85 Crazy Facts About McDonald’s You Need To Know

McDonald’s is a restaurant chain has played a massive role in defining the fast food industry and making it what it is today. But, I bet even the hard-core fans of McDonald’s wouldn’t know the crazy facts about McDonald’s that we will be discussing in this article. 

McDonald’s has a lot of facts and secrets that you may need to learn about! These facts revolve around the food, locations, the owners, the initial design of the chain, and a lot more! 

For us millennials and the rest of the generations that follow, McDonald’s almost has a nostalgic feeling. It’s something that we all grew up around and have loved all this while.

However, regardless of that, there are so many thighs about this multinational restaurant chain that you may have yet to hear of! So, without further ado, let us discuss the facts! 

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85 Crazy McDonald’s Facts That You Should Definitely Know

1. It Was Initially A BBQ Restaurant

It started as a BBQ restaurant

McDonald’s started as a BBQ restaurant before becoming more hamburger and fast food-centric. In 1940, brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald opened the first McDonald’s chain, a BBQ joint, in San Bernardino, California. 

Eight years later, they switched to a place that served hamburgers, fries, pies, and also milkshakes. They purchased several multi-mixers for the establishment, which is how they ended up meeting the founder and former multi-mixer salesman, Ray Kroc. 

2. Ray Kroc Was 52 Years Old When He Discovered McDonald’s

Ray Krok

Ray Kroc the person responsible for making McDonald’s what it is today, with all the franchises all over the world. He was a multi-mixer salesman who was very fascinated with the whole idea of McDonald’s and had the vision to make it big. Ray Kroc was 52 when he discovered the place and began working with the brothers. The rest is history! 

3. The Military inspired its First Drive-Thru

Drive thru was inspired by the military

The whole concept of a drive-thru fast food place was fresh back then. Still, McDonald’s took a chance and introduced this concept at one of their outlets in Sierra Vista, Arizona, back in 1975. 

The whole reason they came up with this concept was actually because of the military! The restaurant was located near a military base. However, the soldiers were not allowed to get out of the cars in their uniforms, so McDonald’s came up with the revolutionary concept of a drive-thru restaurant.

4. McDonald’s Used To Own Most Of Chipotle

McDonalds owned most of Chipotle

Chipotle is another chain of restaurants that is pretty well known. McDonald’s invested in the chain of Mexican restaurants back in 1998, when they had just 16 chipotle outlets in total. 

However, soon enough, Chipotle also became big and began expanding rapidly. Because of that, just by 2006, McDonald’s owned 90% of Chipotle, which was around 500 outlets. But, soon enough, the company sold the stakes as they wanted to focus only on McDonald’s. 

5. No One Knows Who Came Up With The Clown Mascot

No one knows who came up with the clown mascot

Other than the fast food, one thing that instantly connects us all to McDonald’s is the clown mascot, also known as Ronald McDonald. However, the really surprising thing here is the fact that no one knows who came up with the idea of a clown mascot in the first place. 

Willard Scott, however, was the first person to portray Ronald McDonald in all his glory in TV ads. Nevertheless, he was also fired later on as he was deemed to be “too fat”.

6. Ronald McDonald Has Gone Through Many Wardrobe Changes 

Although no one knows who came up with the clown mascot, good old Ronald McDonald has still always managed to get the recognition and attention that he needs. Keeping that in mind, he has gone through multiple wardrobe changes. 

Initially, he wore a yellow and red striped suit. This was accessorized with a hat that consisted of a tray holding a hamburger, fries, and also a milkshake. However, the newest version of the mascot wears yellow cargo pants and a vest, and a red-and-white striped rugby shirt. 

7. Ronald McDonald’s Newest Wardrobe Was Designed By A Famous Designer

Yes, you heard that right! The newest wardrobe that Ronald McDonald has been donning was designed by theatrical costume designer Ann Hould-Ward. She had also won a tony for Broadway, Beauty and the Beast, so it was surely a great choice made by the management. 

8. Ronald McDonald Is Not Known By The Same Name Everywhere

Ronald McDonald is known as Donald in Japan

Although Ronald McDonald is an iconic mascot and is known everywhere where there is a McDonald’s, the mascot still is not called the same in all countries. This is mainly in Japan, where he is called Donald McDonald instead. However, this is simply because there is no clear sound for ‘R’ in Japanese. 

9. The Iconic Golden Arches Used To Look Different

Another thing about McDonald’s that makes it an iconic fast food restaurant chain is the golden arches, of course. The golden arches have been known for a while and it’s just something that people can easily relate to the fast food chain. 

However, these arches were not the way they are now, as when they initially came into place. The golden arches were first sketched as an architectural feature just to attract customers. But, over the five years, the arches were linked together which made them as iconic as they are today! 

10. The Golden Arches Are Not Golden Everywhere

Golden arches are not golden everywhere

The golden arches of McDonald’s are very well known. A study has shown that they are even more popular than the cross! However, a little detail that some of you might not know is the fact that these arches are not always golden!

At the McDonald’s location in Paris Champs-Elysees, the ‘M’ sign is neon white! Moreover, the location in Sedona, Arizona, has turquoise arches. This is because the franchise owner wanted to keep colors that represent a cool blue sky since it is already too hot in Arizona. 

11. Some Locations Have A Different Decor

Another thing that McDonald’s is known for is the simple decor that the place has. However, various McDonald’s outlets have a decor that is very much out there! 

One location in New Zealand includes a retired aircraft as a part of the restaurant decor. Moreover, there is also one location in Vancouver called McBarge, which has been floating around. This one was built to serve food at the 1986 world fair but is now abandoned. 

12. There Are More McDonald’s Outlets Than Hospitals In The United States

McDonald's Outlet

This may sound bonkers but it is actually very true. There are indeed about 1.5 times more McDonald’s outlets in the United States as compared to hospitals.

A survey shows that there are about 14,350 McDonald’s whereas only 10,660 hospitals. Moreover, Montpelier, Vermont is the only state capital that does not have a McDonald’s outlet. 

13. McDonald’s Does Not Have The Fastest Drive-Thru

McDonald’s was one of the first places to bring the ‘fast’ in fast-food. They came up with the idea of drive-thrus as well to make delivery of food as speedy as possible. However, despite that, they don’t have the fastest drive-thru! 

A survey showed that a drive-thru transaction at McDonald’s took 189.49 seconds. However, Wendy’s was the quickest, with a transaction time of 133.63 seconds. 

14. McDonald’s Has An Official Hamburger University

Hamburger university

Yes, you are reading that right! This hamburger university opened back in 1961, in the basement of McDonald’s Elk Grove Village, Illinois branch. It still exists today and now, there are various Hamburger universities across the world. 

Some cities outside of the United States where you could find a Hamburger University are London, Munich, Sao Paolo, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo. 60 full-time professors teach at these universities and students receive a Bachelor of Hamburgerology degree upon graduation. 

15. Queen Elizabeth II Used To Own A McDonald’s

The former Queen of England used to own real estate worth approximately $ 11 billion in the United Kingdom. Out of them, one was a McDonald’s near Buckingham Palace! She didn’t dine there, but that sure makes the outlet pretty royal in its own way! 

16. McDonald’s Is A Huge Employer And Has Also Employed Celebrities

McDonalds is a huge employer

McDonald’s is one of the biggest employers in the United States. Here, every one in eight workers in the United States has worked at a McDonald’s at some point in their lives. Moreover, this also includes celebrities who were ex-McDonald’s employees, like Rachell McAdams, Pink, and Jay Leno. 

17. McDonald’s Has Great Benefits For Employees

Along with being a huge employer in the United States, another great thing about McDonald’s is the fact that they also take care of their employees. Some of the employee benefits include an extra week of paid time off when they reach an anniversary ending with a ‘5’. They are also eligible for an 8-week paid sabbatical every 10 years. 

18. Speaking Of Celebrities, Usain Bolt Loves McNuggets

Usain Bolt Loves chicken nuggets

A celebrity that you maybe did not expect to be eating McDonald’s but has gone on record to say that they love chicken nuggets is Usain Bolt. The Jamaican runner claims to have eaten 1000 chicken Mcnuggets during the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. 

Here, McDonald’s had an outpost in the Olympic village, which gave him easier access to it. Maybe the food from McDonald’s made him extra fast since the champion won three gold medals and also set three world records during that Olympics! 

19. A Celebrity Is Also Banned From McDonald’s

Some celebrities have worked at McDonald’s and also celebrities love this place. But did you know that there is one celebrity that is banned from McDonald’s for life? 

Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in a McDonald’s bashing ad for Burger King’s ad campaign. After that, the fast food chain named her in a lawsuit, and ever since, she has also been banned from McDonald’s. 

20. McDonald’s Has Faced Fierce Legal Battles

McDonalds has feared legal battles

McDonald’s has faced its share of lawsuits and other legal battles. However, there is one particular legal battle that happened in the UK and nothing has ever been able to top the same! Back in 1994, two members of the London Greenpeace group were sued by McDonald’s. 

This was because they were distributing pamphlets that claimed things like McDonald’s were responsible for hunger in the Third World, deforestation, food poisoning, cruel treatment of animals, and paying low wages. 

This trial, known as the McLibel case, is still called the longest trial in English history. It went on for 300 days and generated 20,000 pages of the trial transcript. The defendants were found to be guilty and asked to pay a fine. 

However, in 2005, they brought forward their case to the European court. They finally declared that the case was in breach of the right to a fair trial and also freedom of expression. 

21. Television Producers Sued McDonald’s

Another legal trial that McDonald’s had to face was when children’s television producers Sid and Marty Kroft sued McDonald’s back in 1973. They claimed that McDonaldland stole the concept and feel of their TV show H.R. Pufnstuf. McDonald’s was ordered to pay the brothers $ 1 million. 

22. People Have Sued McDonald’s For The Strangest Reasons

People sued McDonalds for the strangest thing

Talking about legal action and suing the company, people seem to have done that for the strangest of reasons! Back in 2014, someone sued McDonald’s for $ 1.5 million as they were claiming to suffer “undue mental anguish” as they were given only one paper napkin. 

Another ridiculous incident that happened back in 2015 involved a customer being sentenced to 3-7 years in prison. This was because she was convicted of shooting a bullet in a McDonald’s drive-through window since she did not receive bacon in her burger. She has also been banned from McDonald’s for life. 

23. McDonald’s Florida Has The Largest PlayPlace

The PlayPlace is again a known concept when it comes to McDonald’s. The largest PlayPlace that the chain has is also in the United States, at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. This place includes a 500-gallon aquarium, waterfall, and 100 arcade games. 

24. Someone Has The Highest Collection Of McDonald’s Merchandise

Someone has the biggest collection of McDonalds toys

Mike Fountaine is known for holding the record of owning the most McDonald’s merchandise ever. Back in 1968, he was 15 years old and began working at the fast food giant. A year later, he began his collection. 

As of now, he owns 75,000 items as a part of his McDonald’s collection, which includes uniforms, cups, caps, happy meal toys, and more, all spread over nine rooms of his Pennsylvania home. He is also the owner of two McDonald’s restaurants today. 

25. McDonald’s Is The Largest Distributor Of Toys

Since we spoke about Happy Meals, another fun fact about McDonald’s is that they are the largest distributor of toys in the world! Every year, they give away about 1.5 billion toys globally as a part of their happy meals. 

26. McDonald’s Cannot Be Found In Every Country

Despite being as big of a chain as it is and also having a huge international presence, McDonald’s still cannot be found in every country across the globe! Bermuda, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, and Macedonia are some countries where McDonald’s as a chain is officially banned. 

27. They Are Taking Creative Approaches With Their Trays

Bag Tray

McDonald’s has been evolving quite a lot and has also been carrying out various innovations and experiments for the same. One such innovation happened in Hungary, as an attempt to reduce plastic.

They came up with a concept called ‘BagTray’. This consisted of a bag that had a tray at the base, which could be revealed by tearing the sides of the bag. 

28. McDonald’s Has Been Making Attempts To Go Green

McDonald’s has been taking measures to be as environmentally friendly as possible over the years. One such lovely measure taken by McDonald’s UK is that they now recycle all their employee’s uniforms. Some of the material is re-spun into the fiber, whereas the shreds are used to make filling for mattresses. 

29. McDonald’s Jingle Was Made By Famous Pop Stars

The McDonald’s jingle is something that all of us are familiar with. However, did you know that the artists who came up with it were Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake? While Williams co-wrote the song, Justin was the one who recorded it. 

30. Every Country Has A Specially Curated Menu

Every country has a different menu

Another great thing about McDonald’s is the fact that they have specially curated menus for every country. These menus are made keeping in mind people’s dietary preferences, nutritional aspects, and also religious beliefs. For example, you won’t find a single beef burger at any of the McDonald’s locations in India. 

31. Some McDonald’s Outlets Across The United States Offer Regional Delicacies

If you want to try regional specialties, you can just visit some of the McDonald’s outlets! Just like every country has a different menu, even some states in the United States have specials on the menu of that particular state.

You can find lobster rolls in New England, Biscuits and gravy at some of the southern state locations, and several local delicacies in Hawaii! 

32. McDonald’s Will Cater Your Wedding

McDonalds will cater to your wedding

This may sound like a huge thing, but sadly, this exists only in Hong Kong. Although all McDonald’s outlets have catering options, there is indeed something special offered in Hong Kong.

The McDonald’s locations in Hong Kong offer a variety of wedding packages. One of the packages, which is a deluxe package, costs around $1200.

This package includes a two-hour rental of a decorated McDonald’s outlet, 50 invitations, and also gifts for them. Lastly, this package includes a pair of McDonald’s balloon wedding rings, a bridal bouquet, an apple pie display, and an emcee. 

33. Big Macs Aren’t Their Top-Sellers

The Big Mac from McDonald’s has managed to remain one of the best burgers to buy ever since it was first introduced. Now, Big Macs are a part of many McDonald’s menus across the world.

Moreover, a lot of countries have also made versions of their own with the classic Big Mac, like the Chicken Maharaja Mac in India. However, regardless of all of this, the Big Macs from McDonald’s aren’t their top-sellers! Check here to know the best-selling item from McDonald’s

34. It Took A While For French Fries To Be A Part Of The Menu

French Fries

The French fries from McDonald’s are iconic and are now one of the biggest sellers across the globe. However, it took 9 whole years after McDonald’s first opened for them to add fries to the menu. They debuted the menu in 1949, before which McDonald’s only served potato chips. 

35. There Is A Big Mac Museum With The Biggest Mac Record

Yes, there is a Big Mac Museum in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. This museum calls itself the “most tasteful museum in the world.” and has the world’s largest Big Mac. Technically, this Big Mac is indelible as it is a 14 feet statue, however, customers can enjoy their share of Big Macs at the on-premises outlet. 

36. One Man Has Set The Record For Eating The Most Big Macs

Big Mac 1

One of the records in the Guinness Book Of World Records is actually for “Most Big Macs Consumed”. This record is unlikely to be beaten by anyone as Don Gorske of Wisconsin set the record for eating 30,000 Big Macs by May 4th, 2018. 

He had his first Big Mac while he was 18, back in 1972. The first time he had one, he liked it so much that he ended up ordering 8 more. So basically, he consumed a total of nine Big Macs on the same day, which is staggering on its own! 

37. The Big Mac Sauce Is In High Demand

The Big Mac sauce from McDonald’s has been in high demand ever since it was introduced. A limited edition bottle of 500 ml Big Mac sauce was sold on eBay in Australia for USD 16,144! 

38. The Secret Big Mac Sauce Is No More A Secret

Big Mac sauce is not a secret anymore

Initially when Big Mac was first introduced, there was a lot of hype around the sauce. This was mainly because the ingredients were secret, and everyone wanted to know what went into making the sauce.

However, the ingredients were later revealed, and hence, the sauce is no longer a secret. Here is a recipe to make Big Mac sauce right at home

39. You Can Follow Hacks To Claim A Cheaper Big Mac

There have been a lot of McDonald’s menu hacks going around on the internet. One hack that has won the hearts of millions is the hack on getting a Big Mac for a lower price.

All you have to do is get a McDouble with shredded lettuce and Big Mac sauce instead of everything else. The only thing missing is the middle bun! 

40. The Filet-O-Fish Was Invented For Lent

Filet O Fish was invented for Lent

The Filet-O-Fish sandwich from McDonald’s is pretty popular of late and was also one of the first non-beef options to have made its entry onto the McDonald’s menu. It was, however, created during lent in 1962. 

This happened because the franchise owner in Monfort Heights, Ohio noticed that the customers in that area were highly catholic and preferred not to consume meat around Lent. So, he came up with this meat-free alternative, and now, it is a part of McDonald’s menus globally! 

41. The Fish Used For The Filet Was Originally Halibut

When they just introduced Filet-O-Fish to the Menu, it was originally made with Halibut. However, now they make the filet with wild-caught Atlantic Pollock everywhere. 

42. The Worst Selling Item Was The Hula Burger

McHula Burger

Around the same time when they introduced the filet-o-fish, there was an increasing demand for meatless burgers and sandwiches, especially for Lent. So, the founder Ray Kroc took it upon himself and came up with the Hula Burger. 

This burger consisted of a grilled piece of pineapple and cheese in a bun. However, it lasted on the menu for a really short while and was discontinued in the same year 1962.  

43. The McRib Was Introduced As The Chicken Nuggets Were Too Popular

This fact might sound crazy, but it is true! The McRib was introduced as a part of the McDonald’s menu back in 1981. One of the reasons why this happened is because the chicken nuggets were way too popular and had a lot of demand. 

They were so popular that the chicken farmers couldn’t keep up with the demand, and hence, they had to come up with an alternative. 

44. The McRib Has No Ribs


If you have ever eaten a McRib from McDonald’s, you may have noticed that the meat is boneless. How is that possible though?

Well, that is because they don’t use ribs to make the patty. The McRib patty is indeed boneless and is made with pork shoulder meat, shaped like a rib, and slathered in sauce. 

45. The McRib Was Anticipated To Be A Flop

Although introduced in 1981, the McRib was removed from the McDonald’s menu in just four years, by 1985. This disappointed a lot of people across the country.

However, thanks to great demand from people, it came back onto the menu in 1989 and was offered until 2005, at most McDonald’s outlets in the world. 

Although, since 2006, it is only available for a few months every year. But you can enjoy a McRib sandwich any time of the year in Germany, still! 

46. McDonald’s Also Has A Secret Menu

Although, unlike some other places, the secret menu from McDonald’s isn’t officially a part of the McDonald’s menu. However, people have come up with all sorts of hacks and come up with lovely secret menu options! These options include everything from burgers to breakfast sandwiches and even a range of milkshakes. 

47. One Of The Secret Menu Items Combines The Best Of All Flavors

Land, Sea, and Air Burger

There is one secret menu item at McDonald’s that although a secret, is indeed quite famous. The reason this burger is extremely popular is that it combines beef, chicken, and fish patties from McDonald’s, creating a lovely flavor combination. Yes, this secret menu item is indeed the Land, Sea, and Air Burger

48. The Menu Items Have A Lot Of Ingredients

Another fact about McDonald’s food that is not known by many but needs recognition is that the menu items have a lot of ingredients that make them up. Usually, this is the case with bulk production, as adding preservatives is important. 

However, this may shock you, but the simple chicken nuggets have a total of 40 ingredients in them! This is still less compared to the McRib, which has a total of 70 ingredients that make it up! 

49. The McGriddle Was Specially Designed For Every Craving

McGriddle Sandwiches

Tom Ryan, the person who invented the McGriddle, was honestly a wizard when it came to fast food. Not only did he carry out a lot of experiments at other fast food restaurant chains, but his idea for the McGriddle is also still a huge hit! The idea was to combine savory and sweet flavors, and let’s just say it has worked out well! 

50. The Egg McMuffin Was Inspired From A Favorite

Talking about McDonald’s breakfast, another really popular breakfast item on the menu is the Egg McMuffin. It was introduced by franchisee Herb Peterson and was introduced as a part of the breakfast menu in 1971. This breakfast special was inspired by a classic Eggs Benedict and is still one of the only McDonald’s breakfasts made with fresh eggs. 

51. The Biggest Burger From McDonald’s Costs $ 25

Biggest burger costs 25

McDonald’s used to have an initiative where customers could customize their burgers. During this time, a customer named Moshe Tamssot posted a video on YouTube of him ordering the largest burger. 

The burger consisted of two quarter-pound beef patties, along with 10 slices of bacon, 30 slices of cheese, and 10 servings of guacamole, tomato, pickles, lettuce, mushrooms, jalapeno peppers, raw onions, and grilled onions, with some sauces. The burger weighed 3 pounds and cost $ 24.89! 

52. One Of The Menu Items Has A Whopping Amount Of Calories

McDonald’s food should be eaten in moderation mainly because it can be high in calories. The menu item from McDonald’s with the highest calorie count is the 40 pieces of chicken nuggets, which consist of a whopping 1880 calories! This is more than what some people consume in an entire day! 

53. A Film Documented The Side Effects Of Eating McDonald’s Food Regularly

Super Size Me

Since we talked about the high-calorie content of McDonald’s food, there was a film called ‘Super Size Me’ that documented the side effects of eating McDonald’s for 30 days at a stretch. 

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock participated in this experiment and found that by the end of the month, he had gained a whopping 25 pounds. Not just that, even his cholesterol levels skyrocketed! Click here to know more about whether McDonald’s food is good or bad for you. 

54. After The Film Aired, McDonald’s Removed The Super-Size Options

About six weeks after the show aired, McDonald’s removed the option of supersize fries and beverages from their menu. However, McDonald’s management has also gone on record and mentioned that the film had nothing to do with their decision. 

55. One Chicken Nugget Was Sold On eBay For A Huge Price

One chicken nugget sold for a huge price

Chicken nuggets from McDonald’s are quite popular, and one of them sold for a final bidding price of $ 8100! However, the reason behind this was the fact that it resembled George Washington. 

Moreover, at the time of the sale, the nugget was already three years old, which goes against the policy of selling expired food products on eBay. However, for this one-of-a-kind chicken nugget, eBay made an exception. 

56. Speaking Of Chicken Nuggets, The Shapes Have Names

You may have seen that the chicken nuggets at McDonald’s mostly come in four different shapes. But what you may not know is that these four shapes have names! The next time you order chicken nuggets from McDonald’s, try looking for the boot, bone, ball, and bell! 

57. McDonald’s Has A Huge Social Media Following

Another thing that has taken us all over is social media. So, it is obvious that multinational chains like McDonald’s would have a social media presence. Both McDonald’s and Ronald McDonald have individual accounts on Instagram! On Twitter, however, only McDonald’s has an account with over 3 million followers! 

58. McDonald’s Coca-Cola Is Different

McDonalds coke actually tastes different

Have you ever wondered or thought that the Coca-Cola from McDonald’s somehow tastes better? Well, this is a well-known fact!

The reason behind this is simply the fact that the coca-cola syrup at McDonald’s is delivered in stainless steel tanks, which helps preserve the flavor quite a lot! On the other hand, this syrup at other places is transported in plastic bags or containers. 

59. So Is Sprite

Along with the coca-cola from McDonald’s, many of you might have also noticed that Sprite, too, tastes different and, well, more refreshing than regular sprite.

Just like coca-cola, there is a reason behind this. McDonald’s chills their filtered water, the one that they use to make a sprite, which gives it a crisp and carbonated flavor. 

60. McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines Are Not Always Broken

Ice Cream Machines are not always broken

There is a running joke that has been going on over the years that the ice cream machines are always broken, especially if you order one via the drive-thru. However, the machines are not broken. It takes about 4 hours to clean every machine thoroughly, and it has to be done every single day.

While there is rush hour, the employees genuinely do not have enough time to clean the machines. So, they just say that the machines are broken instead. This is a secret that the employees have been hiding over the years! 

61. You Can Enjoy McDonald’s On Skis

Fancy McDonald’s food while skiing? Well, you can even enjoy McDonald’s food while skiing if you happen to be in the Lindvallen resort area in Sweden. There has been a ski-through McDonald’s over there since 1996! 

62. The Ronald McDonald House Is Creating A Huge Impact

Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House is a charity that McDonald’s has been managing pretty well over the years. All the donations add up, and they have been raising money to help underprivileged children and their families all over the world. Now, they have about 300 chapters in 58 countries. 

63. Celebrity Chefs Have Made McDonald’s Gourmet

At an event in 2013, McDonald’s challenged some celebrity chefs to turn their staples into McGourmet meals. Oh boy, did the chefs deliver! They made Kung Pao chicken with McNuggets, slow-cooked beef with blueberry pomegranate sauce, and also gnocchi with French fries! 

64. There Is A Term Called ‘McJob’ In The Oxford English Dictionary


Believe it or not, there is a term called McJob in the dictionary, which means “an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, especially one created by the expansion of the service sector.”

Initially, McDonald’s had threatened to sue and asked them to remove the term. However, ultimately they responded with a clever ad campaign in the UK where they were boasting about the employee benefits and ended it with the line “Not Bad For A McJob”. 

65. Employees Also Have Their Singing Competition

Speaking of making the place perfect for employees, McDonald’s corporation has indeed done the best that it can! They have their version of a singing competition called the Voice Of McDonald’s. Here, employees working at all McDonald’s outlets across the world can participate and show off their singing talent! 

66. There Is A ‘Big Mac Index’ Which Helps You Determine A Country’s Currency

Back in 1986, The Economist came up with the ‘Big Mac Index’. This index helps determine how strong or weak a country’s currency and economy are, based on the price of a Big Mac, which is available everywhere in the world. 

67. Fans Can Buy Big Mac Merchandise


Big Mac is one of the most popular burgers from McDonald’s I think everywhere in the world. Keeping that in mind, some people love this giant and delicious burger, so much that there is a website where you can get all sorts of Big Mac merchandise! Here you can find bedding, wallpapers, pajamas, and even dog gear, with Big Macs on them! 

68. Different Sex Groups Have Different Eating Behaviours

Scientists carried out a few studies on how exactly people enjoy their food from McDonald’s. The research showed some shocking results as the scientists found that female diners ate less in mixed-sex groups and more in same-sex groups. While with male diners, it was the complete opposite scenario.

69. McDonald’s Extremes Across The World

McDonalds extremes across the world

Just when you thought McDonald’s caters to a lot of people, you probably couldn’t even imagine the places where McDonald’s has outlets! The Northernmost outlet that McDonald’s has is actually in the Arctic circle! 

The Easternmost McDonald’s, on the other hand, is located in Gisborne, New Zealand. Also, speaking of extremes, the largest McDonald’s location in the world is in Orlando, Florida, whereas the smallest location is in Tokyo, Japan. 

70. After The US, Japan Is The Largest Consumer Of McDonald’s

This may again come as a surprise, but after the US, it is indeed Japan as a whole that eats the most McDonald’s. Japan has specially curated menus, just like every other country has its own special McDonald’s. 

71. India Is The Only Country Where You Won’t Find Beef At McDonald’s

India is the only McDonalds where they dont serve beef

As I mentioned before, every country has its own specially curated menu for the people out there when it comes to McDonald’s. One thing that is common everywhere, however, is the beef burgers and the Big Mac. 

However, due to religious beliefs in India, they don’t serve any beef. Instead, they have their chicken and vegetarian versions of the Big Mac that people seem to love just as much!

72. The Largest McDonald’s In The World Has A Lot To Offer For Customers

As mentioned before, the largest McDonald’s is in Orlando, Florida. Along with being the largest location that exists, it also offers a lot to the customers! Firstly, it allows customers to sit on stools and see the employees while they prepare their food. 

Also, they allow customers to create their deluxe sundae desserts! So, the next time you are in Florida, make sure to stop by! 

73. Initially, McDonald’s Did Not Accept Female Employees

Initially McDonalds did not hire female employees

This might offend a lot of people, but it is indeed very true! When McDonald’s was still a young and budding company, Ray Kroc had a strict rule that was against hiring female employees under any circumstances. 

Even later on, when the rules finally changed, Ray Kroc preferred hiring only ‘flat-chested’ females. The reason behind this was that he thought that females would attract teenage boys with displeasing personalities. Luckily, we don’t live in that time anymore! 

74. McDonald’s Got Caught In Some Bad Stuff In The 1970s

Back in the 1970s, the founder Ray Kroc allegedly donated 20% of his charitable funds to Satan’s Church in LA. Well, this did backfire in some ways, as some of the franchise outlets across the country saw a massive drop in their sales after this scandal. 

75. Some McDonald’s Outlets Across The US Serve Breakfast All Day

Some outlets serve all day breakfast

McDonald’s has become a major part of people’s lives, even for breakfast meals. People loved McDonald’s breakfast so much that they started coming up with hacks to combine lunch and breakfast menu items. 

This indeed makes a huge lot of the secret menu items. The good news is that now, many McDonald’s outlets across the United States serve breakfast all day! So, you can enjoy a number of the secret menu items, especially the MC 10:35, all day long! 

76. Unlike The Famous Tik Tok Video, McDonald’s Does Not Offer Free Fry Refills

A few years back, a video of a Tik Toker had gone viral where they got a free refill of a large order of McDonald’s fries. All they had to do was ask for the same! However, later McDonald’s did get back to this to say that they don’t offer free fry refills

It is not a part of their standard procedure. You can, however, claim free fries from McDonald’s with various reward programs. So, that is surely a plus! 

77. You Can Buy A McDonald’s Birthday Cake For Just $ 9

Birthday Cake

Another lovely option on the secret menu at McDonald’s is the fact that they also sell birthday cakes! This is not available at all locations, but some locations do offer a chocolate sheet cake with McDonald’s designs on top, all for $ 9. 

78. McDonald’s Also Serves Biscuits And Gravy

Just like the classic birthday cake from the McDonald’s secret menu, another thing that you may have come across people enjoying at McDonald’s is biscuits and gravy. However, just like the birthday cake, this option is mostly available only in some locations, more specifically in the southern states. 

79. McDonald’s Gold Card Can Give You Access To Free McDonald’s For Life

McDonalds gold card

McDonald’s comes up with quite a few offers and rewards now and then. One such reward program is the McDonald’s Gold Card! This card is handed out only to a few people who enter the program annually. Further, the gold card gives you access to free McDonald’s food for life, so, surely a deal worth trying out! 

80. McDonald’s Offers Discounts To Seniors At Some Locations

Another popular deal that you can find at McDonald’s is the fact that they offer discounts to seniors. This, however, is only at some participating restaurants, and you cannot expect it to happen everywhere. On average, seniors can get up to 10% discount on various McDonald’s menu items. 

81. McDonald’s Offered Adult Happy Meals For A Short Time

McDonalds Adult happy meal

One of the best ways to bring back nostalgic memories, especially for millennials, is to take us back to simpler times when we loved McDonald’s happy meals. Keeping that same prospect and idea in mind, McDonald’s briefly introduced Adult Happy Meals last year, which were selling like hotcakes! 

82. The French Fries And Hash Browns From McDonald’s Don’t Qualify As Vegan

The top sellers from the McDonald’s menu are their fries and hash browns. However, although the base ingredient for both is potatoes, they still don’t qualify as vegan or even vegetarian, for that matter. 

They are flavored with ‘natural beef flavoring’. For this reason, hash browns and fries don’t even qualify as gluten-free. The beef flavoring also has complex gluten in it, so something to be aware of! 

83. McDonald’s UK and India Are The Only Places That Have Vegan Fries And Hash Browns

Hash browns are vegan in India

Quite a lot of other countries, like Australia, Canada, and even New Zealand, don’t add natural beef flavor to their fries or hash browns. However, there is also the fact that they don’t use separate fryers, which causes cross-contamination. 

Hence, even in these countries, the fries and hash browns are not vegan or vegetarian. However, in the UK and also India, they follow strict protocols which make sure that both the fries and hash browns are completely vegan. 

84. McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Are Not Gluten-Free

The next big shocker that many people may not have expected is the fact that the chicken nuggets from McDonald’s are not gluten-free. They are covered in breadcrumbs before they are fried. Hence they don’t qualify as gluten-free at all. Sadly, this does not differ per country, and they have gluten at every location. 

85. McDonald’s Baked Apple Pie Is Vegan! 

Baked apple pie is vegan

Lastly, if you are a vegan and craving some desserts at McDonald’s, you wouldn’t have to settle for apple slices! The delicious baked apple pie from McDonald’s is vegan at every location where it is available! 


As we have reached the absolute end of this article, I hope all of these facts were fascinating for you! Some of the facts mentioned here are indeed a little more common.

However, I bet that there are a lot of other facts that you may have probably come across for the first time! Either way, I always believe that it is a great option to know as much as possible about your favorite fast-food restaurant chains!

If you want to know more about McDonald’s, with regards to its history, menu prices, nutrition, special menus, and recipes, check out our website for more information! Until then, see you next time! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Was Ray Kroc always the owner of McDonald’s?

No, McDonald’s was initially owned by the McDonald brothers, Richard and Maurice. 

Who was Ray Kroc? 

Ray Kroc was a former multi-mixer salesman who sold many mixers to the McDonald brothers. 

Is Ray Kroc responsible for making McDonald’s a multinational corporation? 

Yes, Ray Kroc is responsible for making McDonald’s as big as it is today. 

Are there countries in the world that don’t have McDonald’s?

Yes, countries like Kazakhstan have banned McDonald’s. 

Does McDonald’s in India serve pork? 

No, the only types of meat that you can find at McDonald’s India are chicken and fish. 

Are the ice cream machines always broken? 

No, quite often the employees claim them to be broken as it takes a very long time to clean them and they don’t have that sort of time during service hours. But, many times, they are indeed also broken. 

Is there a way to order vegan French fries at McDonald’s in the United States? 

No, sadly, you can’t order vegan French fries at any McDonald’s location in the United States. However, if you would want fries with less salt, then you can ask them to make a new batch of fries for you without salt! 

Are the milkshakes from McDonald’s vegan? 

Yes, the basic three milkshake flavors from McDonald’s, which are vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, are completely gluten-free. However, do be careful of cross-contamination caused by cookies and other such foods that may have gluten. 

Does McDonald’s Hong Kong cater weddings? 

Yes, McDonald’s Hong Kong has various packages and more to cater weddings. 

Does McDonald’s have any vegan options? 

Yes, there are a few vegan options that you can find on the McDonald’s menu! 

Does McDonald’s serve an all-day breakfast?

Yes, there are some outlets in the United States where you can enjoy all-day breakfast! 

Does McDonald’s still offer Adult Happy Meals? 

No, they did offer them for a short while. However, adult happy meals are no more a part of the McDonald’s menu. But, considering their demand, they may also make a comeback soon! 

Does McDonald’s Hawaii offer the same things as the rest of the McDonald’s outlets in the United States? 

McDonald’s Hawaii offers a little bit of both! They have regular menu options like the ones that they serve at all locations in the United States, along with some specials from Hawaii! 

Can you get a free refill of fries? 

No, the fries-free refill policy does not exist at McDonald’s. However, they do have many other rewards and offers that can help you get some free fries and a lot more! 

Does McDonald’s coffee have a lot of caffeine? 

Yes, the coffee from McDonald’s does have a high caffeine content and you can check the accurate amounts with this link. 

What is the option from the entire McDonald’s menu that has the lowest calories? 

The premium roast coffee and Americano from the McDonald’s McCafe menu have zero calories. 

Did McDonald’s own Chipotle? 

Yes, there was a time when McDonald’s owned 90% of all Chipotle outlets in the United States. However, they eventually sold it off so that they could focus just on McDonald’s. 

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