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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

Know more about FXP+ from here

Delta Makes Five New Additions To Its On-Flight Menu

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Tired of there not being delicious vegetarian meal options on-flight? Delta Airlines have the solution to this problem of yours! These five new menu additions are guaranteed to make your flying experience a hundred times better!

Food In Delta Airlines

The airlines announced the new menu additions on Wednesday and have been reported to be good for the environment as well. These additions will be made from March itself.

These meals would be vegetarian-friendly and vegan friendly. The menu will feature food from the brands “Black Sheep Foods” and “Impossible Foods.”

Along with these meals, Delta will also be reintroducing hot meals for first-class flyers and people flying with Delta One for 900 miles or more. 

This step taken by Delta will not only provide customers with good food. It will also provide them with offers like ‘first-of-its-kind loyalty with Instacart’ and provide in-flight entertainment services featuring Spotify and Peloton.

From Impossible burgers to cauliflower cakes, the Delta menu will have it all ready for you. Delta itself will modify the Impossible burger by making it a green chili spice-rubbed burger with caramelized onion chutney on top. All of this will be served with Manchego cheese on a brioche roll.

The Impossible Foods will be adding the Impossible Burger and Impossible meatballs to the Delta in-flight menu. The additions made by Black Sheep Foods will be lamb meatballs.

Along with these items, the menu will have a warm seasonal vegetable plate and cauliflower cakes. With the inclusion of these items in the menu, your flying journey will get a lot more pleasant than usual.

When asked about these new menu additions, Kristen Manion Taylor, SVP – in-flight service, commented, “Not only are plant-based meats like Impossible™ Burger delicious to eat, but they’re also often better for the environment, using far less land and water to produce.”

Taylor further added, “These new options are one part of Delta’s broader mission to promote a wellness-focused travel journey.” With Delta already offering its customers so many perks, these will increase their sales.

We wish and hope that Delta keeps up the good job of providing their flyers with comfort and taking care of the environment. Kudos to you, Delta!

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