Del Taco’s Summer Beverages Have Finally Made A Comeback And Are Now Available

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This year is turning out to be great for both the people working in the food industry as well as the customers. 2022 could easily be named “the year of food comebacks.”

Del Taco

With Taco Bell bringing back its Nacho Fries and Cinnabon Coffee Delight, the whole food comeback scene has already gotten its kickstart. But are there possibly any more food comebacks?

Is Del Taco planning on bringing back some of its drinks? Yes! Del Taco has just announced that it’ll be bringing back three of its beverages, namely – the Oreo Cookie Horchata Shake, the Mexican Chocolate Shake, and the Mocha Iced Coffee.

Del Taco has a delicious range of beverages. From the Churro Dipper Shake to the vanilla shake, its beverages menu has amazing potential. But when Del Taco took down their chocolate lovers’ milkshake range, customers were heartbroken.

To mend those hearts, Del Taco is putting the three milkshakes in that collection back on the menu. Want to know more about this comeback? Keep reading!

All About The Three Del Taco’s Summer Beverages

Chocolate Milkshake

It wouldn’t be fair to not tell you about the milkshakes and what they’re made up of and straight away jump onto the comeback. So, let’s get familiarized with the three Del Taco Summer Beverages.

The first one, the Oreo Cookie Horchata Shake, is thick in consistency and texture. It is made with crumbles of Oreo cookies and has horchata for the flavor. 

The Mexican Chocolate Shake is an iced Del Taco chocolate milkshake with a horchata flavor. Lastly, the Mocha Iced Coffee has a chocolatey flavor and is then combined with the signature iced coffee of Del Taco. This drink is served chilled and with ice.

The Del Taco’s Summer Beverages’ Comeback

Del Taco recently announced that its three fan-favorite summer beverages would be making a comeback this month. These beverages include the Oreo Cookie Horchata Shake, the Mexican Chocolate Shake, and the Mocha Iced Coffee.

This Del Taco comeback will be for a limited period and will be ending soon. They are each available at an affordable price, and you can enjoy them while beating the summer heat. So, get your hands on one before they run out!

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