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Are you searching for French Bakery products and you’ve ended up going to Delifrance, then you are at the right place. In the coming lines of the article, I will share some important information related to the Delifrance but first, let’s learn a little about the place.

Delifrance outlet

Delifrance’s menu is known for fresh and delightful bakery options. In the bakery section of the menu, they have got baguettes, ciabatta, croissants and much more. You can also try out other breakfast options as well.

But this is not enough, and I will also tell you about the Delifrance menu prices, franchise cost, contact details, nutritional breakdown of the ingredients present in the Delifrance menu.

In 1919 the Vilgrain family founded“Les Grands Moulins de Paris.”By 1983, Delifrance was born following the creation of the first part-baked bread that could be exported worldwide and in 1984 saw the opening of the first Delifrance store in Amsterdam.

Their cafe is designed in such a way to provides a casual atmosphere and a more refined vibe as compared to other cafe chains. Delifrance is also a place for breakfast and lunch, especially among office workers, students, and businessmen.

So, without wasting time, let’s see the Delifrance menu prices.

Delifrance Menu Prices

Delifrance menu

In their menu, you will find different varieties of Delifrance with unique flavours and they also serve occasionally as well and have options for gifts and events.

Specialities of Delifrance include fruit tartlets, mini-tarts canapes, assorted mini tart canapes, assorted mini sandwiches and many more. People love to eat in Delifrance because of the freshness of their products and ambience of their stores

All the dishes are affordable here and lie between the $10 to $40. So, without wasting time, let’s see the menu prices of Delifrance.


CiabattaSGD 7.50
BaguetteSGD 3.60

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All Day Breakfast

All Day BreakfastPrice
Mega Hearty PlatterSGD 13.90
Hearty PlatterSGD 10.90
Scrambled Egg CroissantSGD 6.90
Smoked Salmon & Poached Egg CroissantSGD 9.90
Chicken Ham & Poached Egg CroissantSGD 9.90

Soup of the Day

Soup of the DayPrice
Soup of the DaySGD 4.00

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2 Pcs Chicken FeuilleteSGD 7.40
2 Pcs Tuna Feuillete SGD 7.40
2 Pcs Chicken Curry FeuilleteSGD 7.40


Deli PotatoSGD 7.80


Egg SandwichSGD 7.20
Tuna SandwichSGD 7.80
Chicken SandwichSGD 7.80
Seafood SandwichSGD 8.20
Ham SandwichSGD 7.50
Ham and Cheese SandwichSGD 8.50
Cheese SandwichSGD 7.50
Smoked Salmon SandwichSGD 8.00
Herb Poulet & CheeseSGD 8.80

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Vegetable PizzaSGD 5.90
Tahiti PizzaSGD 5.90
Spicy Chicken Pizza BaguetteSGD 5.90

Hot Meals

Hot MealsPrice
Beef StewSGD 13.80
Chic and Shrooms Baked IceSGD 13.80
Beef LasagneSGD 13.80
Salmon Lasagne SGD 13.80
Vegetable LasagneSGD 13.80

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4 Pcs French Butter CroissantSGD 10.50


2 Pieces of Strawberry TartsSGD 9.20
2 Pieces of Mixed Fruit TartsSGD 9.20
2 Pieces of Peach TartsSGD 8.00
Strawberry Tart and Mixed Fruit TartSGD 9.20
Strawberry Tart and Peach TartSGD 8.60
Mixed Fruit Tart and Peach TartSGD 8.60
Blueberry TartSGD 4.60

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Eclairs And Macarons

Eclairs And MacaronsPrice
2 Pcs Mini Chocolate EclairSGD 4.40

Cakes & Muffins

Cakes & MuffinsPrice
Milk Chocolate Crumble MuffinSGD 3.90
Caramel Crumble MuffinSGD 3.90
Fusion Berry MuffinSGD 3.90


PerrierSGD 4.20
EvianSGD 3.20
Triple Berry Vitamin DrinkSGD 3.90
Fruit Punch Vitamin DrinkSGD 3.90
Iced Lemon TeaSGD 4.80
CoffeeSGD 4.50
CappucinoSGD 5.50
Café LatteSGD 5.50
Café MochaSGD 6.00
English Breakfast TeaSGD 4.50
Chamomile TeaSGD 4.50
Jasmine Green TeaSGD 4.50
Peppermint TeaSGD 4.50
Lemon TeaSGD 4.80
Honey LemonSGD 4.50
Iced Café LatteSGD 6.00
Iced Lychee Strawberry Fruit TeaSGD 4.80
Iced Cucumber Peach Fruit TeaSGD 4.80
Iced Strawberry Peach Fruit TeaSGD 4.80

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional facts of the items present on the Delifrance menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Delifrance Franchise Details

Delifrance franchise

Delifrance has there franchise in all the 7 continents and they have almost 1001-5000 employees and if you want to buy their franchise, then this is how much it will cost you here is the cost.

NicheComptoirBakery Restaurant
Global Investment$50000-$150000$300000-400000
Expected Annual Income$150000-$400000$6500000-$900000
Food Cost30%30%
Marginal Income70%70%

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Delifrance Contact Information

Delifrance Address: 10 Pandan Crescent, #05-01 (Lobby 1) Singapore 128466

Delifrance Phone Number: +65 6324 4333

You can contact Delifrance by using the contact form on their website.

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