Creambell Menu With Prices [Updated May 2024]

Are you an ice cream lover, then you better know about the Creambell brand, which serves a myriad variety of ice-creams. Today, I will provide the information regarding the Creambell brand, so before you buy anything from them, you have some knowledge.

Creambell is a well-known Indian ice cream brand. Their offer shakes, sundaes and sizzlers on the menu. Some of the ice-cream flavors served by them are butterscotch, shahi kulfi, Belgian, fresh pineapple and black currant.

In the coming line, I will tell how Creambell started.

RJ Corporation, in collaboration with a French Bottle, started a company named Creambell in 200, which deals with a variety of ice creams and it has more than 35000 retail stores in more than 40 cities in India with satisfied customers. The company holds a 15% market share in the Indian Ice Cream market. The headquarters of this company is in New Delhi, India.

Creambell Menu Prices

Creambell Menu

Creambell menu is kind of a heaven for all the ice cream lovers as it includes premium ice cream cups, family packs, large ice cream packs, sundae medium ice cream, ice cream cups, choco bars, juice sticks, party packs, and many more things.
The reason people love creambell ice cream is because of their taste and they make their ice cream with natural ingredients no artificial flavor added, which is the most important stab.
Creambell Ice Cream Prices vary from size to size as most of their prices lie between ₹10 to ₹700. So, without waiting more, let’s check the latest Creambell prices.


Single ScoopPrice
Vanilla Blast₹70
Pink Strawberry₹70
Cold Coffee₹95
Chocolatey Oreo₹100
Double ScoopPrice
Shoppe Special₹130

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Creambell Celebration

Creambell CelebrationPrice
Black Forest₹400
Golden Fantasy₹400


Shahi Kulfi₹290


Sizzling Brownie [Single Scoop]₹120
Family Sizzler [Double Scoop]₹200

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Thirst Quenchers

Thirst QuenchersPrice
Blue Lagoon₹80
Pine Colada₹80


Fresh Pineapple₹55₹85
Black Currant₹55₹85
Kaju Kishmish₹55₹85
Crunchy Butter Scotch₹55₹85
King Alphonso₹55₹85
Belgian Chocolate₹55₹85
Figs N Honey₹55₹85
Kaju Katli₹65₹105
Cookies & Cream₹65₹105
Zafrani Pasta₹65₹105
Shahi Kulfi₹65₹105
Thandai Kulfi₹65₹105
Litchi Caramel₹65₹105

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Single ScoopPrice
Vanilla Touch₹70
Pink Love₹70
Frutti Love₹100
Chocolate Sin₹100
Double ScoopPrice
Hot Chocolate Fudge₹130
Oreo Sin₹130
Brownie Crunch₹140
Shoppe Special₹150
Add On’sPrice
Fresh Waffle Cone₹10
Hot Chocolate Sauce₹10
Raspberry Sauce₹10

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Creambell is a perfect place for ice cream lovers. The delectable sweet range of ice cream flavors is perfect to enjoy for a hot summer. So, I am sure that the complete menu exploration was quite helpful. I will be back soon, until then, try some new flavors at Creambell.

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