Does Cracker Barrel Have A Secret Menu? Lets Find Out

Can’t get enough of Cracker Barrel’s food? You might be thinking of trying some off-the-menu edibles from Cracker Barrel. This American restaurant chain stands out to be best at serving delicious traditional southern-style food. Its menu has pancakes, scrambled eggs, country-fried chicken, and many other items. Read this entire article to know Does Cracker Barrel Have A Secret Menu?

Cracker Barrel restaurant

Cracker Barrel has no secret menu! There’s one secret item that is served at Cracker Barrel, but it is not mentioned on the menu. This secret item is Cracker Barrel’s milkshake. This shake is topped with vanilla ice cream and grated chocolate. You can enjoy other delicious food items like grilled cheese sandwiches, Barrel cheeseburgers, etc., with this milkshake. 

Cracker Barrel started off by selling gas and shifted to the food industry by having its first restaurant in Lebanon, Tennessee, in 1969. Cracker Barrel was founded by Dan Evins and had about 663 restaurants in 45 different states in America. The gift store with Cracker Barrel restaurant has antiques and many other essentials that you can gift to your loved ones. 

Does Cracker Barrel Have A Secret Menu?

Cracker Barrel does not have a secret menu in the traditional sense, meaning there is no hidden list of off-menu items that they can prepare for you. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind

Cracker Barrel is known for serving breakfast all day during its operational hours. Some of the traditional favorites served at Cracker Barrel are Grandma’s sampler, Oldtimer’s breakfast, The Cracker Barrel’s country boy breakfast. These special breakfast combos have pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausages, ham, and many other delicious edibles. 

Cracker Barrel has numerous food items to keep you navigating through its food map (I mean, its menu). Believe me! You won’t even think of its secret menu. The lunch n’ dinner menu of Cracker Barrel has meatloaf, homestyle chicken, chicken n dumplings, sugar-cured ham, grilled chicken tenders, chicken fried chicken, and many more. Sunday homestyle chicken has two boneless chicken breasts. These chicken breasts are hand-dipped in a buttermilk mixture and fried until crispy and golden brown.

So whenever you visit Cracker Barrel, make sure you try these above-mentioned dishes with Cracker Barrel’s secret item. You can also try some of the popular dishes of Cracker Barrel at home. Check out the copycat recipes and Cracker Barrel’s official menu on our platform. 


In conclusion, Cracker Barrel doesn’t have a secret menu, but they do offer a hidden gem: their delicious milkshake topped with vanilla ice cream and grated chocolate. With a menu filled with traditional Southern favorites like Grandma’s sampler and homestyle chicken, Cracker Barrel continues to delight diners across its 600+ locations nationwide. Whether dining in or recreating their dishes at home, don’t miss out on the comforting flavors Cracker Barrel has to offer.

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