Easy Classic Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe

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I asked my mother that; Is there any dessert that I never ate and she replied with Yes! There is one thing that I never made at home. She asked me Do I want to try it? I said I will try it but Is it tasty or not?

Dark Chocolate Mousse

She said just wait until I try it. I was desperately waiting for that dessert and after some time my mother brings something like cake and I was like it is a cake, I don’t want it but my mother said it is not a cake, it is a Dark Chocolate Mousse.

But when I taste it and I found it very tasty and delicious and I could not stop myself from eating mousse and Guess What?

Today, I will share the Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe with my lovely dessert lovers. But before we jump onto the recipe, let’s check out some other desserts that you might like.

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Ingredients for Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Dark chocolate½ cup
White eggs3 units
Sugar2 tbsp
Ice cubes½ cup
Cold water1 cup
Cream2 cups
Cream and Crushed ChocolateTo garnish

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
70 minutes20 minutes90 minutes

Classic Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Dark Chocolate Mousse recipe
  1. In a pan, add some water and heat it. Now put dark chocolate in a glass bowl and keep it above the pan to melt.
  2. In a bowl add 3 eggs and sugar and beat it with the beater.
  3. In another bowl add ½ cup ice cubes, 1 cup cold water and 2 cups rich cream. Beat it with the beater thoroughly.
  4. Now mix both the beaten mixtures in the melted chocolate. Mix it thoroughly and refrigerate it for an hour. `
  5. Now garnish it with cream and crushed chocolate.

Taste the wonderful chocolaty delight to make your day worth an ending. Give your day just the perfect shot of extremely extravagant tastes to fill you with joy.

Nutritional Facts Of Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Fats24 g
Proteins5 g
Carbohydrates18 g
Cholesterol84 mg
Sodium61 mg
Potassium0 mg

How to Make Dark Chocolate Mousse at Home | Video

Chocolate Mousse Recipe
Video by Home Cooking Adventure

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