What Are The Different Costco Pizza Styles?

Today, we have gathered here to discuss what are the different pizza styles that Costco offers. I know what you’re thinking. Costco is a big-box retail store, which is just a fancy name for a big wholesale store, so how in the world does it offer pizza? But as a matter of fact, Costco does, and that too in style, or should I say styles. Also, they serve a much bigger size of a pizza but with a much smaller price tag. 

Costco mainly serves five types of pizzas at the Costco food court. You’ll find cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, customized pizzas, take-and-bake pizzas, and frozen pizzas at Costco. You can also get a combo pizza. Other variants include margarita, cauliflower crust, and Kirkland cheese pizzas. Costco doesn’t offer pizza delivery and you have to get the pizza from the food court in person.

Even though Costco doesn’t offer pizza delivery, you can just call to order the delicious Costco pizza in advance or just order it before you start filling your shopping trolley. That way, you’ll have a delicious hot pizza by the time you are done with your shopping spree. I know it’ll be hard to go through the aisles while imagining a delicious pizza waiting for you but still, try to manage.

Let me elaborate more on the pizza styles and the ways you can order the Costco pizzas from the Costco food court. Other than pizzas, you’ll find hot dogs, sandwiches, and drinks on the Costco food menu, but that is a discussion for next time. Let’s focus on Costco pizza styles for now.

The Different Costco Pizza Styles 

Pizza With Different Toppings

Costco offers a lot of things in its food court menu. It is filled with hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers, and even milkshakes. But we are here for larger-than-life delicious pizzas that are as good as any big pizza place when it comes to taste. Just for reference, the pizza at Costco is 18 inches in diameter, while the ones at Domino’s and Pizza Hut are about 12 inches.

Here are some of the most popular pizza styles that Costo offers. 

1. Cheese Pizza

First on the list is the Costco cheese pizza because of its popularity. People love freshly baked pizza loaded with cheese. The pizza is cheese loaded with about 24 ounces of melted cheesy goodness on the pizza crust. The pizza is freshly baked but what is even better is that it is topped with fresh and not processed cheese. The pizza has a crispy crust, which we’re all here for, by the way. This pizza is definitely worth the little wait. Actually, even a little more than that. 

2. Pepperoni Pizza

The Costco pepperoni pizza is next in line with the popular Costco pizzas. This pizza is worthy of the name ‘pepperoni pizza’ with about 60 slices of delicious pepperoni on the top. The pepperoni is combined with a sauce that is tomato-based. The pizza is also one of the New-York style ones, which means you get the hyped foldable slices and crispy crust. Also, the prices are much lower than the New-York style pizza, which means that it has all the taste within the range of your pocket. 

3. Customized Pizza

If you don’t want any of the above variants, you can just have a customized pizza. Yes, the option is very much available. It may take a little more time as they have to perfect it according to your liking, but what’re an extra 15 minutes in front of a delicious pizza with your favorite toppings. You can combine cheese, pepperoni, with some mushrooms, and maybe a broccoli floret or two to give the illusion of it being healthy. 

You can also just order the Costco combo pizzas. In the combo pizzas, you can order a pizza with half cheese and half pepperoni. There are also other available combos. So, you can order one pizza for everyone’s pizza needs without a fuss. 

4. Take-and-Bake Pizza

The Costco take-and-bake pizza is exactly what it sounds like. You take the unbaked pizza home or bake it there. This option is a great one when you want a pocket-friendly and delicious pizza for the after-shopping cravings but are running short on time. You just take the pizza with your favorite toppings, bake it at home and enjoy delicious pizza fresh-out-of-the-oven. 

The Costco deli offers a 5-cheese pizza and a pepperoni pizza for you to take home and bake. But, this can vary depending on the region of the Costco you’re visiting. So, if there is a different pizza option in the take-and-bake style at the Costco you go to, don’t come at me. 

5. Frozen Pizza

If you want a pizza to eat late at night and don’t crave it immediately, you can just grab a Costco frozen pizza from their frozen food section. The frozen pizzas at Costco also have a lot of varieties. You can get a gluten-free option, a usual pepperoni option, and even mini pizzas that are too cute to eat. Just take the pizza home and bake them in the microwave. The time for cooking will be mentioned in the box. So, all you need to do is a little wait and that’s it. 

These are great for midnight pizza cravings and you can store them in the freezer for some time. They are also as affordable as the ones you get at the Costco food court. 

How Does The Costco Pizza Taste Like?

Costco Cheese Pizza

Even though it doesn’t cost as much, the Costco pizza tastes as good as the other big pizza brand names. I have eaten some of the best pizza in Sacramento and Costco pizzas just have a similar taste. The pizza comes in the New York style, which means you get to eat it by folding the slices. The sauce is your regular tomato-based one. The crust is crunchy yet pliable for foldability. They also don’t go easy on the toppings. You get a pizza with a load of cheese, pepperoni, and meat.

The cheese is fresh and the pizzas are also freshly baked. Honestly, I feel like people have been sleeping on how good these pizzas are. 

How To Order Pizza From Costco?

Costco Pizza

If you think that you can order a delicious and price-friendly pizza in the comfort of your cozy blanket and couch, then I have some sad news for you. Costco does not offer pizza delivery services.

But I also have good news for you. You can order a pizza of your choice from Costco by placing an order online or calling them in advance. This is completely possible. If you have to make a trip to Costco for their insanely low-priced goods, you can also get a delicious freshly baked pizza for yourself without the wait.

Place the order via a call or online at least half an hour in advance. So, by the time you reach your destination, you’ll have your pizza already waiting for you. If you are an introvert, I recommend placing the order online. 

Another great and simple way to order as soon you reach Costco. Don’t shop; instead, go to the food court, order your preferred pizza, and go for the designated shopping tour. By the time you’re done shopping, so will be the pizza-making. 

How To Get Pizza From Costco Without Membership?

Costco Food Court

The annual membership for Costco is about $60. It comes with a lot of benefits. You get discounts with major price slashes and you get delicious food at less than $2. But if you are not a member and don’t intend to be, there are other ways you can catch the Costco pizza.

You need a membership to go inside Costco but not to buy food from their food court. So, if the food court is out of the store, you can go straight to the food court, order whatever you want, and pay in cash. Yes, you have to pay in cash. Also, if you don’t have a membership, you have to get a whole pizza. The membership card lets you buy pizza in slices.

Another simple way that you might already be doing is to tag along with a person who is already a member and enjoy the benefits. You can go without the member but make sure to take the Costco cash card with you and make sure it has the number of dollars you need. 

If you are in a situation where there are none of the aforementioned situations and you still need to buy a Costco pizza, you can just enter the store to buy non-member goods or use non-member services. The non-member goods include alcohol and the no-member services include some of the Costco pharmacy services. So, you can just go to the Costco food court in the guise of buying alcohol or using a health service. But the paying-in-cash stands. 


So, now you know the different pizza styles that you can get at Costco. You also know that you can get a delicious freshly-baked New York-style pizza at Costco, with or without the membership. I feel like I have passed on my knowledge, so my work here is done. 

What one of the Costo pizza styles do you like the best? Tell me in the comments below. Stay tuned for such amazing content. 

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