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How To Make Crab Cake At Home

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A family gets together is never complete without sumptuous food that you can share and enjoy with each other. The reason behind this is that family bonding usually happens over good food, where the great conversation starts. In your next get together, make sure to serve your family easy to make crab cakes that will keep them asking you for more.

Crab Cake recipe

The Perfect Appetizer

Crab cakes make the perfect appetizer for your family bonding or get together, regardless of the main course you intend to serve. However, several people are intimidated in making them, thinking that it is not easy to do so. The truth is, it takes only a bit of effort to make gorgeous-looking and palate-satisfying crab cakes. Also, there are other recipes that you can have as starters, let’s check them out.

1. Peameal BaconThis is easy to make a version of real homemade Canadian Bacon. Also known as peameal bacon in Canada. Works wonderfully for peameal on a bun.

2. Cheeseburger ChowderCheese can be indulged in various foods or dishes and can make their taste even more delicious than before. So why not make a recipe which is loaded with lots of cheese and some beef which can transform your normal day into a happy one.

3. Red EggsChinese basically believes that the egg is the symbol of rebirth, new life, and fertility. These Red eggs are a traditional part of the Greek Easter and have a great significance.

4. Pork PattiesPork patties is very comfort food that anyone should have. These pork patties can be used as an evening snack or you can have them in your burger as well.

Ingredients For Crab Cake

1. Crab Meat

A crab cake won’t be complete without crab meat and to make mouth-watering ones, go for jumbo lump crab meat. This is made from bigger chunks with bright white color and impeccable taste. Nevertheless, don’t fret if it is out of your budget to splurge on it because you can use the usual lump ones or even canned crab meat for your dish. The former is often a blend of the broken jumbo pieces, while the latter will save you time in ensuring that there are no pieces of shell on the meat you are using for your cakes.

2. Mayonnaise

Make sure to use mayonnaise as the binder for your crab cake mixture. Mayo has a subtle creaminess that won’t overpower the crab meat’s flavor, making the main ingredient of your dish shine. Even those who don’t like the taste of mayo won’t hint that the crab cakes are made up of it. Nevertheless, if you can’t stand the taste of mayonnaise, no matter how subtle, you can substitute it with Greek yogurt instead.

3. Condiments and Flavors

Since the taste of crab is not that strong, you can use various condiments and flavors to power it up. For instance, you can add some hot sauce or Worcestershire sauce. You can even consider adding in some Dijon mustard if you want to. Just adjust the amount of the condiments that you use according to your preferences.

Crab Cake

Preparation Of Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are best served right after cooking, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare the batter ahead of time. The shaped patties can last a couple of days in your refrigerator if you cover them well so you can prepare them ahead of time. If you aren’t able to cook everything, you can even store the patties in your freezer for longer shelf life.

Steps To Make Crab Cakes

This recipe calls for a third cup of mayonnaise that will act as a binder for your patties, as well as a large egg that is beaten. Prepare also the condiments, along with salt and pepper to taste. It is better to find panko bread crumbs because they can add airy crispiness to your cakes. Nonetheless, even the regular bread crumbs will work perfectly. You also need to prepare a couple of tablespoons of freshly chopped parsley.

The first thing you need to do is whisk together the mayonnaise and the egg in a small bowl. Add to this the other condiments that you have prepared such as the hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce and the Dijon mustard. In a larger bowl, stir together your crab meat and bread crumbs, as well as your parsley. As soon as everything comes together, add in your mayo mixture. When all the ingredients have been folded in, you can start forming patties.

If you are ready to cook the patties you have prepared, make sure to pan-fry them or searing them in a hot skillet with neutral oil. In this way, they will have a crunchy golden crust that will make your cakes a hit. The key is in cooking the patties in batches and letting them cook for about three to five minutes on each side. Make sure to serve them with a slice of lemon and some tartar sauce.

The crab cake recipe above is only one of the easiest versions that you can make for your next family get together. There are several other crab cake version recipes, with the other ingredients listed above substituted to lower calorie counts for those who are conscious about their weight. Rest assured that when you serve these delicious crab cakes the next time you and your whole family are complete, they will surely never have enough of it.

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