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Dixie Chili and Deli Menu With Prices

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If you’re craving cheesy coneys or classic gyro, Dixie Chili and Deli is a place where you can enjoy these along with many other delicious items. This restaurant chain has a perfect menu for kids. So, you can have a happy family meal at Dixie Chili and Deli restaurant. I’m here to tell you more about the menu and prices and, of course, some other important things about this restaurant. 

Dixie Chili and Deli restaurant

Dixie Chili and Deli’s menu has coneys like coneys island, cheese coney, etc., and Deli sandwiches like turkey or ham, cheese sandwich, and many more. Chili plain, chili with beans, and chili man dip are the famous Dixie chili. You can also enjoy fries like waffle fries, chili, cheese fries, etc. The menu also has chicken tenders and gyros, along with desserts and beverages. Most of these items are less than $10.

Dixie Chili and Deli restaurant also offer packaged chili at affordable prices. You’ll find these with the menu tables below. This restaurant also has delicious items on the kids’ menu. You can order food online if you can’t go out to Dixie Chili and Deli restaurant. I’ve provided the links below. You’ll also find some other important links along with the contact details. Do you know how Dixie Chili and Deli became a famous restaurant chain? 

Dixie Chili and Deli was founded by a Greek immigrant, Nicholas Sarakatsannis, in 1929. Its first restaurant was established in Newport, Kentucky. This Cincinnati chili restaurant brand has three active branches at present. The other two locations of this restaurant chain are in Erlanger and Covington, US. 

Dixie Chili and Deli Menu Prices

Dixie Chili and Deli restaurant's food

Dixie Chili and Deli restaurant is mainly famous for coneys, delis, and chili. Have you tried the famous Dixie Chili? Chili man dip has cream cheese and mashed pinto beans with chili and chopped onions. These are served with shredded cheese on top and tortilla chips. This restaurant served 3-way, 4-way, 5-way, and 6-way chili. These dishes have chili, spaghetti, shredded cheese with crackers. 

You can also enjoy different varieties of fries like waffle fries, chili cheese fries, Greek fries, and homemade Dixie dipping sauce. These crispy fries have delicious dressing drizzled on top. The kids’ meal includes spaghetti and cheese, chicken breast tenders, Weiner cheese sandwich, and cheese coney. Kids’ meal is served to children at the age of twelve or under. All food items on the kids’ menu are freshly made with local ingredients. 

The Deli sandwiches are served with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, a mixture of mayo and mustard, ripple chips, and kosher dill pickle. The meat used in the sandwiches is 95% fat-free. Some of these delicious sandwiches are turkey or ham, roast beef, corned beef sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, etc. You can also add some extra cheese, onions, potato chips, egg slices, etc., to the sandwiches. 

Gyros served at Dixie Chili and Deli restaurant are classic gyro, grilled chicken gyro, gyro platter, etc. You can add extra cheese or sliced jalapenos to gyros. To satiate the sweet tooth, Dixie Chili and Deli restaurant serve mouth-watering desserts like carrot cake, chocolate cake, cheesecakes, and pies like coconut cream pie, lemon meringue pie, and pecan pie. It also offers vanilla ice cream and cookies. 

Check out the menu tables below, along with the prices. You can check out the links mentioned below. If you want to contact the team of Dixie Chili and Deli, I’ve provided the contact details below. 


Coney Island$ 2.18
Cheese Coney$ 2.34
Chili Cheese Sandwich$ 2.34
Wiener Sandwich$ 1.75
Wiener Cheese Sandwich$ 1.97
Alligator$ 2.34

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Dixie Chili Ways

Dixie ChiliSmallRegularSuper
3-Way$ 5.67$ 6.92$ 8.58
4-Way$ 5.89$ 7.14$ 8.79
5-Way$ 6.11$ 7.36$ 9.06
6-Way$ 6.37$ 7.65$ 9.34
Chili & Spaghetti$ 4.95$ 6.04$ 7.18
Taste-Of-Dixie Chili or Soup$ 2.35
Chili ExtrasPrice
Shredded Cheddar Cheese or Cream Cheese$ 1.65
Onions$ 0.90
Sliced Jalapenos or Pepperoni$ 0.95
Chopped Garlic$ 1.20
Sour Cream$ 1.20
Crackers$ 0.20

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Famous Dixie Chili

Dixie ChiliRegularSuper
Chili Plain (or with beans)$ 5.25$ 6.72
Chili Man Dip$ 5.89


Waffle Fries$ 2.59
Cheese Fries $ 4.59
Chili Cheese Fries$ 6.59
Greek Fries$ 5.67
Dixie Dipping Sauces Homemade$ 1.41

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Deli Sandwiches

Turkey or Ham$ 6.48$ 8.24
Roast Beef or Corned Beef$ 6.59$ 8.35
Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Tuna Salad, or Ham Salad$ 6.59
Sandwiches Extras$ 6.48$ 7.58
Sandwich ExtrasPrices
Cheese $ 1.10
Onions (sliced or chopped)$ 0.90
Egg Slices$ 0.90
Pickle (Kosher dill)$ 0.45
Extra Potato Chips$ 1.00
Chicken Breast Tenders$ 7.47

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Classic Gyro$ 6.78
Grilled Chicken Gyro$ 6.78
Gyro Platter$ 9.13
Add To GyroPrice
Feta Cheese$ 1.65
Shredded Cheddar Cheese$ 1.65
Sliced Jalapeno/Pepperoncini$ 0.95

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Coke$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Diet Coke$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Caffeine Free Diet Coke$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Coke Zero$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Sprite$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Cherry Coke$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Mello Yello$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Pink Lemonade$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Root Beer$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Red Cream Soda$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Fanta Orange$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Mr. Pibb$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Iced Tea – Fresh Brewed (Sweet or Unsweet)$ 1.75$ 2.30$ 2.63
Ice Cream Floats$ 1.75$ 3.99$ 2.09
Coffee or Hot Tea$ 1.75
Milk (2% or Chocolate)$ 1.75
Fruit Juices (Capri Sun)$ 1.53
Bottle of Spring Water$ 1.64

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Garden Salad$ 4.47
Greek Salad$ 6.36
Greek grilled Chicken or Gyro Meat Salad$ 8.58
Chef Salad – Small$ 5.77
Chef Salad – Regular$ 6.96
Chili Salad – Small$ 6.47
Chili Salad – Regular$ 7.65
Salad Plate – Homemade $ 7.65
Dixie Delight $ 7.88
Fruit Plate $ 5.27
Bowl Of Slaw$ 3.07

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Salad Dressings

House (Creamy Greek)$ 1.41
Ranch$ 1.41
Danish Blue Cheese$ 1.41
Tzatki$ 1.41
Thousand Island$ 1.41
Lemon Olive Oil Greek $ 1.41
Honey Mustard$ 1.41
Cole Slaw Sauce$ 1.41
Packaged Price
Honey French$ 1.05
low-Calorie Italian $ 1.05
Fat-Free Ranch$ 1.05
Salad ExtrasPrice
Grilled Chicken $ 2.83
Grilled Gyro Meat$ 2.83
Scoop of Chicken, Egg, Tuna, or Ham Salad$ 3.83
Cheddar/Swiss Cheese$ 1.65
Hand Chopped Onion$ 0.88
Feta Cheese$ 1.64
Sour Cream$ 1.20
Tzatzki Sauce$ 1.41
Extra Dressing$ 1.41
Extra Salad Crackers$ 0.20

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Mediterranean Soup$ 5.05$ 3.77
Soup of the Day$ 5.17$ 3.98

Kids’ Meal

Kids’ 3-Way$ 5.82
Kids’ Spaghetti and Cheese$ 4.50
Kids’ Chicken Breast Tenders$ 5.27
Kids’ Cheese Coney$ 5.05
Kids’ Weiner Cheese Sandwich$ 4.17

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Cakes (Carrot, Chocolate, Pumpkin)$ 3.95
Cheesecake Deluxe$ 3.95
Pies (Coconut Cream or Lemon Meringue)$ 4.28
Pecan Pie$ 3.41
Vanilla Ice Cream (scoop)$ 1.99
Vanilla Ice Cream (double scoop)$ 2.99
Assorted Cookies$ 0.83

Packaged Chili

Single 10 oz Can$ 3.25
Family 6 Pack$ 18.98
Family 12 Pack$ 37.40
Survival Kit (3 Cans, Spaghetti & Crackers)$ 18.98
Vegetarian Chili (26 oz Jar)$ 5.82
Dixie Chili Hot Sauce$ 8.80

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Dixie Chili and Deli Nutritional Information


Read the nutritional value of the menu items of Dixie Chili and Deli by clicking the link provided above.

Dixie Chili and Deli Franchising Details

Dixie Chili and Deli

 Dixie Chili and Deli has three restaurants in America that serve delicious chili, gyro, deli sandwiches, and many other delicious food items. If you want to own a franchise of Dixie Chili and Deli, you can directly contact the restaurant’s team. At present, there are no franchise details of Dixie Chili and Deli restaurant available. We’ll update the information here if there are any details about franchise available in future.

Dixie Chili and Deli Contact Information 

Dixie Chili and Deli Head Office Address: 733 Monmouth Street,
Newport, Kentucky 41071

Dixie Chili and Deli Phone: 859-291-5337

Dixie Chili and Deli Email Address:

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Order Online (Canned Chili)
About Dixie Chili and

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