How to make Dahi Gosht at Home

Have you ever thought that your biryani is just incomplete without a perfect blend of spicy Curry? If yes, then I should highly recommend you to try this Dahi Gosht recipe.

Dahi Ghost (also known as Curd Lamb Curry) is a thick, creamy meat curry which is most popular in the northern part of India. Dahi Ghost is popular for its deliciousness and spicy taste. Many people have this curry with rice or green salad, but I prefer it with biryani because it infuses biryani with its smoky taste.

So let’s check out the Dahi Ghost recipe that gives you a sandy sight which is too soothing to your eyes and blast the flavour of spices in your mouth. There are other main course recipes on our blog as well that you should also check.

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Ingredients required for Dahi Gosht Recipe

Mutton½ kg
Yogurt1 cup
Ginger garlic paste1 tbsp
Salt1 tsp
Oil1 tbsp
Alkanet root(ratan jot)¼ tsp
Indian bay leaf(tej patta)1 unit
Black cardamom1 unit
Cinnamon1 unit
Small cardamom5 units
Cloves2 units
Black pepper seeds5 units
Red chilli5 units
Cumin seed powder½ tsp
Coriander powder1 tsp
Garam masala¼ tsp
Water¼ cup
Coriander leaves and garam masalaTo garnish

Now let’s trace the beauty that becomes the relief of your churning stomach.

How Much Time It Will take?

2 hour30 minutes2 hours 30 minutes

Dahi Gosht Recipe | Curd Lamb Curry

Dahi Gosht recipe
  • Beat 1 cup yoghurt.
  • Cut the mutton in square slices, place it in a bowl and pour the yoghurt on it.
  • Add 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste and 1 tsp salt to it.
  • Leave it to marinate for 2 hours.
  • In a preheated pan add 1 tbsp oil.
  • On heating, it adds Indian bay leaf, Black cardamom, Cinnamon, small cardamom, cloves, black pepper seeds and red chillies to it.
  • Now add mutton pieces in it.
  • On a high flame roast it for 10 minutes so that yoghurt dries and mutton turns brown in colour.
  • Add cumin seed powder, coriander powder and garam masala.
  • Mix it well.
  • Now pour leftover yoghurt and ¼ cup water in it and let it cook for 10-15 minutes.
  • Garnish it with coriander leaves and garam masala.
  • Serve hot.

Taste DAHI GOSHT’S lip-smacking delicacy. Enjoy its naturally striking beauty. Absorb the sight and taste the dish with the pleasure of this Dahi Gosht recipe.

Dahi Ghost Recipe Nutritional Information

Carbohydrates40 g
Protein 160 g
Fat167 g

How to Make Dahi Gosht at Home | Video

Video by Shazeya’s Kitchen

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