I Bet You Want To Try This New Delicious Snack- Biltong

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According to research, 97% of people surveyed by FoodInsight, snack at some point during the week – that’s a lot of snacks being consumed!


It has so many nutritional qualities that make it not only a healthy snack, but its high meat content and generous seasoning make it incredibly tasty too. People are starting to change the way they snack and there’s a real shift in the kinds of snacks consumers are looking for, with an explosion of health snacks being launched. Protein bars, rice cakes, carrot crisps and energy balls are all making their way onto the shopping lists of the ever-growing health-conscious consumer. With Biltong, this isn’t a new product and it’s health benefits are already tried and tested – and have been for hundreds of years!

What Is Biltong?

Biltong has been around for centuries, originating in South Africa it’s still incredibly popular there today but is recently starting to find its place in kitchens all over the world. It is basically a seasoned dried strip of meat, predominantly beef, but it can also be game meats, poultry, and fish.

What Makes Biltong A Great Snack?

Biltong is a great snack for all, especially athletes as a post or mid-work-out high-energy snack and for those who want pre-packed, tasty nutrition on the go. Biltong is becoming increasingly popular as a snack, possibly because it has a much more favourable nutrient composition in comparison to a lot of other common snacks, like crisps, crackers or biscuits. Its low carb and high protein contents make biltong a great fit for a variety of diets, such as the Keto diet or Atkins plan. It is also gluten-free!

What Are The Health Benefits Of Biltong?

Biltong contains much fewer calories than the majority of snacks out there, making it a healthier option when you’re wanting something salty to nibble on. Because up to 300g of fresh meat is used to produce just 100g of dried biltong the protein content is remarkably high – just 25g of biltong meets an adult daily protein requirement. As well as protein, biltong is also a great source of iron, packed with zinc and vitamin B12. Biltong can also be beneficial during pregnancy, is reported to aid concentration and South African mothers have been using it as a teething aid and snack for children for generations. Although expecting mothers should stay away from moist biltong and only purchase the snack from reputable sources. 

So, What Does It Actually Taste Like?

Biltong is very often compared to jerky, although it really is quite different – in preparation and taste. To begin with, it’s thinner, more tender and healthier. Biltong is cut into larger strips than jerky and specifically air-dried for up to a week – this retains the meats core nutrients. To eliminate the chewy texture than is often associated with dried meats, biltong is doused (not marinated) in vinegar before being rubbed with salt. Its end flavour is that of rich, flavoursome pure meat. Biltong is dried beef in its purest form with a taste similar to a well-seasoned steak.

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