Dasani Water Prices

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Dasani is a bottled water brand that was launched in 1999. The brand was created by the Coca-Cola Company as an answer to Aquafina, which is a bottled water brand produced by its rival PepsiCo.

Dasani water prices

Coca-Cola describes Dasani water as filtered tap water with added trace minerals. They use the water from some local municipal water supplies and then the water is passed through some filtration processed that I’ll explain later in this article.

The brand has been able to market Dasani Water all over the world, due to its brand name. And Coca-Cola is highly dedicated to maintaining the quality of its water.

So in this article, I will tell you the latest Dasani Water prices. Besides water prices, I will also tell you the purification process, contact information, and the social media profiles of Dasani Water.

Dasani Water Prices

Dasani water prices 2020

The Dasani Water prices depend on the size of the bottle you are getting. The water is available in 20 fluid ounces, 24 fluid ounces, 1 liter, and 1.5 liters. 

Everything from the Dasani Water bottle to the cap, label, inks, and glues are 100% recyclable. Their bottles are made with 30% sourced from sugarcane by-products that are imported from Brazil.

One of the biggest reasons for making water bottles 100% recyclable is to reduce plastic from production. This will reduce the amount of plastic that is good news for our environment. And he water-packed in Dasani is enriched with added nutrients.

There are different types of Dasani Water available in the market like the Dasani Sparkling Water which is an unsweetened and naturally flavored sparkling water beverage. There are also flavored water by Dasani.

The flavors that are available are Sparkling Blackberry, Sparkling Berry, Sparkling Lime, Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade, Sparkling Tropical Pineapple, Sparkling Meyer Lemon, Sparkling Strawberry Guava, Sparkling White Peach, Sparkling Blood Orange, Sparkling Watermelon, and Sparkling Pink Grapefruit.

So without waiting more, let’s check out the Dasani Water prices in different stores in the world.


Dasani Water8 x 12 oz.$2.98
Dasani Water24 x 16.9 oz.$4.98


Dasani Water20 oz.$1.89
Dasani Water1L$1.99
Dasani Water6 x 16.9 oz.$3.99
Dasani Water24 x 16.9 oz.$5.99
Dasani Sparkling Berry Water20 oz.$1.89
Dasani Sparkling Lime Water20 oz.$1.89
Dasani Sparkling Berry Water8 x 12 oz. Can$3.49
Dasani Sparkling Lime Water8 x 12 oz. Can$3.49


Dasani Water8 x 12 oz.$2.99
Dasani Water6 x 16.9 oz.$3.29
Dasani Water24 x 16.9 oz.$4.99
Dasani Sparkling Berry Water8 x 12 oz. Can$3.59
Dasani Sparkling Black Cherry Water8 x 12 oz. Can$3.59
Dasani Sparkling Lemon Water8 x 12 oz. Can$3.59
Dasani Sparkling Lime Water8 x 12 oz. Can$3.59
Dasani Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade Water8 x 12 oz. Can$3.59
Dasani Sparkling Tropical Pineapple Water8 x 12 oz. Can$3.59


Dasani Water20 oz.$1.87
Dasani Water1L$2.19


Dasani Water1L$1.19
Dasani Water6 x 16.9 oz.$3.29
Dasani Water24 x 16.9 oz.$4.99
Dasani Sparkling Lemon Water8 x 12 oz. Can$3.49
Dasani Sparkling Lime Water8 x 12 oz. Can$3.49

Dasani Water Purification Process

I’ve told you at the starting that the water filled in the Dasani Water bottles is taken from the local municipal water supplies. After that, it goes through a purification process known as reverse osmosis. After reverse osmosis, all the impurities are removed.

After that, the water is infused with minerals and different salts to give it a  pure, crisp, and fresh taste. Coca-Cola hasn’t revealed the minerals that they infuse in their water. And to ensure the freshness of the water, Coca-Cola puts a date of 12 months on its Dasani Water.

There is another product known as Dasani Drops that is used to enhance the water’s taste with a squeeze of natural fruit flavor. 

Important Links

Official Websitedasani.com/
Buy Nowdasani.com/product-locator/
Dasani Waterdasani.com/products/water/

Dasani Water Contact Information

Dasani Water Corporate Office Address-

Dasani Water Corporate Phone Number-

You can also contact the team of Dasani Water by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/DASANI/

Instagram Account- instagram.com/dasaniwater/

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/dasaniwater

YouTube Channel- youtube.com/user/ilovedasaniwater

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