Dairy Queen Has Just Released Their Holiday Blizzards!

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Dairy Queen is known for serving a number of different treats, but their blizzards are truly out of this world! Although a cold blizzard might not be something you’d particularly be inclined towards during the holiday season, these flavors will surely make you think otherwise! 

Dairy Queen Holiday Blizzards

Dairy Queen is always on par with all the festive trends and keeping the holiday season in mind, and the chain has just released their holiday blizzards! These blizzards pay homage to favorite holiday flavors combined with the creamy goodness of a dairy queen ice cream! These will be available all through the country during the holiday season. 

The holiday season is one time when all chains are experimenting with new flavors, all to make their customers extra happy! Dairy Queen is one such place that is never behind on any sort of holiday trend! As their blizzards are one of their top sellers, the new flavors are surely something that everyone would be waiting to try out! In this article, you will learn all about these new flavors and how to get them, so let’s explore the same! 

What Are The New Holiday Blizzards At Dairy Queen? 

If you are a die-hard fan of everything that Dairy Queen has to offer, you might know about all the new exciting flavors that they come up with. While the ones that they released around Halloween were a big hit, the situation seems to be quite similar with the holiday blizzards. The two-holiday blizzards on their menu include a new flavor and also a returning fan favorite! 

  • Frosted Sugar Cookie Blizzard Treat – The first option out of the holiday blizzards on the Dairy Queen menu is their frosted sugar cookie blizzard treat. This one is the perfect combination of a milk and cookie treat for Christmas, consisting of blended sugar cookie pieces, icing and, to top it off, some festive sprinkles too! 
  • Candy Cane Chill Blizzard Treat – This one is a returning favorite! The candy cane blizzard treat is something that everyone loved and hence, Dairy Queen couldn’t help but get it back on their menu, on popular demand! This one consists of Dairy Queen’s rich and creamy soft serve, blended with candy cane pieces and also choco chunks! 

When Will The New Holiday Blizzards At Dairy Queen Be Available? 

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There is just something about enjoying a cold treat on a cold day, and it’s actually a very different sort of satisfaction that is worth experiencing! The holiday blizzards also sound truly delicious, so it would only be natural to want to try one of them right away! Well then, when and where will these even be available? 

The new Holiday Blizzards at Dairy Queen have already been launched and will be available all through the month of December, which is the entire holiday season, at all their locations across the country. However, Dairy Queen is known for releasing new flavors every now and then, so it would be really wise to grab one of these as early as possible! The prices of the Holiday Blizzards may vary as per the location.


Dairy Queen, just like all holidays, has brought something new to the table for this holiday season. The restaurant chain has launched two new holiday blizzards, which are a frosted sugar cookie blizzard treat and a candy cane chill blizzard treat. These will be available all through December 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has Dairy Queen already released their holiday blizzards?

Yes, Dairy Queen has already released their new holiday blizzards. 

When will these holiday blizzards be available? 

The holiday blizzards will be available all through the holiday season until the end of December, 2022. 

Will the Holiday blizzards be available in different sizes? 

Yes, the holiday blizzards are available in different size variations. 

Will the Holiday blizzards be available all across the country? 

Yes, the new holiday blizzards will be available at all Dairy Queen locations across the country. 

Will the prices of the holiday blizzards be the same at all locations? 

No, the prices of holiday blizzards may differ from one location to another. 

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