Cracker Barrel Kids Menu With Prices

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Cracker Barrel has the best kids-friendly menu! Its menu has many Southern-style dishes that are affordable, super delicious, and healthy. This means your kids can have food as much as they want and the entire meal won’t break the blank. There are dishes like pancakes, scrambled eggs, hashbrown tots, etc., to keep kids busy with the food. To view the entire kids’ menu, read this article. 

Cracker Barrel

The kids’ menu of Cracker Barrel has pancakes, scrambled eggs, biscuits, breakfast biscuits, chicken tenders, etc. Kids can also enjoy mac n’ cheese, cheeseburgers, vegetable plates, and crispy rockin’ shrimp. For dessert, kids can have a mini dirt cup dessert. There are a number of drinks served to kids like milk, coke, sprite, Dr. Pepper, etc. Kids can enjoy any food item at Cracker Barrel for less than $5.

Some of the food items from the kids’ menu at Cracker Barrel, like chicken tenders, veggies plate, crispy fried shrimp, etc., are served after 10:30 in the morning. Kids can enjoy breakfast items all day here with refreshing drinks. Have you seen board games and peg games at Cracker Barrel? Kids can enjoy playing these games while waiting for their food. You’ll get to know more about Cracker Barrel in this article. Let’s begin by reading the history of Cracker Barrel. 

Cracker Barrel is owned by Dan Evins and this restaurant brand had its first restaurant in 1969 in Lebanon, Tennessee. It’s a famous American restaurant chain that’s popular for serving delicious traditional food from southern cuisine. You’ll also find a gift store with every Cracker Barrel restaurant. This brand has about 663 restaurants at present in 45 states of America.

Cracker Barrel Kids Menu Prices

Kids' cheeseburger and crispy chicken tenders

If you’re visiting the restaurant at breakfast hours, pancakes and French toasts are the best options for you. Kids can choose between mini confetti pancakes and buttermilk pancakes. Mini confetti pancakes are three mini pancakes loaded with fruity cereals. These are served with syrup n’ butter, half order of sausage, or bacon. 

Scrambled eggs n’ biscuits has one biscuit with a scrambled egg. This dish is served with a side of Tater rounds, jelly, and butter. Biscuit breakfast sandwich has a meat biscuit scrambled egg with a choice of sausage or bacon and a side of Tater rounds. Give your kids the delight of healthy crispy chicken tenders. These are fried with BBQ or honey mustard sauce. 

Crispy chicken tenders are served with buttermilk biscuits, corn muffins, and Tater Rounds. Li’l Barrel cheeseburgers are two mini burgers with American cheese in them. These are also served with Tater Rounds and a beverage. The most loved dish at Cracker Barrel is Mmm mac n’ cheese. This creamy, cheesy dish is served with corn muffins or buttermilk biscuits and a beverage of your kid’s choice. 

If you want your kids to have a healthy side dish with their meal, then go for veggie plates. The veggie plate has Pinto beans and soft, delicious, wholesome baby carrots. A veggie plate also comes with two sides. Kids can choose to have buttermilk biscuits or corn muffins with it. 

Crispy rockin’ shrimp for kids has delicious seasoned shrimp fried until crispy and are served with hushpuppy, Tater Rounds, and cocktail sauce. Among drinks, kids can have diet coke, coke, coffee, lemonade, Dr. Pepper, etc. Kids can choose to drink chocolate milk and fruit juice like cranberry juice, apple juice, orange juice, and many more. 

You can get a detailed view of the kids’ menu and the prices from the tables below. Read the calorific value of each of these items from the nutritional information table mentioned below. Check out all the other important links provided in this article, along with the social media links.

Kids’ Meal

Mini Confetti Pancakes$ 4.99
Mini Buttermilk Pancakes$ 4.99
Scrambled Eggs N’ Biscuits$ 3.49
Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich – Sausage Biscuit N’ Egg Breakfast$ 3.99
Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich – Bacon Biscuit N’ Egg Breakfast$ 3.99
Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich – Turkey Sausage Biscuit N’ Egg Breakfast$ 3.99
Chicken Tenders – Grilled$ 5.99
Chicken Tenders – Fried$ 5.99
Lil’ Barrel Cheeseburgers$ 5.49
Mmm Mac N’ Cheese$ 4.99
Vegetable Plate$ 4.69
Crispy Rockin’ Shrimp$ 5.99
Dirt Cup Dessert$ 2.79


Coca-Cola Zero Sugar$ 2.79
Coca-Cola $ 2.79
Diet Coke$ 2.79
Cherry Coke$ 2.79
Sprite$ 2.79
Dr. Pepper$ 2.79
Mello Yello$ 2.79
Ginger Ale$ 2.79

Tea & Lemonade

Peach Tea$ 2.99
Sugar Plum Tea$ 2.99
Freshly Unsweetened Iced Tea$ 2.79
Freshly Sweetened Iced Tea$ 2.79
Old-Fashioned Lemonade $ 2.79

Cracker Barrel Kids Nutritional Information


Click on the above link and check out the nutritional value of all the kids’ menu items served at Cracker Barrel restaurants.

Cracker Barrel Kids Franchising Details

Cracker Barrel restaurant

Cracker Barrel has grown to 663 active restaurants across the U.S. serving traditional southern-style food. This restaurant chain has a special gift shop attached to each of its restaurants. This brand also sells its signature rocking chairs. If you looking forward to having a Cracker Barrel franchise, you might have to wait for some time. Cracker Barrel hasn’t given any updates on its franchising plans. If there’s any information available, we’ll update all the important details here.

Cracker Barrel Contact Information

Cracker Barrel Corporate Office Address: PO Box 787, Lebanon, TN 37087

Cracker Barrel Corporate Phone Number: 800-333-9566

You can also contact the team of Cracker Barrel by filling the contact form available on its website.

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