5 Tips For Designing Great Food Packaging

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When we visit any supermarket or mall, we find an aisle full of the same food products with different brand names. But have you ever thought, why one brand sells more than others? Why do only a few products attract us among the crowd? A big contributor to that is the brand packaging.

Food Packages In A Supermarket

As per Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, more than 30,000 new consumer products are launched every year but not all succeed. The failure rate for new products is 70 – 80 %. As I said, one of the primary reasons is product packaging.

A food product sells because of its overall feel and aura that successfully grabs attention. All that should happen in a fraction of a second. So, today we will discuss some tips for designing great food packaging. But before that, let’s see why great food packaging is important.

Why Is Good Food Packaging Important?

Food Packaging

It’s common knowledge that a product has to be good in order to sell. But other than that, there are a lot of things that go into selling a food product. You need to market and advertise the product diligently so that people notice it and it gets on their radar.

Food packaging plays a great role in that. A beautifully packaged product that defines the product or gives you an insight into what you’re getting is a great marketing tool. A well-designed food package is an asset to the particular brand in the long run.

A lot goes into designing the ideal food packaging. You need to be clear about the product, the design needs to be creative yet simple, it should be unique, and should reflect the values of the brand. See, designing a great food package is not fun and games! It is actually a task, a big one!

5 Tips For Designing Great Food Packaging

As I said, a lot goes into making great food packaging. But I have narrowed it down to only 10 simple tips. Note them down for your next food package design venture.

1. Clarity

Juices for kids

When designing a food package, there should be clarity in the design. What I mean is that the customer should understand what you’re selling at a glance. If there are too many elements in one packaging design, it will confuse the customers, leaving them frustrated.

Fun fact: Most customers can make up their minds in one-third of a second (I swear this is not made up). Thus, you have less than half a second to attract customers to your product. It becomes vital that customers get what they are expecting through its visual appearance. You have to convey all that through packaging design.

For instance, a food product targeted at kids should have bright colors and themes that convey that it is kid-friendly like sugary drinks that come in the colors of the rainbow. So, a food targeted at a specific consumer should easily have the food packaging to attract that consumer base.

2. Shape, Form, and Function

Interesting design

The shape and architecture of the packaging also play a great role in attracting customers. Besides being visually pleasing, you need to make sure the packaging is functionally friendly. Shapes do attract attention and have eased the process of brand visibility. 

It’s important for brands to introduce innovative shapes in existing products. They can even make a slight modification to the existing conditions and make the product stand out with high brand recall. But apart from that packaging should also fulfill its basic requirement; delivering the product.

When designing a unique form or shape of the packaging, you need to primarily consider the sturdiness. You can design the most beautiful and delicate design but it’ll be of no use if the product reaches the consumer damaged. So, the point is to create a unique and beautiful shape all the while keeping it damage-proof.

Pizza box innovative shapes design, which is cut into slice shape form, will help you eat each slice with a holding cover below it to avoid a mess. Isn’t this a great strategy? A pizza without the hassle of washing dishes!

3. Brand Message 

KFC Tagline

When the product is kept on the shelf, it is the sole promoter of your brand. So, you need to make sure that it’s not dead there, it should communicate with customers. How can this be possible? Simple, with a meaningful brand message!

Each product has something unique and keeping it distinct is what’s vital. The creation should have a message which will justify its value proposition or USP. Few products will speak about its nutritional value, few organic nature, quality, and taste. A great tagline will also be enough to talk about.

KFC’s tagline “Finger licking good” is one of the many examples of a brand’s tagline. There’s also the topic of integrity. Your packaging and the product should go hand in hand. If the packaged product doesn’t meet the expectations, shown to the customer on the packaging, the brand will lose the trust of many.  Try not to lose that integrity by over-promising packaging and under-whelming products.

4. Creative, Simple, and Versatile

Creative, Simple, and Versatile food designs

These three words will help you a lot when designing a great food package. You need to be creative when designing your product. The colors, the fonts, every little thing should draw attention to your product. You need to fit all that in the little space you get on the food package.

Now, you have to do all that but that doesn’t mean you have to make it look like a country fair. Your design can be simple with minimalist designs that convey your message without crowding the place (on the package, of course). There are a lot of designs in the business that make it work with their simple yet effective food packaging designs.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that your design should be versatile. This stands true when the product has more than one size, type, or flavor. Your design should be a shoe that fits all. This will make the brand more recognizable. Look at this as familiarity, not monotony.

5. Strong Shelf Impact 

Shelf Impact

Retail-ready food packaging should be friendly to retail and shelf. Colors, graphics, placements, size, brand message, all should be consistent and balanced with each other only then, it will make an impact. 

There is a massive number of the same products in supermarkets. So. you have to make sure your design and product stand out. You can take the assistance of a food packaging design agency that will craft you with a distinct identity and make you stand out in the crowd.  

Make sure product images shown on packaging should entice the buyer and create an impulse buying. Also, you need to study the competitor’s products in detail. Your design needs to stand out and fill the shortcomings of the other designs. Shelf impact is an important factor, mind you!


Above are a few tips which I am sure will be useful if you implement them effectively. No recommendations can do wonders overnight make sure you do basic research in your industry. The food industry is vast so check out your niche and better work in that area instead of focusing on all sectors and not mastering in any.

Food packaging design is highly influenced by the brand story, positioning, and personality, so make sure your overall emotion and feel of the product should justify its trait, or else it might create confusion among customers.

Since its food makes sure it’s enticing, mouth-watering, and develops cravings, you are on the right track if this is done. Keeping yourself updated with the latest trends and updates in the food industry can be creative or technical so that you can be in sync with changes and don’t lose out on the market.

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