Punjabi Potato Samosa – Crispy and Spicy

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When we are on a stair; a step, taken for health, change and beauty of food, we are often fantasized by street luscious food. We crave for chatpata, but how many of us are ready to eat those foods at the cost of our so made regularity of healthy food. Butterfly flies away, let those costs subside because we are going to make you learn the art to create that luscious at home and calm your cravings.

This CRUNCHY SAMOSA has a crunchy outer covering and a soft spicy potato filling in the interiors. So it’s like to open up a prism to the wonders inside. Now you don’t need to care about the unhealthy just satisfy your taste buds.

How much Time it will Take:

Making of dough Preparation of filling Samosa making Deep frying Total

5 minutes


10 minutes


15 minutes


20 minutes


50 minutes

Ingredients for Punjabi Potato Samosa:

Ingredients Quantity
Maida 1 cup
Salt ½ tsp
Ajwain ¼ tsp
Ghee 1 tbsp
Oil 4 cups
Cumin seeds ¼ tsp
Coriander seeds ¼ tsp
Cumin powder ½ tsp
Raisins and cashew nuts 1 tbsp
Red chilli powder ¼ tsp
Coriander powder ¼ tsp
Salt ½ tsp
Boiled potatoes 2 units
Green chilly 2 units
Finely chopped coriander leaves 1 tsp


How to Make Punjabi Potato Samosa – Crispy and Spicy | Recipe:

Making of dough:

  • In a bowl take 1 cup maida.
  • Add ½ tsp salt, ajwain and 1 tbsp ghee to it.
  • Add some water and make dough.
  • Place it in a bowl.

Preparation of filling:

  • In a pre heated pan add 1 tbsp oil.
  • Let it heat then add ¼ tsp cumin seeds and ¼ tsp coriander seeds.
  • Roast it.
  • Now add 1 tbsp of raisins and cashew nuts and fry them.
  • When it gives a golden color add ¼ tsp red chilly powder, ¼ tsp coriander powder, ½ tsp cumin powder, ½ tsp salt, finely chopped green chilies and mashed potatoes.
  • Mix it well.
  • Add 1 tsp finely chopped coriander leaves.
  • Cook it for a while.
  • Then place the cooked mixture in a bowl.

Samosa making:

  • Of the above made dough make evenly round chapattis.
  • Now cut it in two halves.
  • Fill each half with the above cooked mixture and seal it in a triangular shape.
  • In a pre heated pan add 2-3 cups oil and heat it.
  • Now fry the above filled samosa till the give a crunchy texture and brown color.
  • Serve hot with tamarind sauce, tomato ketchup or pudina chutney.

This sandy colored CRISPY SAMOSA’S are a treat to savor on a pleasant day with tea. A perfect rainy day would yet just add on to the mood of having such a mouth watering treat.

Stay tuned for more recipes to add on to your life…

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