Debunking Common Myths About Dieting

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There is a lot of advice about dieting on the internet. But most of it you will find is not proven to work for readers. The intake of food or dieting has a direct impact on health and weight loss. However, weight is the primary goal in the mind of people practicing dieting in the long run. 

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Let’s know some of the common myths about dieting:

Eat Less and Move More

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For losing weight, you have to burn more calories than you take in. Because of this reason, it seems quite logical that we should eat less and move around to lose weight. Although this advice works well only in theory, specifically if you tend to make a permanent lifestyle change, following the advice can be a bad recommendation for people with serious weight issues.

It is quite true that people following the advice regain lost weight due to biochemical and physiological factors. However, a sustained and significant change in behavior and perspective is required to lose weight with exercise and diet. Dieting and practicing exercise will never be enough. If someone is receiving the advice to eat less and start moving more is similar to telling anyone with alcoholism to stop drinking or anyone dealing with depression to be cheerful.

Carbs Make You Fat

In the majority of the cases, it happens because of calorie restrictions. As you keep on your intake for protein high and carb intake as low, you will start losing weight. Although it never means that eating carbs can cause weight gain. The obesity epidemic broke out in 1980, and humans have been seen consuming carbs for a long time. Also, whole foods that have a high amount of carbs are considered to be healthy. On the other hand, refined carbs like sugar and refined grains are always linked with weight gain issues.

A Weight-Loss Diet Can Help You in Losing Weight

The weight loss industry stresses a lot of dieting and allows everyone to believe that dieting works. However, many studies reveal that dieting does not work in the long term. Also, it is proved in many types of research that more than 80% of dieters end up gaining weight every year. It is valid for the future too. 

Dieting is a predictor for weight gain in the future too. The truth is dieting should be approached for weight loss purposes. Instead, changing the lifestyle choices permanently should be your goal, and live a fitter, healthier and happier person. If you can increase your activity levels, sleep better and eat healthier, you will lose weight naturally. Dieting will not work long and can leave you prone to many diseases caused by a deficiency of essential nutrients. 

Consuming Smaller Meals Frequently Will Help You in Controlling Your Appetite

It is said that eating small, frequent meals will control the appetite, and the reason behind this is that your blood sugar level is stable and will never drop and will cause a spike in hunger. But as per the nutritionist, it is a myth, and people end up consuming much more than they thought. So although it can be seen that some people like to dieting in a nontraditional way and this is completely fine, do not expect any miracle out of it. For healthy recipes, you can visit the internet as there are loads of healthy meal plans to help you prepare a complete meal.

Fast Food Is Quite Flattering

Not every fast food is a bit unhealthy, and because people are very health conscious these days, many fast-food chains have started offering healthy options. They may be offering healthy foods at their stores. Many fast food centers also provide healthy snacks and alternatives. The food may not be quite tasty but will be a decent choice if you do not want to spend your energy or time cooking a healthy meal.

These are the five myths that are quite common about dieting, and people do believe in them blindly. However, you can debunk them and speak to a professional about your diet plans and eating habits. He will not only guide you but will help you out with some healthy options. So go lookout for the best dietician to help you with your eating habits. 

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