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Are you a big fan of desserts? Then Dairy Queen is the place for you. You can enjoy all types of dessert on their secret menu, at a reasonable price. Read this article to learn about the Dairy Queen secret menu below.

Dairy Queen Outlet

Dairy Queen secret menu is known for its tasty desserts that are extracted from dairy products like cakes, blizzards, blended, and novelty treats. They also offer snacks, sides, hot dogs, drinks, etc. All these secret menu items are available at affordable prices. 

Dairy Queen is an American-based ice cream serving, and fast-food chain. It was founded by the father-son duo of John Freemont McCullough and Alex McCullough, partnered with Sherb Noble in Kankakee, Illinois, on August 4, 1938.

Dairy Queen secret menu is mostly famous for its desserts. This beloved fast-food chain works to maintain great food and service. You can find all flavors of blizzard on their secret menu.

On top of that, the secret menu of Dairy Queen is loaded with delightful food and dessert items. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check all the details in this article given below.

Secret Menu Items Of Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Food

Dairy Queen’s secret queen has a long list of items that will confuse you about what to order and what to not. So, we will begin by finding out all the secret menu blizzards and then move on to learn about their sundaes, shakes, smoothies, and of course, food!

Dairy Queen Secret Blizzards

Dairy Queen Secret Menu

1. Butterbeer Blizzard

Butterbeer blizzard is the most popular item on the Dairy Queen secret menu. Try this butterbeer blizzard with vanilla ice cream. Ask them to add butterscotch syrup, vanilla syrup, and butterfingers pieces in butterbeer blizzard. Also ask for a bunch of whipped cream on the top. 

2. Caramel Pie Delight Blizzard

The caramel pie delight blizzard, best dessert you ever get at Dairy Queen secret menu. The caramel pie delight blizzard is a delicious mixture of creamy vanilla, and blended with caramel, chocolate chunks, and pie pieces. 

3. Birthday Cake

Dairy Queen blizzards are made with soft serve and blended with ingredients of different flavors. There’s something for everyone. But there are also flavors that you will love that don’t feature on the regular menu. Birthday cake blizzard is one of them.

Why stick to a cake when you can enjoy all the flavors in a blizzard? Next time you are at DQ, customize a blizzard by adding cookie dough, rainbow sprinkles, and vanilla syrup to the soft serve. You have the most epic birthday cake blizzard ready for you.

4. French Silk Pie

If chocolate sets your mood right, then the French silk pie is the one for you. Mix vanilla soft serve with cocoa fudge, pie pieces, and chocolate chunks to make French silk pie.

5. Puppy Chow

Do you love the taste of puppy chow? Try out the puppy chow. This DQ secret menu blizzard is made with DQ’s graham base, vanilla soft serve, graham pieces, cocoa fudge, and peanut butter, topped with whipped cream.

6. Chocolate Cheesecake

If you are looking for decadence, get a chocolate cheesecake blizzard made with vanilla soft serve, cocoa fudge, cheesecake pieces, and added chocolate chunks.

7. Raspberry Cheesecake

Fruity flavors pair exceptionally well with vanilla. If you love your berries, ask your server to blend raspberry syrup and cheesecake pieces into vanilla soft serve.

8. Kit Kat with Caramel and Banana

If Kit Kat is your favorite chocolate, you should get a custom-made Kit Kat with caramel and banana blizzard. This blizzard features pieces of Kit Kat, sliced banana, and caramel.

9. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Why not enjoy some warm flavor in a cold dessert with cinnamon toast crunch? Order a vanilla soft serve blizzard, and ask the server to add pie pieces and a snickerdoodle base. Your cinnamon toast crunch is ready to be devoured!

10. Cookie Jar Blizzard

Love your cookies too much to let them go? Add them to vanilla soft serve with Oreo, cookie dough, and hot fudge to have the most epic blizzard.

 11. PB&J

Bring back your school memories with PB&J in a blizzard. Order a Blizzard with vanilla soft serve and ask your server to add strawberry, peanut butter, and pie chips to make it, just like the sandwich you would never say no to in school.

12. Nutella

Nutella is a no-brainer. Order a Blizzard with a hazelnut base and cocoa fudge to enjoy the delectable Nutella flavors in a glass. 

13. Grasshopper Mousse

Inspired by the grasshopper pie, mix whipped cream into a vanilla soft serve along with graham cracker base, mint syrup, and chocolate chunks for a fluffy, mousse-like Blizzard, and top it with whipped cream.

14. Tiramisu 

Who doesn’t like tiramisu? Well, you can have it in a blizzard! An invention by a DQ, the tiramisu blizzard features a vanilla soft serve with

 pie chips, cheesecake pieces, coffee syrup, and cocoa fudge.

15. Banana Cream Pie

Raise your hand if you like pudding or pie! I do! Try out the delicious banana cream pie blizzard with vanilla soft serve, sliced banana, graham base, pie chips, and whipped cream.

16. Peanut Butter M&M

If peanut butter is your OG, then you must try a peanut butter M & M blizzard next time at DQ. This unique blizzard comes with vanilla soft serve, M&M’s, and peanut butter syrup.

17. Oreo Cotton Candy

Are Oreos and cotton candy your childhood favorites? Well then, combine the two to make Oreo cotton candy. Place an order for Oreo pieces and cotton candy syrup with vanilla soft serve to get Oreo cotton candy. 

18. Thin Mint

Does mint rule for you over everything else? Ask for a vanilla soft serve with an Oreo base, chocolate chunks, and mint syrup.

19. Caramel Mocha

Do coffee and chocolate seal the deal for you? Order a caramel mocha to satisfy the caffeine craving! Upgrade your coffee order by asking for a Blizzard with vanilla soft serve, coffee syrup, caramel, and chocolate chunks to make caramel mocha.

20. Cosmic Brownie

Are brownies your best friends? Try out the cosmic brownie from DQ’s secret menu. Order a vanilla soft serve with brownie dough, cocoa fudge, and rainbow sprinkles.

21. Lemon Meringue Pie

If lemonades are your favorite drink, try out the lemon meringue pie to enjoy lemony flavors in your blizzard. Ask for a vanilla soft serve with lemonade concentrate, pie pieces, marshmallows, graham base, and graham cracker crumbs. Top it up with whipped cream.

22. Pina Colada

Enjoy a mocktail kind of blizzard by ordering a pina colada blizzard. This blizzard can be customized by combining crushed pineapple and coconut into a Blizzard with a vanilla soft-serve base.

23. Fruity Pebbles

You will surely love this blizzard if you enjoy fruity cereals for breakfast. Order a vanilla soft serve Blizzard and add DQ’s Fruity Blast cone dip with fruit cereal.

24. S’mores

Is S’mores your all-time favorite sweet treat? Then you will love a S’mores-inspired blizzard made with a vanilla soft serve, graham base, marshmallow topping, and cocoa fudge.

25. Tropical Sunrise

Take a trip to the tropics by indulging in a tropical sunrise blizzard. Ask your server to add sliced banana, coconut, and pineapple to the vanilla soft-serve blizzard to have a wonderful experience.

26. Ferrero Rocher

There is no chocolate like Ferrero Rocher. Recreate the rich, crunchy, and nutty chocolate treat by customizing a Blizzard made with vanilla and chocolate twist soft serve, hazelnut base, chopped peanuts, walnuts, and added cocoa fudge.

27. Mocha Latte Blizzard

Mocha latte blizzard has coffee and rich fudge blended with creamy in it, and has soft serve. It also has ice, and is garnished with whipped topping and a chocolatey drizzle.

Dairy Queen Sundaes Secret Menu

Dairy Queen Sundaes

1. Dirty Rotten Sundae

If a chocolate sundae sets the mood for the day, order a dirty rotten sundae made with chocolate soft serve, Heath Bar pieces, cocoa fudge, Oreo crumbs, and strawberry topping.

2. Chocolate Pineapple

Chocolate pineapple is DQ employees’ favorite. All you have to ask for is to add pineapple and hot fudge over vanilla soft serve.

3. Throwback Fiesta Sundae

Can’t decide between chocolate and strawberry? Make use of the best of both by ordering a throwback fiesta sundae. This sundae features a soft vanilla serve with chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, whipped cream, and crushed nuts. 

4. Chocolate Rock

Craving hot fudge and ice cream? Order a Chocolate Rock. This sundae features a layer of hot fudge and almonds beneath the ice cream and is topped with hot fudge, almonds, and chocolate cone dip. Need I say more?

5. DQ Cupcake

You can turn a personal-sized DQ ice cream cake into a DQ cupcake by asking for a soft serve with a fudge center, cake crunch, more soft serve, and icing.

Dairy Queen Secret Menu Shakes

Dairy Queen shakes

1. Cotton Candy

Love cotton candy? Make the most of cotton candy flavors in a milkshake by ordering a milkshake with cotton candy dip and cotton candy sprinkles.

3. Strawberry Banana

Strawberries and bananas make for an exceptional pair. Ask for a vanilla milkshake with strawberry and sliced banana, topped with whipped cream.

4. Birthday Cake

You can also savor the birthday cake flavors in a milkshake. Order a shake with soft serve, cake crunch, rainbow sprinkles, and fudge, and top it with whipped cream.

5. Chunky Monkey Shake

Are peanuts, bananas, and chocolate your favorite things? How about blending them all in a milkshake?

 Order a chocolate shake with sliced banana and creamy peanut butter. Say hello to chunky monkey shake!

6. Shamrock Shake

Are McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes your favorite? You can now get the at DQ by ordering a vanilla milkshake with mint syrup.

7. Brownie Batter

Brownie batter is the ultimate shake one can ask for. It has one of the best lineup of ingredients. Order a shake featuring cocoa fudge and brownie pieces, and top it with whipped cream.

8. Cake Batter

If brownies don’t work, try the cake batter shake. Place an order for a marshmallow shake with vanilla syrup and sprinkles for a cake-inspired shake. Top it up with whipped cream!!

 9. Cinnamon Roll

If the warm and cozy flavors of cinnamon roll appeal to you, then try out the cinnamon roll milkshake. This shake comes with a Snickerdoodle base mixed into a vanilla milkshake. It is topped with whipped cream to create a cinnamon roll shake.

 Dairy Queen Food Secret Menu

dairy queen pretzels

1. Cinnamon Soft Pretzels

Enjoy having pretzels? Then try this hack to have a delicious twist on them by cutting pretzels in half and adding butter and a snickerdoodle base.

2. Cheesy Pretzels

If you prefer savory over sweet, order pretzel sticks to be warmed up with a slice of cheese on top.

3. S’mores Soft Pretzels

Need a dose of sweet and savory? Order yourself S’mores soft pretzels by cutting the pretzel sticks in half and asking the server to add graham base and butter. Top them with marshmallows and hard-dipping chocolate.

4. Triple Cheeseburger

Quench your big hunger with a triple cheeseburger. Place an order for DQ’s ⅓ pound double cheeseburger and a regular cheeseburger. Triple on your own!

4. Grilled Cheese

A grilled cheese sandwich is the most basic and delicious item you can munch on at any time of the day. While this item is not on the menu, ask them to make a grilled cheese sandwich with cheese and Texas toast.

5. Sugar Cookie

The sugar cookie is a soft-serve ice cream dessert blended with sugar cookie pieces, icing and sprinkles. It has ingredients like sugar, butter, flour, eggs, vanilla, and a leavening agent such as baking soda or baking powder, depending on the sugar type. They are decorated with frosting, sugar icings, and sprinkles before consumption.

6. Chocolate Cheesecake

Your all time favorite! Chocolate cheesecake available at Dairy Queen secret menu. It has cheesecake pieces and graham blended with creamy soft serve, and then filled with a perfectly paired strawberry topping over it.

7. Key lime Pie

Key lime pie is one of the most famous drinks on the Dairy Queen secret menu. For a more delicious flavor, ask them to put lemon-lime flavoring, pie pieces, and whipped cream in this drink.

8. Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are one of the most famous desserts at Dairy Queen secret menu and everyone’s favorite too. Sugar cookies have soft sugar pieces, icing, and sprinkles which are blended with vanilla soft serve to give blizzard perfection. 

Dairy Queen Secret Menu Chillers, Slushies, Smoothies, and Coolers

dairy queen slushies

1. Jolly Rancher

Do you enjoy mixing flavors? Make a freeze with the best flavors. Ask your server to mix cherry, lemon-lime, watermelon, mango, blue raspberry, strawberry-kiwi misty slush with vanilla soft-serve. Next, layer it all up in a large cup to make a Jolly Rancher freeze.

2. Lemonade Chiller

Try a frozen lemonade by making the lemonade chiller. Mix lemonade concentrates with vanilla soft-serve for a refreshing and creamy drink.

3. Strawberry Lemonade Chiller

For a refreshing frozen drink infused with strawberry flavors, add strawberry syrup and lemonade concentrate to a Misty Slush to enjoy a fruity chilled drink.

4. Cherry Lemonade Chiller

Just like strawberry lemonade, you can also enjoy flavors of cherry by substituting strawberry with cherry syrup with lemonade slush.

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  3. Subway – Subway has some delicious sandwich variations and a lot more, all on their secret menu.
  4. Wendy’s – Wendy’s, although a fast food chain, has some of the most gourmet burgers on their secret menu. 
  5. Panda Express – Panda Express has a lot to offer on its secret menu and is something that the health-conscious should surely have a look at! 
  6. Whataburger – Burgers so delicious, even on their secret menu, that they make you say, “What-a-burger!”. 
  7. Jersey Mike’s – The secret menu from Jersey Mike’s surely has some amazing classic and wacky selections, truly worth checking out. 
  8. Wawa – Wawa has some really amazing and over the top breakfast options, all on their secret menu! 
  9. Arby’s – Arby’s is one stop to enjoy every sort of fast food and the sheer variety on their secret menu just proves so. 
  10. Waffle House – As the name suggests, waffle house has some really great sweet and savory waffle options on their secret menu. 


The best desserts items you ever get only at Dairy Queen secret menu. Visit your nearest Dairy Queen outlet and taste all these food items with your friends and family. You will get all of these items at a reasonable price. Stay connected with us for more updates on the secret menu and hacks of famous restaurants!

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