Delifrance Menu With Prices [Updated September 2023]

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Delifrance menu with prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. We have shared the menu of Delifrance menu from the location Sri Lanka. The menu is updated on 1st September, 2023.

Delifrance Restaurant

For the accurate prices, you might have to look for the menu of your nearest Delifrance outlet from its official websiteandroid app, or iOS app, or any other food delivery app.

Delifrance menu with prices is known for fresh and delightful bakery options. In the bakery section of the menu, they have got baguettes, ciabatta, croissants, and much more. Most of the food items here are for under LKR 1000.

But this is not enough, I will also tell you about the Delifrance menu prices, franchise cost, contact details, and nutritional breakdown of the ingredients present in the Delifrance menu.

In 1919 the Vilgrain family founded “Les Grands Moulins de Paris”.

By 1983, Delifrance was born following the creation of the first part-baked bread that could be exported worldwide and in 1984 saw the opening of the first Delifrance store in Amsterdam.

Their cafe is designed in such a way to provide casual atmosphere and a more refined vibe as compared to other cafe chains.

Delifrance is also a place for breakfast and lunch, especially among office workers, students, and businessmen.

Delifrance Menu With Prices

Delifrance Food

In their menu, you will find different varieties of Delifrance with unique flavours and they also serve occasionally as well and have options for gifts and events.

Specialties of Delifrance include fruit tartlets, mini-tarts canapes, assorted mini tart canapes, assorted mini sandwiches, and many more.

Delifrance includes a section of bread, salad, etc., which includes dark rye bread, baguette, French long baguette, vienna baguette, salad – chef salad, tandoori chicken salad, and much more.

People love to eat in Delifrance because of the fresh food served and ambiance of their stores.

All the dishes are affordable here. So, without wasting time, let’s see the menu prices of Delifrance.

Picked For You Menu With Prices

Croissaint SandwichLKR 927.83
Pain Au ChocolatLKR 640.87
Almond CroissantLKR 946.96
Butter CroissantLKR 631.30
Baguette SandwichLKR 813.04

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Promotions Menu With Prices

Delifrance Combo OfferLKR 1,147.83

Bread Menu With Prices

Baguette HalfLKR 315.65
French Long BaguetteLKR 545.22
Garlic Pepper BaguetteLKR 401.74
Dark Rye BreadLKR 487.83
Multi Seed Brown BreadLKR 545.22
Multi Cereal BaguetteLKR 449.57
Vienna BaguetteLKR 315.65
Cereals And Sourdough breadLKR 497.39

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Salad Menu With Prices

Tandoori Chicken SaladLKR 1,807.83
Salad – Chef SaladLKR 1,473.04
Delifrance Special – Caesar SaladLKR 1,473.04

Danish Menu With Prices

Almond CroissantLKR 946.96
Pain Au ChocolatLKR 640.87
Butter CroissantLKR 631.30
Chocolate TwistLKR 946.96
Pain RaisinLKR 813.04

Dessert Menu With Prices

Blueberry MuffinLKR 468.70
Chocolate MuffinLKR 420.87
Blueberry CheesecakeLKR 1,195.65
Chocolate EclairLKR 573.91
Chocolate CakeLKR 793.9
Carrot CakeLKR 669.57
BrowniesLKR 573.91
Chocolate chip cookieLKR 200.87
Vanilla Cashew CookieLKR 200.87
Lava CakeLKR 621.74
Tiramisu Cake – SliceLKR 573.91
Double Choc Cake SliceLKR 574.00
Honey Crunch Cake SliceLKR 765.00
Citrus Orange Cake SliceLKR 670.00
Red Velvet Cake SliceLKR 689.32

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Sandwiches Menu With Prices

Croissaint SandwichLKR 927.83
Vienna Baguette SandwichLKR 813.04
Baguette SandwichLKR 813.04
Chicken Tandoori SandwichLKR 363.48
Tuna Mayo SandwichLKR 363.48
Cereal Baguette SandwichLKR 927.83

Savouries Menu With Prices

Sausage RollLKR 392.17
Spicy Chicken PastryLKR 373.04
Creamy Prawn RollsLKR 286.96
Fish RollsLKR 267.83
Smoked Chicken & Egg PuffLKR 459.13
Fish PattiesLKR 248.70
Chicken & Mushroom QuicheLKR 880.00
Fish PastryLKR 344.35
Puff Pastry Chicken CurryLKR 373.04
Mixed Veggie Puff PastryLKR 277.39
Bacon & Egg PastryLKR 478.26
Creamy Chicken RollsLKR 277.39
Large Hot DogLKR 707.83
Creamy Chicken M/Room PieLKR 535.65
Mutton RollsLKR 392.17
Quiche LorraineLKR 774.78
Creamy Mixed Vege PieLKR 478.26
Tandoori Chicken PieLKR 564.35

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Pies Menu With Prices

Creamy Chicken And Mushroom Pie (1 Pc)LKR 522.26
Creamy Mixed Vegetable Pie (1 Pc)LKR 466.30
Tandoori Chicken Pie (1 Pc)LKR 550.24

Cold Drinks Menu With Prices

MilkshakesLKR 813.04
Iced CoffeeLKR 851.30
Coffee Frappe (R)LKR 526.09
Iced LatteLKR 573.9
Iced Tea – PeachLKR 516.52
Fresh Juice – LimeLKR 564.35
Fresh Juice – PineappleLKR 717.39
Hibiscus Iced TeaLKR 487.83
Fresh Juice – WatermelonLKR 621.74
Fresh Juice – Mixed FruitLKR 765.22
Iced Tea – LemonLKR 516.52
Morroccan Mint Iced TeaLKR 516.52
Iced AmericanoLKR 736.52
Fresh Juice – PapayaLKR 564.35
Bottled Water 500MLLKR 105.22
Iced Tea – GingerLKR 516.52

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Hot Drinks Menu With Prices

Hot ChocolateLKR 688.70
CappucinoLKR 554.78
TeaLKR 325.22
Café LatteLKR 631.30
Irish CoffeeLKR 793.91
Café MochaLKR 746.09
Mocha LatteLKR 1,128.70
Flat WhiteLKR 717.39
AmericanoLKR 564.35
Coffee With MilkLKR 621.74

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How To Order Online From Delifrance?

Delifrance is best known for fresh and delightful bakery options. You can order your favorite food online from Delifrance by following the link of their official websiteandroid app, or iOS app, or any other delivery platforms. The restaurant is best known for quality food and services.

To order food from Delifrance online, you can also refer some of the leading food delivery service apps like Deliveroo and UberEats. We have shared the detailed screenshots that shows how to order food online from Delifrance.

Finding The Latest Benihana Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Click on the link of official website of Delifrance and begin to place the order online.

UberEats Homepage

2. Add the location of any nearest outlet of Delifrance.

Delifrance Location

3. When you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Delifrance Menu

4. Select your favorite food items and add it to the cart.

Delifrance Add To Cart

5. Proceed further to checkout and confirm the online order.

Delifrance Checkout

Delifrance Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional facts of the items present on the Delifrance menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Delifrance Franchising Details

Delifrance Outlet

Delifrance has there franchise in all the 7 continents and they have almost 1001-5000 employees and if you want to buy their franchise, then this is how much it will cost you here is the cost.

NicheComptoirBakery Restaurant
Global Investment$ 50000 – $ 150000$ 300000 – $400000
Expected Annual Income$ 150000 – $ 400000$ 6500000 – $ 900000
Food Cost30%30%
Marginal Income70%70%

Delifrance Contact Information

Delifrance Address: 10 Pandan Crescent, #05-01 (Lobby 1) Singapore 128466

Delifrance Phone Number: +65 6324 4333

You can contact Delifrance by using the contact form on their website.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Delifrance [FAQs]

Where was the first store of Delifrance opened?

The first store of Delifrance opened was in Amsterdam.

Is the restaurant Delifrance available on social media handles?

Yes, the restaurant Delifrance is available on social media handles.

Who is the CEO of Delifrance?

The CEO of Delifrance is Robert O’Boyle.

Is the restaurant Delifrance available on food delivery apps?

Yes, the restaurant Delifrance is available on food delivery apps.

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