Tips for Designing Great Food Packaging


When we visit any supermarket or mall, we find an aisle full of products the same products with different brand names. But have you ever thought are all products getting sold? Why do only a few products attract us among the crowd?

As per the Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, More than 30,000 new consumer products are launched every year and out of which 80% of them fail.

The failure rate for new products launched is 70 to 80 percent, according to Inez Blackburn of the University of Toronto. One of the primary reasons is product packaging.

Especially when we purchase any food product, its overall feel and aura must successfully attract your attention. If that does not happen in the first 7 seconds, then your brand is lost the race.

When brands approach us asking for so many things for their product to increase sales, we suggest them to change or revamp their packaging design which plays a crucial role. 

Even new start-ups when they come for a consultation, we make them understand how packaging plays a significant role to stand out and gain competitive advantage.

With our 17+ years of rich branding and packaging experience, I will throw some essential elements of food packaging design, which will lead you to gain a positive impact on your revenue and sales.


Today when people visit the store to buy food products, they do invest time in only those products which are easily recognized at one glance. Too many elements in one packaging design will confuse customers and leave him frustrated.

It is said that consumer judgment and decision making, shoppers can make decisions in about a third of a second. By this time, they have almost completed their decision in their mind, and it will upset them badly if they are proven to be wrong.

Make sure what customers get what they are expecting through its visual appearance, and that is through packaging design.

Example- If you bring in market health-conscious food, but if you don’t brand it that with brand elements, then it will lose its target audience’s attention.

MDH Haldi powder


The creative shape is a significant part when you are into the food industry but make sure you understand it with only visual appearance, make sure it is functionally friendly. Shapes do attract attention and have eased the process of brand visibility. 

Brands with innovative shapes into existing products or even made a slight modification to the existing conditions to make it stand out with high brand recall.

Example- If a shape of chips jar is also converting into the tray for serving that creates an approachable shape design that is helping you to consume without worrying about the plate.

Pizza box innovative shapes design, which is cut into slice shape form which will help you to eat each slice with a holding cover below it to avoid a mess.


3.Brand message 

When the product is kept on the shelf, it is the sole promoter of your brand, so make sure it’s not dead there, it should communicate with customers. How can it be possible? It’s possible with a meaningful brand message.

Each product is having something unique about it and keeping it distinct creation should have a message which will justify its value proposition or USP. 

Few products will speak about its nutritional value, few organic nature, quality and taste many more so a beautiful tagline will also be enough to talk.

Lays – No one can eat just one. 

KFC – Finger licking good  



After COVID-19, now the one point which is at the center of attraction is hygiene and safety factor. 

Make sure your complete transport processes are monitored from the point of origin to its final destination, which can be from domestic to international. Follow all safety guidelines plan for contactless deliveries with packaging resistant to all kinds of damages and exposures in process. 

The delivery process includes UV rays boxes and active packaging to avoid transmission of the virus. The packaging material should also ensure the food elements intact such as colour, aroma, taste, freshness to maintain its suitability for consumption.

5. Strong shelf impact 

There are three types of packaging 

  1. Primary which is directly in contact with the product 
  2. Secondary packaging is the next layer in which the primary packaging comes in it can be a box, carton etc.
  3. Tertiary packaging is the last layer which is shrink wrap, pallet in which the whole product is carried.

Retail-ready packaging is such where the design should be friendly to retail and shelf. Colours, graphics, placements, size, brand message all should be consistent and balanced with each other only then it will make an impact. 

There is a massive number of same products in supermarkets, so make sure you take the assistance of a food packaging design agency who will craft you with a distinct identity and make you stand out in the crowd.  

Shelf Ready/ Retail Ready Packaging allows you to have the opportunity to innovate and make your packaging affordable and more attractive to retailers and consumers. 

Make sure product images shown on packaging should entice the buyer and create an impulse buying.


Above are a few tips which I am sure will be useful if you implement it effectively. No recommendations can do wonders overnight make sure you do basic research in your industry. The food industry is vast so check out your niche and better work in that area instead of focusing on all sectors and not mastering in any.

Food packaging design is highly influenced by the brand story, positioning, and personality, so make sure your overall emotion and feel of the product should justify its trait or else it might create confusion among customers.

Since its food make sure it’s enticing, mouth-watering and develop cravings if this is done then you are on the right track. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and updates in the food industry can be creative or technical so that you can be in sync with changes and don’t lose out the market.

Want to explore food packaging but still confused about where to start to need an expert opinion? Do not worries connect DesignerPeople we are there to help you and show right direction based on your brand vision and objectives. 

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