! Isn’t it an additional benefit of using Apple Pay? I know it is! There are several explained ahead.

Does Aldi Accept Apple Pay?

Aldi started the facility of taking payments via Apple Pay in Sept 2017. This payment method was valid in all the stores in the US, but now it is accepted at all the stores worldwide. This payment mode not only helps in billing but in growing a strong client base for Aldi. You can use Apple Pay on a card reader or online on the app and website.

Jason Hart, CEO of Aldi said while explaining about the Apple Pay for the store, “We’re continually innovating to provide our customers a faster, more efficient shopping experience that saves them time and money,” He further mentioned, “Shoppers love Aldi because we build and run stores so they can shop quickly. Contactless payment does shopping at Aldi that much faster and more convenient,”

The best part is that you use this most secure payment method for free. Aldi does not take any additional charges or fees to use Apple Pay. Even if you travel elsewhere (out of state) and go to Aldi for food items, Apple Pay deducts no charges.

How To Pay At Aldi Using Apple Pay?

There are no hoops to jump through to learn Apple Pay for payment at Aldi. The process is almost the same as other digital payments. You can inform the cashier at the counter that you want to use Apple Pay. He/she will ask to follow the steps. You will get complete assistance even if it’s your first time using it.

You can use your other Apple devices like the iPad and Apple Watch. Apple Pay also offers you the same rewards as a physical card on shopping from Aldi. You get 1% cash back on the first purchase from Aldi by Apple Pay. You can get the Aldi cashback facility out of your country as well.

All you need to do is use the credit or debit card on Apple Pay that Aldi accepts.

  • As the Apple wallet of your iPhone is already connected to a valid credit card, you can start the procedure of payment by double tapping on the side button. 
  • It will display the default card on the screen. You can change cards with a long press on the present card. Now you need to verify your face for the face ID or enter the passcode. 
  • Hold the device near the card reader and wait until payment is done.

You can get the money transfer details on your Apple device that stay saved in the digital wallet. You can get the details of payment by Apple Pay with bank statements as well as mobile banking.

Paying Via The Face ID Feature

Apple Pay Face ID

Apple Pay offers the easiest ways of user authentication like Face ID. This recognition can make a fast payment of orders from Aldi. You scan the face in seconds and make the device ready for the payment process.

You can follow the below instructions to use the Face ID of Apple Pay:

  • Tap twice on the side button of your iPad or iPhone. Go to Apple Pay and then face ID. 
  • The device will scan your face to verify it. You can follow the passcode method if face recognition is not working. 
  • As you get the green light to face recognition, hold the mobile near the NFC card reader. Keep the phone in the same potion until payment is completed. 
  • The screen of your device will display a checkmark with a word done.

Paying Via The Touch ID Feature

touch ID

The touch ID of Apple Pay is a good feature to use when your device does not recognize your face or is unable to take the passcode. It is also recommended in conditions when you are in a hurry. The use of the touch ID feature of Apple Pay is very simple but secure. Let’s know the use:

  • The touch ID feature is already there on your iPhone. You just need to select it for use while paying via Apple Pay. 
  • Now place your finger at fingerprint recognition on the device.
  • Once the finger is scanned and verified, your Apple device is good to go!
  • Take it near the NFC card reader and keep it for the payment to get processed. 
  • Click on done to confirm.

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The Apple Watch

Apple Pay via Watch

Apple Pay is usable on your Apple watch also. You can make the payments to order from Aldi using an Apple watch. It requires almost the same procedure as the iPhone but you need to connect the Apple watch to the app that is installed on your iPhone. In this way, you get access to Apple Pay on the watch to use at the Aldi store. 

Apple Watch works well in situations when you forget your wallet and iPhone at home. Here is how to follow the procedure:

  • Click twice on the side button of your Apple Watch. Make sure it is on while using it for the payment at Aldi. 
  • Hold its front near the NFC reader till the payment is completed.
  • Do not remove the device until it makes a sound or vibration. 

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The App

Yes, it is true! Apple Pay is the best method to shop for groceries at the Aldi app using iPhone. The app provides complete descriptions of items with updated prices. You can select them and pay at the same time. Here is how to use Apple Pay while purchasing from the Aldi app:

  • Select the items to place the order on the Aldi app.
  • After finalizing the items, you reach the checkout page.
  • Select Apple Pay as the payment mode. 
  • Select the preferred card to pay the amount on Apple Pay and complete the payment.

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The Website

Aldi Website

Aldi’s website is a very convenient means to explore the items list and updated prices. You can get the groceries for the whole week from this website and pay as well. Apple Pay can be the fastest payment method when you visit the website on MacBook. The usability of the website is as easy as given below:

  • After the selection of the order, you move to the payment page of the website.
  • Here you select Apple Pay for the payment of your order.
  • Click on the card and enter the passcode.
  • Click on done for the confirmation of the payment.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Aldi

Apple Pay

Apple Pay can be considered the best payment method while buying foodstuff from the Aldi store. It helps to tackle the consequences that arrive in sudden no-cash situations. You need not carry so many cards in your pocket. Along with these, you can not only depend on cash. Let’s know these in detail:

1. Know the discounts even if you do not visit the store – Once activated on your Apple device, it provides notification on offers availed by Aldi on weekends or festivals.

2. Avoids the issues of using cards – Keeping credit or debit cards while visiting the outdoors can be problematic. You might lose them or drop them anywhere. You can avoid such issues using Apple Pay, especially when visiting mega stores like Aldi. You can go only with your iPhone here if it has Apple Pay. 

3. Reduces the dependency on cash – You don’t need to be dependent on cash once you know how to use Apple Pay. This method works well as an alternative to cash. This is a secure way of handling the amount when you are not confident about keeping the cash outdoors.

Can You Get Cashbacks For Using Apple Pay At Aldi?

cashback with apple Pay

You can get the cashback benefit using Apple Pay. You can make and use an Apple Pay card to ensure this. Any Aldi store near you should take this card. Only it decides if you are eligible for the cashback or not.

Though Apple Pay claims at least 3% cash back on every transaction, there are terms and conditions applied. You can check the cashback eligibility and criteria set by Aldi for its customers. There can be special benefits for regular shoppers. Also, you get benefits with the use of a voucher or coupon.

Other Payment Methods Acceptable At Aldi

Payment Method

Aldi stores accept different payment methods along with Apple Pay. This chain allows you to use cash, debit, or credit cards and contactless modes. You can select the one according to your preference. Let’s know in detail:

1. Credit Card – You can use your credit card for shopping from the Aldi store. It presents the list of credit cards that are accepted at its NFC card reader. You can check this list and use the card accordingly.

2. Debit Card – Debit cards are also accepted at Aldi. You can pay an unlimited amount of bills by using your debit cards. Aldi stores offer cashback on the use of debit cards, but conditions are applied.


Digital payment methods like Apple Pay have made it easy to reach Aldi stores these days. You can use valid credit or debit cards for these online payment modes. Apple Pay is not only less time-consuming but also offers cashback to save on the total amount of orders. Aldi allows Apple users to use Apple Pay with flexible terms. You can use it on the app or website and also at the NFC card reader in the store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I use Apple Pay while buying from Aldi?

Apple Pay is the easy, fastest, and secure mode of payment that every Apple device user likes to use. Aldi accepts this method for the convenience of customers. Now, they can shop from home or remotely and pay remotely using Apple Pay.

Is there a single App of Aldi for all users?

No, Aldi has a different app for different countries. You cannot use the same app at different locations as you require downloading or updating another. These apps are updated according to the availability of items in different stores.

What are the terms and conditions of using Apple Pay at ALDI in the UK?

 ALDI accepts Apple Pay for only NFC card readers in the UK. You cannot buy from an app or website using this method. The Aldi stores take only two types of contactless payments; Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

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